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About Ed

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Location: Chestnt Hill,

Professional Experience: Real Life Yoga studio: Quincy, MA 2010
Open Doors Hot Power Yoga 2010-2011


Ed Broms (A Swedish surname meaning "Horsefly" pronounced "Br-ah-ms) is an
accomplished musician, a multi-instrumentalist (voice, organ, piano, bass,
guitar, percussion) well-known nationally and internationally.  He is
currently the Director of Music at The Cathedral Church of St. Paul, Boston,
MA (Episcopal) where he leads an eclectic program of world sacred music
featuring two professional choirs - The Cathedral Scholars, and The
Cathedral Gospel Choir; and numerous guest artists. The musical offerings of
the Cathedral were featured until recently on WCRB 99.5 Radio every Sunday
with an audience of over 15000 people.  In September 2010 this weekly
program will move to the web and be offered as a weekly podcast.

Broms is a sought after Pipe Organ concert artist with recent recitals at
Princeton, Harvard, Trinity Church, Boston, and King's Chapel, Boston.  His
debut Pipe Organ CD featuring his 2008 composition "Organ Symphony #1" will
be released September 26th, 2010.

Broms has been a mainstay of the New England music scene for the past 25
years recording and performing with numerous world-renowned artists as
diverse as Chuck Berry, John Zorn, and Bob Moses. He also leads many of his
own projects including BROMS (Hard Rock); Rooster (blues); Michael's
Daughter (Celtic); The Order of the Artists (Multimedia); Nagbansi (World
Music); Nyimbo (Gospel). Recent collaborations have included work with
guitarist Ken Rubenstein (Art Rock); Savage Amusements (multimedia with
dancer, DeAnna Pellecchia); and Classic Rock sensation Groovy Afternoon
(Late 60s Rock).

From 1998-2005 Broms was a Musician with Blue Man Group.

A complete accounting of Broms' work in music can be found at edbroms.com.


Kindness knows no defeat. Caring knows no end.

A person's heart is the only language God knows.

-Yogi Bhajan

Edward A. Broms

Director of Music and Organist

The Cathedral Church of St. Paul

138 Tremont Street

Boston, MA 02111

Phone:  (617) 482-5800 x 1103

Fax:  (617) 338-5579

Email:  ebroms@diomass.org

Website:  http://www.stpaulboston.org and http://www.edbroms.com

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Education & Certification: RYT-200 Hour and CYT-240 Hour
Styles: Hatha, Power/Vinyasa Flow; Nada/Nada Chi Kung (Yoga of Music and
Sound), Yoga for Performing Artists, Chakra, Restorative/Yin; Taoist;
Spiritual Direction/Counseling and Meditation; Kriya, Thai Yoga Massage;

Available for classes and as a substitute teacher; private and small group
classes beginning in June, 2010.


Short Bio:


Broms is an RYT-200 hours (Arlington Centre, Arlington, MA - studies with
Kathy Keane (Hatha), Danial Orlansky (Energy Flow/Kali Ray Tri-Yoga/Kundalini);
and Liz Owen (Iyengar)), and  a CYT-240 hours (Aura Wellness, Attleboro, MA
- studies with Paul Jerard) as of June 13th, 2010 – including additional
studies with Susan Frazier at Open Doors Power Yoga, Weymouth, MA; martial
artist Qian Lizotte, and modern dancer DeAnna Pellecchia.

Broms has been studying Yoga and movement aggressively for the past three
years and plans to pursue Yoga and related arts as a second (concurrent)
career in addition to his 30+ year career in music.

Broms offers classes and workshops (and substitute teaching); private and
small group classes in:

-Hatha Yoga(gentler classes suited for beginner to intermediate levels; can
incorporate Thai Yoga Massage on request)

-Power/Vinyasa Flow Yoga(vigorous unheated classes grounded in sun
salutations and designed personally by Broms for a 7-day daily practice
focusing on a different class of poses each day - these classes are designed
for 60, 90, or 120 minute periods/levels)

-Yoga for Performing Artists (designed personally by Broms, yoga suited for
musicians and other designed to address issues of physical issues arising as
the result of years of repetitive motion, unusual body positions required
for certain instruments and practices, and practices requiring
sedentary/seated practice for long hours)

-Restorative/Yin (rehabilitative and therapeutic classes with restorative
poses held for longer periods of time)

-Nada Yoga/Nada Chi Kung (Yoga of Music and Sound) (classes and workshops on
the yoga of the "mystic sound" including lessons in music, breath-work,
voice, chant and meditation)

-Chakra Yoga (designed personally by Broms, classes focusing on the chakra
energy system including breath-work, sun salutations, chanting, and
meditation, in simultaneous combination with poses, to cleanse, balance, and
exhilarate one's energy)

-Kriya Yoga (the ancient practice of transcendental meditation taught by
individual initiation only)

-Taoist Esoteric Yoga (internal energy practices from the Taoist school)


A self-proclaimed “Devout Artist”, Broms is an ordained Vedantan Priest of
the Order of Vedantan Monists (OVM) and completed the 4 year seminary course
of The Vedanta House of Studies, Londonderry, NH in 1994. As such, Broms
represents the unbroken continuation of a long order of teachers. This
lineage includes Brahmachari Keith (pic here), Swami Premananda of India -
Founder of Self-Revelation Church, Washington D.C. (pics and links here),
Paramhansa Yogananda - author of the classic "Autobiography of a Yogi" (pic
here), Swami Sri Yuketswar (pic here), Lahiri Mahsaya (pic here); Mahavater
Babji (pic here); and beyond.

During this seminary training Broms studied the written works and
translations of these teachers, the major scriptures of the world's foremost
religions, and Kriya Yoga, a form of transcendental meditation. He also
undertook the study of numerous contemporary religions including Taoist
Esoteric Yoga, the Mormon faith, Christian Science, Catholic and Orthodox
mysticism, and Scientology - within which he became a Class 1 Auditor, and
completed the extensive Key to Life and Life Orientation courses.

Broms offers Spiritual Direction and Counseling, directed study of the
scriptures of the world, and the teaching of Kriya Yoga.