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Kathy Hanewinkel
Oct 26th, 2020 12:17:16pm
I traveled the week of Oct 18th. Thanks for making this possible and your work in making it a smooth as can be.
Christine Crews
Oct 26th, 2020 12:15:08pm
I traveled the week of Oct 11th. Breathless is one of my favorite ET to work with I keep up with them on Messanger and they have become like family. Not only the ET but the staff always remmebers me and the chef always has a special dinner for us which is always a surprise. He knows when we are there and goes out of his way to greet us and prepare special treats. It is truly a special place. One thing i have to say is the rooms this time was very loud with people below and in building keeping us up till most time 3am with loud party voices. I don't want to complain so i tried putting my earbuds in and sometime that helped. I would have loved to have had a quieter room. Fitbodies team is amazing i always feel very connected before during and upon return they (missy) very prompt answer any questions. As usual everyone at the resort was "Excellente! Perfecto!" I heartily recommend this resort and would love to go back sans a hurricane. Also as usual the E-team was outstanding: Xavi, Ally, Bernice, Miguel, Daniel, everyone.
Sitara Mahmood
Oct 26th, 2020 12:11:52pm
I traveled the week of Oct 11th. Everyone was wonderful and loved the resort.
Oct 26th, 2020 11:53:43am
I traveled the week of 9/23. The entertainment team was fantastic. So much fun and helpful. There was definitely a miscommunication on length of time and how many classes to teach, but they were all super helpful in cleaning the mats and taking them up for me after classes. One of the supervisors told me I would be teaching four 30 minute classes from 9-11 AM. After a couple of day when nobody showed up after 10, I found on the schedule that “stretching” was only at 9 and 9:30 AM. Anytime I mentioned yoga to guests at the resort, nobody had seen it advertised anywhere (including me). It was only displayed on 1 paper sheet as you checked in. The classes were very low in attendance probably because nobody knew about it.
Marsha Fletcher
Oct 26th, 2020 11:47:45am
I traveled the week of Sept 2nd. Airlines followed COVID restrictions throughout entire trip. Breathless resort also impeccable cleaning and service throughoutout. My teaching vacations with Fit Bodies never disappoint, and this trip was no different. I was a little apprehensive about COVID but the resort follows all required cleaning, and social distancing protocols. They operate at 30% capacity. With all the restrictions if did not interfere with the resort providing excellent service, entertainment, food and drinks. I look forward to returning tin 2021.
Lauren Roland
Oct 26th, 2020 11:43:38am
I traveled the week of Aug 5, 2020. Outstanding! World class service and they kept the party going. It was perfect!! Such a great value. I would have probably exercised/done yoga every day even if I didn't HAVE to. To get a discounted rate for doing what I love was a blessing. Thank you for your services. The entertainment team and staff were awesome. Especially Xavi, Miguel, Daniel, Leticia, Angel, Manuel, Ester, Pascale, and Paola. All members made me feel safe and at "home". Looking forward to my next visit to this resort.
Sep 22nd, 2020 10:22:32am
Taught at this resort (2nd time here) and was not disappointed. The entertainment team and manager Xavi were great to work with.. Miguel, and Daniel are gems. Always supporting the class, ensuring towels and water were readily available. The resort fully complies with cleaning standards, social distancing, and operating at 30% capacity. I felt absolutely safe there, and am looking forward to returning in 2021.
Feb 11th, 2020 6:52:30pm
I just returned from teaching yoga at Breathless Riviera Cancun, and I was not ready to come home :-) Classes are held back-to-back at 9am and 10am and are held on the Xhale pergola on the beach. Location is beautiful and classes were fairly well attended, increasing in size as the week progressed. Mats are collected from the middle section (Energy side) behind the entertainment desk and you are on your own to pick them up and return them at the end of the classes. There are 10 mats in total and I would bring the mats over and then also go collect some towels to use to anchor the mats from the wind, to use as a prop to sit on or stack like a block, and then to lay out over top the mat for savasana. Midway through the first class, a member of the entertainment team would deliver water for the participants. It could get hot, particularly during the second class so don't forget to lather up with sunscreen as there isn't much shade. Note that there is an ipad in each room and it details the classes, the times and the locations. There is also a large screen between the Energy and Xhale side where your photo and your class schedule will be displayed along with other activities. They advertise classes very well. As for the resort itself, it's truly amazing; it is divided into three sections, each with its own vibe; one side is quiet (Xhale), the other activity light (Energy) and the third (Xcelerate) is full-on party all the time. You decide what you're in the mood for and just enjoy. All pools were wonderful, but I particularly enjoyed the giantcuzzi on the Xcelerate side which was very close to our room. I went to the gym each afternoon and when I came back, I would pop into the giantcuzzi before heading back to the room to shower and get ready for dinner. The buffet was probably the best food I've ever encountered at a resort. From the fresh fruit and egg white omelettes at breakfast, to the ceviche and salads at lunch, and the fish and variety of vegetables at dinner, everything was so fresh and delicious. And don't forget to go to the Nook for your coffee needs; great coffee and they also have ice cream and other treats. Overall, a wonderful teaching experience. Thanks Fitbodies for another amazing opportunity.
Eduardo Ugaz Cape Cod MA.
Jan 29th, 2020 2:03:13pm
It was good sound and acoustics were fine Zumba Strong 30 high Intensity cardio workout class using kickboxing Pilates and yoga moves. Average age late 20’s to mid 30’s
Michelle, Ohio
Jan 9th, 2020 9:59:59am
STRONG30 average number 6 average age 40. Bluetooth speaker provided by ETeam
Michelle, Ohio
Jan 9th, 2020 9:53:40am
Class met and held on beach by Xhale pool. Two classes daily average number 10 average age 35. Vinyasa flow except for when I had mostly beginners. Then we slowed it down a bit.
Inge, from Roseville,
Dec 12th, 2019 9:51:16am
I get so much joy and value from these Fitbodies experiences. I am very appreciative and grateful. Fitbodies gives me the ability to vacation at amazing resorts all over the world, and practice the craft that is one of my biggest passions in life. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Darlene from toronto.
Dec 11th, 2019 4:00:09pm
It was a wonderful week and I definitely recommend this resort.
Dec 11th, 2019 3:50:58pm
This is the second time at this resort it is by far the most fun active resort from day to evening there is always lots to do. The food was amazing as all the resorts are and the service is always excellent. i wold for sure return to this resort in fact already booked for next year.
Breathless Riviera Cancun
Dec 11th, 2019 2:20:13pm
the entertainment staff at Breathless Riviera Cancun is the most helpful group i have ever dealt with at a resort and I really appreciate all they did to make my teaching vacation the best.
Cassandra, Wisconsin
Dec 11th, 2019 1:38:25pm
I taught two flows a day one was at 9 and one was at 10 both am. There was a schedule issue at the resort so it ended up being a 30 min class. One of the iPads said the class was at 930 and one 9 so I just accommodated. There was at least 2 people for most classes, Saturday was the busiest there was about 15 people! It was a little but unorganized but an amazing trip, happy staff and clients that were oooommazing!!
Jaclyn, Boston
Dec 5th, 2019 2:54:20pm
Taught a 9 am and 10 am vinyasa yoga class outside on a wooden platform on the beach. Resort has about 10 mats, and that is what fit comfortably on the platform. Platform was not covered, so could get hot in the direct sun. Many times there was a nice ocean breeze. I typically averaged between 5-10 students for each class. One Friday morning, I had 23 participants. The activities staff said it was the most he had ever seen. Lots of groups of people for celebrations, (i.e., bachelorette/birthdays/etc). Great energy, everyone loved the option to do yoga outside to start their day. Lots of repeat students.
Jennifer, Kingsport TN
Dec 5th, 2019 9:51:05am
Taught 2 classes back to back on the beach with an average 5-6 people per class. Most were new to yoga, and from other countries- for most English was their 2nd language. Loved my experience with the diverse group of people I was fortunate to teach.
Don W from Texas
Oct 28th, 2019 10:56:32am
The RESORT: The nicest I’ve ever been to. Very good food, great service. They enforce dress code, so guys take some collared shirts and a pair of nice shoes (although I was able to get by with nice sandals). The E-Team is great and gave me more assistance than any other gig I’ve done and more than I really needed, but it was nice. The YOGA: Very light during my October week; occupancy was only 50% until the weekend (then 80%). Student numbers for the 9:00 a.m. ranged from 3 to 9. The 10:00 a.m. class students were ZERO five of my days and 2 on one day; very unusual in my experience. I stepped up my recruiting but with limited success. One reason is that the yoga location was HOT and SUNNY. The yoga spot is a small uncovered platform on the beach that will hold 8 mats – this is where I did classes. It is full on sun. There are literally no options for a large shady area on the beach. CONCLUSION: Of my four teaching vacations, I would say this is the most desirable resort and the least desirable yoga situation due to the designated location and the low student numbers.
Aug 11th, 2019 6:16:21pm
Beyond any doubt the best teaching experience AND hotel, both of which personified perfection. Not only was the food top notch, but the E-team were massively organised, coming to meet me upon check in. The 2 back to back Strong30 classes at 9.30am & 10am. These and all the regular entertainment which included Zumba & Aqua were on app on the iPad in the room which also had a copy of my online flyer. It's the attention to detail I love. Classes were held at the Foam Bar and the bluetooth Bose speaker also allows for a cable should you prefer. Bottles you can get from the bar and towels from the pool area. Small towels from the bathroom behind the bar. 9.30am class always happened but 10am only the once. Numbers ranged from 2 (not including the occasional E-team member) to 6. Whilst I do like to try different places I will definitely return to this location because of the three separate areas suitable for activities, partying and relaxation. The staff are second to none and superlative to any I have experienced anywhere in the world. I do like to stay active and this place is perfect for that, with the same thing on at the same time every day. Back to back morning classes mean you can toddle off and do your own thing during the day. Rooms are sumptuous, well appointed and luxurious. We ploughed through all our towels daily and they were duly replaced during the morning servicing. I can not recommend this location enough and have also submitted a review on Trip Advisor & Breathless website directly.
Jul 13th, 2019 9:27:47am
Beautiful, adult only resort! I traveled to Breathless the last week of June. I taught one HIIT class at 9am daily. I had no one on Monday, but 4 people the following days. The E team was awesome! I used their Bluetooth speaker. I taught outside on the beach in a covered area. It was super hot! Also, random guests would join (which is fine) but they would try to work out in sandals and dresses? Thought it was strange. The rooms are spacious and beautiful. The dining options were amazing! Room service took over an hour and another time I ordered something, it never arrived. *Do not eat at the mexican restaurant called Picante. It made me VERY sick and I ended up needing to leave early because I felt so awful. I wish I could return but I do not want to be certified in Strong30. That is a new requirement to teach there.
Krista Fogelsong
Jun 20th, 2019 9:06:57pm
2nd trip...this time Strong 30. Much more cardio intense than my last trip teaching yoga LOL. But, it was fun. The e team brought a huge speaker out in the morning and we did class in the shade at the swing bar. Two classes back to back-9:30am and 10am. It's a great location with a breeze, but still super hot. I was dripping and the platform could get a little slippery. I had everyone put a folded beach towel in front of them to put their hands on when doing burpees, etc... It was my first time teaching STRONG 30 at a resort. I had 2 routines. We typically had 8 people at the 9am and only about 3 at the 10am with lots of repeat participants. Many people see the words Zumba and assume it's a Zumba class so some people weren't as fit as regular STRONG participants. But, I gave them alternatives to some of the more difficult moves and everyone hung in there. As far as the resort--I love the staff and eteam. It's gorgeous and modern. That's why I returned. Breathless has a younger, party feel. But, there is still a good mix. My husband and I are in our 40's and fit right in.
Krista Fogelsong
Apr 3rd, 2019 9:37:37pm
This is one of the best resorts yet!!! It was my 3rd teaching vacation. I taught yoga at 9am and 10am everyday on the beach by the exhale (quiet side) of the resort. I brought a bluetooth speaker and music. But, the waves are loud enough to just do it in silence. We were on a platform that we often overflowed with about 14 people. But, there is no shade...so bring sunscreen or wear a hat. I took my best friend on the trip and she was great helping me carry all the mats and recruit people to class. It's a bit of a walk to the platform so give yourself time to get everything ready. The Eteam doesn't start until later and would bring water and towels around 10am. They are great to work with, but you're on your own to get mats to the platform. The resort is new and modern has a nice mix of singles and couples and a variety of ages. I loved it so much I'm bringing my husband in 2 months. Thanks for another great experience Suzelle and Fitbodies!
Lindsay D
Mar 12th, 2019 3:53:39pm
This was my first teaching vacation (Feb 24-March 3). It was amazing! I taught two classes per day on the pergola at the Xhale beach 9am and 10am. The class sizes ranged from 2-8 per class with most classes having 6 or 7 people. For the size of the yoga platform that is perfect and felt like a full class. Students ranged from no yoga experience to very experienced. No one wanted power yoga as the teaching vacation encourages; instead I did two flow classes per day and added some fun poses like crow as an option. I had regulars that came every day. Dora from the entertainment crew is amazing! She took class every day :) This resort had an upbeat energy all the time. My husband and I loved it. If we wanted a more chill environment we hung out on the beach. The service at this hotel was by far the best I have ever experienced at an all inclusive. I highly recommend this teaching vacation!!
Renee, Chicago, IL
Feb 8th, 2019 11:48:24am
My classes were hosted on a pergola on the Xhale Beach. The tablets in each room were incorrect all week. For Xhale Beach at 9am there was a sculpt class listed by Lucie to be taught and then at 10am I was listed to teach Yoga. At the foam bar for 9am a woman named Michelle (who Lucie and I never met) was supposed to teach HIIT and at 10am Lucie was listed to teach Bootcamp (even though both her classes were meant to be jump rope related). I believe because of the tablet scheduling I had barely any guests interested for my 9am but had 2-8 students for the 10am class. Also, the Xhale pool is meant for members and a few guests asked if they were allowed on the beach where I taught. We also had 2 days of bad weather without much clarity for the guests of where the classes were to take place. The tablets said there was a 10am stretch class at the dance club but nothing at 9am, so both days it rained I had no one at the 9am class but a few people at the 10am class. The longer I stayed at the resort the more people my guest and I met and invited to join us for 9am or 10am yoga. Even though the website said 9am was vinyasa flow and 10am was core vinyasa, I would ask what the participants wanted, to ensure they had a good experience (and because the information on the website and the tablets were conflicting).I brought my own blue tooth music box and made sure to have music off in the beginning and end so they guests could enjoy the sound of the waves. The Entertainment team did not arrive until 9am, so each day I was in charge of picking up the mats and bringing them to the pergola or the dance club. My rep, Moon (who was amazing) would join the class around 9:15/9:20am and bring additional towels, waters, and mats. On the days it rained, since the staff wasn't there until 9am there was confusion on where we should be and where we should leave the supplies. There were plenty of mats though and the door to the mat closet was unlocked and easy to access.My Entertainment Team representative, Moon, made the trip amazing. Any nervousness or confusion about time lines, supplies, locations, other events, etc were all put to ease when she was around. In Chicago, I am used to starting classes right on time (and always be 5-15 minutes early) but in Mexico things move slower. This is a vacation for the guests and I learned to not take it personally if they were late, or didn't show even though they said they would because they were most likely out late the night before, drinking and dancing. The staff at Breathless were amazing and the few dedicated yogi's that I had the chance to cross paths with were great! As a yoga teacher in Mexico you need to take a step back and relax, chill and give the guests the experience they want. By the end of the week I felt like I hit my stride (we had more guests than could fit on the pergola) and I wish I could have stayed longer to build these relationships up more.

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