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Mar 24th, 2020 8:03:14am
This resort is amazing. I went to teach zumba during 2 weeks. There was a zumba class every day at 10 am or 10:30 am. Participation was high. The schedule is clear and the entertainment team does the promotion so it was my best experience for zumba!
Dec 11th, 2019 1:25:00pm
The staff is extremely nice and we had no issues during our lovely stay.
Teresa New Jersey
Jun 26th, 2019 1:51:17pm
They were very efficient at having someone bring out a speaker that has a hook up to my I-phone. I used play lists off of my spotify with no problems with internet connection.
Mar 28th, 2019 2:28:26pm
I taught at this beautiful resort May 20 - 27, 2018 to teach Zumba. Upon arrival I met with Simon, the on site E-team manager. This resort schedules a LARGE variety activities. You will have to check the Sundial activities board each morning around 7:00AM to see if your scheduled to teach and time of class. I only taught (2) classes: Tues at 10:00am, and Sat at 5:00pm. Needless to say I enjoyed a lot of Spa days, and excursions. Be prepared to be extremely flexible, and enjoy your stay at the lovely, relaxing resort.
May 10th, 2018 9:19:35am
The teaching schedule was great at Dreams Palm Beach! I taught a stretch class at 9am for about 30-45 minutes Monday through Saturday. The class was held by the main pool, steps from the beach in a shaded area. I picked up yoga mats every morning from the area where guests get beach towels. I also grabbed some waters from the bar area since it was pretty warm (80ish degrees). I brought my own bluetooth speaker to have a little background music, but it definitely wasn't necessary since you could hear the ocean while we stretched. I had between 5 and 10 people every day. The class was on the schedule board at the center of the resort (along with my flyer), on the daily flyer of activities (The Sundial), and was also on the app, but I don't think the time on the app was always correct. The transfer from the airport was super easy and quick. Upon arrival, we checked in and were told to wait to meet with someone from the Entertainment Team. I met with Wilkin who was very easy going and very flexible about what to teach. He took some time to give me a tour of the resort and to show me where I would be teaching and where to get the yoga mats. There were a couple of times during our stay that Wilkin was moving furniture or Entertainment Team props, and when I offered to assist, he refused and told me to enjoy my vacation. Excellente! The Entertainment Team was amazing - Junior especially. Really, all of the staff were amazing - especially Irwin for poolside service, Enoch at World Cafe, and "Skinny Jose" at the Manatee Bar. What a great resort!
Jenn from
May 3rd, 2018 11:23:42am
I taught 1 class each day around 9 am. The first few days I only had 2-3 people, but from Wednesday on wards the classes grew upwards to 10-14 people each day. There was a mix of levels in the class, but most were beginners or had minor physical limitations so I kept classes to a beginner level.
Heather Day Slawek
Mar 28th, 2018 10:39:18pm
I just returned from this beautiful resort and my boyfriend and I have a fantastic time there. I arrived there and met with Simon, the on site E-team manager, and Edna (who taught un-official Zumba when there aren't guest instructors) and they didn't seem to expect me and assumed I was teaching yoga. Once I established I was there to teach Zumba, I ended up teaching 25 minute classes typically at 4, 4:30 or 5 pm on the stage next to the pool or next to one of bars near the beach. The E-team was great at recruiting students for the classes and several of them joined me for the classes during the week. My only frustration was that they would tell me certain days and times for teaching and then changed the times and locations the day of so I realized by the third day that the only reliable source of info for teaching times/locations was the paper schedule printed out daily because even the schedule on the resort app was not accurate. Be prepared to not have a set schedule until the day of your classes. Everyone was very friendly and helpful and my work-ation was "Excellente'" . Thank you Fitnessprotravel for this amazing opportunity!!
Linda Corbin
Aug 7th, 2017 2:41:28pm
I have taught Zumba seven times at various resorts(mostly in Punta Cana) through the Fitness Pro Travel program, and every experience has been fantastic! Whether traveling with my husband, a sister or a friend, we've always been treated very well both at the resort, and by Fitness Pro Travel professionals on line. Even though my husband and I stayed at Dreams Palm Beach Punta Cana back in May, the terrific time we had is still fresh in our minds. This was our second stay at this resort, and the grounds and pools at this and all AM Resorts we have stayed at have been impeccably maintained, Without exception, everyone who works there is friendly and most accommodating. For a special treat, we recommend booking a dinner on the beach, where the service was personalized, the setting was exquisite, and the food was wonderful. The Entertainment Team really makes a stay at these resorts extra special. Gasolina (Entertainment Team manager and your contact) and his team at Dreams Palm Beach do a great job of keeping things lively for the guests, but are very helpful to the FitPro, as well. Always friendly and engaging, they do double duty, acting as cheerleaders for the many activities they run during the day, and also keeping an eye on your FitPro classes, assisting if needed. It's fun if you entice them to do a few Zumba moves with you! They also provide most of the entertainment each night, and really appreciate it when the FitPro participates, too. You will feel like a rock star as they hug you when you appear at the entrance of one of their show locations! The Zumba schedule was easy; some days I taught two classes, and some days only one. There is an elevated stage that will be set up with a Zumba banner right before your class is due to take place. My experience at any of the AM resorts is that a 30 minute Zumba class is preferable, so as not to interfere with the schedule of other activities. My advice is to be flexible, though, as requested changes may occur suddenly! The closeness of this resort to the airport is a real plus, and my suggestion is to purchase the required Dominican Republic Tourist card on line before traveling. This will allow you to skip the long line of people buying their card at the airport. The airport can seem a bit chaotic, but everything always works out just fine, and the wait for your bags is much shorter than at a stateside airport. Have fun on your teaching vacation!
May 2nd, 2017 11:10:29am
Dreams was lovely. They did not seem to know I was coming when I arrived, but they were happy I was there. They asked me to teach a 9:00 class each morning near the pool. The class would be moved to 9:30 if we had a rain day. I thought I was going to teach in the afternoon as well, but it was decided that 9:00 Monday-Saturday was the plan. I was traveling with my family. We all had a great time! My kids enjoyed the resort and spent a few hours each day at the kids club which allowed my husband and I to have a quiet lunch or dinner each day and a bit bit of beach time solo. The food was better than I had expected. We did upgrade to the preferred club and it was worth it to be able eat at the Seaside grill each day looking out over the ocean. The staff was friendly and helpful. The first class had 6 students and by the end of the week we were up to 22 participants. Dreams Palm Beach was a great family resort. The staff was very helpful and the pace of the resort was relaxed and happy. The teaching schedule was light (just one morning class each day) so I did my best to make it a really well attended good one. On my first morning I only had 6 student and by the last day we were up to 22. The staff set up music each day and brought out mats, towels and water. The food at the resort was very good. The Seaside Grill, the Italian and the Mexican were our favorites. We did upgrade our room to the preferred club and it was worth it just to be able to eat at the Seaside Grill overlooking the ocean. There were other benifits as well. We did a fun family excursion on a glass bottom boat to a great snorkeling area and a shallow pool in the ocean. We opted to book the trip with an outfit on the beach rather than through the resort. We were happy with the excursion. We would visit again!
Isabelle M.
Mar 14th, 2017 10:55:08am
I taught 1 class a day at 9am under pagoda next to the main pool.Alternated 1 day pilates, next day yoga, the clients loved the alternating class idea.Perfect spot with ocean view but in the shade!Had an average of 15 people per class. Gasolina was clear and on the ball, Luis was perfect in getting the team to help me set up the space with mats, towels and water for participants. Had 1 rain day when I taught in the disco which was a fabulous space to teach with great lighting and music. The rainy day schedule is 30 minutes later (9:30) which is super smart as it gives you time to inform participants and set up in the new space. The other resorts I taught at did "rainy day" class at the same time as the sunny day which does not work because you cannot be 2 places at once and often in Caribbean the weather flips on a dime and decisions have to be made at the very last minute. it was by far our favorite resort. The staff makes the resort feel so welcoming, relaxed and homey. The atmosphere is fabulous. The kids club was the best we had been too, they did activities everywhere in the resort not just in the club and it was lovely to be able to see the kids and play with them. It was easy to talk to people and make friends. The grounds and gardens are beautiful. There is a nice flow to the resort that just works. We followed our week with another at a supposedly higher end resort but we missed the Dreams Palm Beach and regretted not doing our 2 weeks there.
Feb 26th, 2017 5:52:58pm
I taught yoga for a week during the month of February. Every morning I taught at 9am for 45 minutes. I taught under a cabana with an amazing view of the beach. The staff was very helpful in bringing and setting up the mats. The music was set up for me the first few days but was not brought the last few days. This was fine because I used my own speaker and music. The resort was beautiful. No Complaints. The beach was stunning. Tip: walk left into the public area. The food was great and staff made me feel welcome. I definitely recommend this resort and will be back :)
Mar 30th, 2016 5:24:09am
Working with Fit Bodies, Inc. has been a great experience! Just look at the evidence: a) I was having difficulty uploading my certifications during my initial registration. One email to Suzelle and it was taken care of for me. b) Due to a personal issue, I was potentially needing to cancel my teaching vacation (no insurance, oops). Erica patiently emailed back and forth with me explaining options until it was all sorted out. c) Being a novice traveler, I was super nervous about not having received a transfer voucher. One phone call that was immediately answered by Suzelle had me reassured that all would work out even if I couldn't print my voucher (and it did all work like clockwork)! Being at the resort was fabulous and the teaching part of it was made so easy by the Dreams Palm Beach Punta Cana staff, who always helped with setup and break down. I highly recommend this resort!
Suzy T
Mar 29th, 2016 5:16:03pm
This was my first teaching vacation with Fitbodies, and I had a great experience. Jonathan and the entertainment staff were very friendly and helpful and checked in frequently to see if I needed anything. The beach area is large and offers both sun and shade. I taught yoga both on the beach and on a partially covered area of the pool deck, and both offered views and shade. I had between 4-15 people in each class and met some really wonderful people! There are lots of activities going on all day long for families and kids, and we loved taking the catamaran out for a sail. I would say the food was average, however every restaurant was extremely accommodating of my gluten free diet and even cooked some specialty off-menu items for me. Lily, one of the many lovely staff members, went out of her way to have the chef cook a special gluten free meal for us in the dining hall one evening. Overall, a great resort, with friendly and helpful staff, in a beautiful location!
Edward J.
Jan 5th, 2016 4:26:07am
At Dreams Palm Beach (punta cuna) all of the hotel staff is full with smiles and a willingness to help you. Johnathan was the supervisor he checked in daily to see that anything I needed was provided.
Nov 8th, 2015 6:06:38am
Had a wonderful experience teaching at Dreams Resort and Spa Punta Cana! Teaching classes on the beach was enjoyable because there are plenty of shade areas. The staff was friendly and helpful. Brought my daughter to enjoy the resort with me. There were fun activities planned all day and evening, the beach had plenty of both sun and shady areas to relax in, and also the pool area. The food was delicious and the chefs were accommodating to my vegetarian diet. Overall it was a great teaching vacation.
Apr 1st, 2010 8:00:00pm
We booked Dreams Palm Beach the first two weeks in Feb. It was an excellent resort to teach at! The staff was extremely friendly and supportive. The food was fantastic and the entertainment was the best. Richard and his entertainment staff included us in everything, even getting us up on the stage. It was a great way to get to know the rest of the staff and the guests. The only negative I found was we had to get a taxi from the airport. All of the resorts I have taught at in the past have had transportation. It was only $30 but a little nerve racking trying to deal with everything at the airport. I highly recommend this resort to everyone. It is family friendly, but you never see the kids. They have an excellent staff just to take care of them. Michael the manager was also the best! He was very supportive and even introduced me at the manager’s staff party. When our two weeks were up, we were going to Dreams La Ramana for the next two weeks. I know a whole month in Dominica. It pays to be retired. A taxi was going to cost us $110. Michael let one of the entertainment crew "Lucky" drive us there. It was great because it was like a personal guide. The resort always had something going on. If I wanted to do some sightseeing or diving, they would always find someone to do my class. As always, I was able to teach them some things and they taught me as well. This resort is definitely a resort I will return to. Nothing bad to say about it.
Aug 3rd, 2009 8:00:00pm
This is one of the best resort I´ve ever been either to teach or enjoying vacation..highly recommended!
Jul 20th, 2009 8:00:00pm
Welcome to the tropics. You fly into Punta Cana which is a breezy open air airport just like you would imagine. As soon as you arrive you go through line one where you apply and pay $10 for a tourist card. Then proceed directly to line 2 where you present your tourist card and are welcomed into the Dominican Republic, a bit archaic but what a basic way to collect a tax. This hotel is just a short 20 minutes from the airport to the hotel. If you are traveling with little people this is great! The lobby is comfortable but did not need to find a seat as the room was ready, and the bags actually beat me to the room! The World Cafe, buffet my absolute favorite for breakfast and lunches. The normal breakfast items with the local favorites were offered with amazing fresh fruit. At lunch, even as a vegetarian I found plenty to make me happy. If you are a beach bum, you do not need to leave the beach, the Beachside snack bar is perfect. Palm Beach also has a coffee, tea, and pastry cafe that is wonderful for a great cup of java at night after dinner, or that middle of the day pick me up. I promise you I didn't even miss Starbucks. The specialty restaurants are a nice variety French, Steakhouse, Seafood and Mexican. All air conditioned and all requested the men to wear long pants. A point of contention with some of the guests was the wait time for the restaurants. I know I am really easy going and you really have to push to make me upset but the half hour to an hour wait really seem to push some people over the edge. Hubby and I did one of two things, one he would jump in the shower, dress and put our name on a list and bring back a drink to the room while I dressed at my leisure or two, we would drop by the restaurant put our name on the list and head to the closest bar. I really don't think anybody was going to starve to death if they didn't eat within 15 minutes, but a lot of people acted that way. Like I said I am easy to please. There is 24 hour room service; some of the parents I spoke with were ordering late afternoon snacks to the room so the little ones were not starved when taken a bit out of the normal routine. The gym is very small so all classes are taught outdoors. Take 1's for tipping, the staff is wonderful. The rooms are up to date contemporary decorated in white, with touches of color from the ocean, blues and turquoise. The bathrooms look great but slightly dysfunctional, half of a shower wall. So of course half of the bathroom floor get's wet, but plenty of towels were left daily. Since I wasn't doing the laundry, I just laid down a couple of towels before getting into the shower. A great beach area with rolling waves one day and larger ones the next definitely a kids delight. The guests play the towel game here. You know the one, where they all go out early and lay towels down on the beach and by the pool. So when you leave your class and head to the beach no one is there but all the chairs have freshly folded towels and a book. Some morning I am going to go out early and rearrange everyone's reading material. Move the political science over with the romantic beach novel and the golf magazine over with the yoga journal. Just kidding, but I do truly dislike the towel game. This is a resort very much worth returning.

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