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Welcome to Fit Bodies on the Fit Pro Travel Network

Fit Bodies, Inc. is a human resource agency placing fitness and sport professionals at resort facilities for a teaching vacation.  We have contracted with resorts to offer qualified, certified, educated fitness and other specialized professionals to teach and train at resort facilities as independent contractors with Fit Bodies, Inc. We have been in operation since 1992, with over 35 years of experience in the fitness and racquet sports industries.

Traveling pros need to be certified, experienced and will be approved by Fit Bodies Inc. via the account application.  A copy of all applicable certifications and a short biography or resume stating fitness background, education, and other related information will be included by professional before final approval. Please have a photo of yourself uploaded to your account.

Fit Bodies, Inc Travel Program opportunities are available only through this Fitness Pro Travel site. We encourage you to participate in this fitness and sport professional network and utilize the professional and social networking features to learn more about teaching vacation opportunities, share your experiences with others, and overall enjoy the community of international fitness providers.






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