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Dreams Villamagna Nuevo Vallarta

Family Resort

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Julie Asheville, NC
Mar 2nd, 2020 1:50:20pm
There was a perfect beach spot where stretching and yoga classes were always held. Participants knew just where to come.
Adrian, Bend, OR
Dec 11th, 2019 4:02:12pm
This is a great resort in a really beautiful location. Perfect for families - not much night life if that is what you are looking for, but we go to sleep early so that wasn't an issue. The entertainment staff was really friendly and welcoming, and there are some fun waves for body surfing!
Minta Mullins
Apr 23rd, 2019 5:42:26pm
We just returned from the best family vacation! It was my first trip with FitPro, and I am already trying to reserve for next Spring Break. Our experience with Dreams Villamagna was awesome. Our room was beautiful...each room is a suite with a hot tub on the balcony, which my children loved! We requested a room upgrade at check-in, and while they did not have a full ocean view, they did have a partial so we went with that. The extra cost was $150 for the week. I felt it was worth it for the view and being in the main building but I'm sure all the rooms are great. The teaching schedule couldn't have been easier here. Ramon (the entertainment director) wasn't available to meet with me on my Sunday arrival, but I was told I would teach at 9:15 on Monday. When I arrived, Ramon told me he hired someone local to teach yoga that day since he hadn't met with me the day before. From what I could gather, they usually have a yoga offering but not much participation. I told Ramon I wasn't a certified yoga teacher, but a 20+ year practitioner and would teach that if that is what he wanted. But I suggested that maybe we try something different. He was gracious and took my suggestion, so I ended up teaching a "core fitness" class Tuesday-Saturday (times changed between 9-9:30 each day, and they told me anywhere from 45min-60). Every day was different...from 2-6 participants. Some people wanted harder stuff, and some not so much, but it was easy to modify. The workouts are all on the beach but we were able to stay in the shade on all days but the one where we started at 9:30. You will sweat!There is no equipment for the classes, so if you want something, you would have to pack and bring. The entertainment staff was awesome and super helpful with any questions. I also enjoyed getting my Spanish lessons with them and trying to teach in Spanish, too! I arrived thinking I would have to really check in with people and meet/report to someone every day, but I was not monitored at all (unless they were watching from afar!). I took it upon myself to check the schedule the night before going to bed to see when I would teach. No one seemed to know, so that was the most reliable info (although one day the English and Spanish version listed my class at different times;). The shorter version of all that explanation is to say the teaching part was simple and enjoyable. The rest of the time was all relaxation and fun. My kids adored the Explorer's Club...we would go check on them and they would say, "awww...do we HAVE to leave?!?!" So, that left my husband and I to go eat and drink in peace. The one thing that was less than perfect was the food. But I am a vegetarian. Breakfast was always good, but aside from that - the buffet was mediocre. The specialty restaurants were great! We ordered room service one night and never again because it was so bad. But maybe it was an off night. Honestly - it didn't matter much to me. There was always something to eat and a delicious drink at every turn, so who cares?!The beach was lovely and you can run pretty far in both directions. The water is way warmer and calmer than my local Malibu beach, but my kids never get to go to a pool so that is the only place they wanted to go. The entertainment was so good...the shows were pro, plus the entertainment team was working non-stop to make a fun time for all. I could go on and on but I'll wrap it up by saying: we loved it!! We are sad to be home to real life but will be back. **Taxis are so easy and cheap. That's the way to go!
Karen C.
Mar 12th, 2018 9:46:35am
I booked as a group fitness instructor, when I got there they really wanted yoga, so I taught 1 yoga class at 9:15 every day for 45 minutes. Right on the sand by the infinity pool and the beach, it was perfect! The class even saw a whale one morning, it was awesome! The resort is really laid back and the E-team are very helpful and involved. The beach is so incredible, you can walk for miles either direction, and there is a bike path in front of the hotel that is good for walking too, There a shopping center with a Starbucks about a mile and a half walk away. The view from the room was a tropical view, which was great for us, but if an ocean view is important to you, you might want to ask about the cost of an upgrade. Again, if a laid back vacation is what you are looking for, this is a great option. For my husband and I! It was perfect, we walked everyday, usually twice, and saw baby turtles and even a mama turtle laying her eggs. We did not use the pool, we were on the beach every day, the wait staff on the beach were awesome, Alberto and Julio took great care of us. It was awesome! We will be back!
Jennifer S
Nov 28th, 2016 5:19:44am
My second visit to this resort was everything I had remembered. Teaching on the beach to a happy group of vacationers!Great staff, beautiful location, and I would happily book here again!
Megan G
Aug 8th, 2016 5:08:49am
Great, very-laid back resort. Johnny from Entertainment was easy to work with. The resort is attached to many condos, most of which are empty, so it feels like there is no one there even when the resort is at 100% capacity. Our room was very very quiet. I taught one pilates class a day here (Summertime) as is was scorching hot, and one day I also taught Aqua Zumba. Beakfasts were fantastic, diners were good, lunches left a lot to be desired, but the overall feel of the place left us well rested and tanned. Great Vacation!
Kathleen P
May 17th, 2016 5:45:51am
This was my first teaching vacation, and I could not have asked for a better experience. My friend and I were treated so well the entire time we were there. If you want your classes well attended, it will serve you well to meet guests and invite them. I gained 5 attendees this way. Teaching in the morning is hot with the sun baring down on you. The 6pm slot was nice because the tennis court was in the shade at that point. They did a great job of making sure I had towels, water, and weights (i didn't really use) for all my participants. The resort itself is beautiful with all of the pools wrapping towards the ocean. Food was delicious and the staff were some of the nicest people I had ever met. The E-Team is really fun so meet them so they tell people about your class: Lukas, Juan, Jonathan, Gabo (who's moving to Breathless Cancun so look for him there), and Jonny who is the main contact person for your needs.
Kathleen Perry
May 10th, 2016 7:41:16am
I just returned from Dreams Villamagna. It was my first teaching vacation. And OH MY GOODNESS. What an amazing experience!! I could not have asked for a better trip. The resort is beautiful! The staff is made up of the nicest people I have ever met! The entertainment staff was super engaging and fun to be around. The food and drinks were delicious. Our room was nice and big with an ocean view! I was so relaxed and happy my whole trip. The E-Team always made sure my sound system worked and that I had towels and water for my class participants. I taught once a day- sometimes in the morning and sometimes at night. It was kinda nice to rotate because it gave me some mornings to sleep in. Puerto Vallarta was beautiful! We went into town once and had the best margaritas I've ever had at Mi Querencia (suggested by the staff). I would definitely return to this resort. I cried when I realized I had to come home! Also, if you want to do an excursion, check out Las Caletas. It's a private beach with snorkeling, paddleboarding, hammocks, scuba diving, kayaks and all you can eat & drink.
Tiffany B
Mar 8th, 2016 4:23:08am
Thank you to Fit Bodies for providing an awesome venue for fitness enthusiasts to travel with their families. I treasure the beautiful memories from these vacations.
Feb 3rd, 2016 7:21:57am
Though I didn't bring children, I would highly recommend it to families because the pool set up was great for youngsters and there were many families staying. The food was excellent, the staff was friendly and helpful. The Entertainment Team was very enthusiastic as well. Altogether a great experience!
Mary Kay G.
Dec 15th, 2015 9:50:57am
I have loved my Fit Bodies vacations. Satisfactory
Sep 2nd, 2015 7:05:54pm
In June my husband and two sons ages 10 and 7 went to Dreams Villamagna and it was a great experience. The staff was beyond friendly, and really treated us like family. The teaching was one yoga class on the beach at 8:00 AM, and the classes were pretty small. In my opinion it was because the class was so early for a vacation all inclusive resort. The students who did attend said that they would have come to more classes if it was not so early in the morning. Everything at the resort was beautiful and clean, and the restaurants were very good. This is definitely a kid friend resort with a great Explorers club and lots to do for the kids. The beach is beautiful and goes on for miles - great for walks or runs. We loved it!
Jill Hauser
Mar 20th, 2014 1:45:07pm
I just returned from Nuevo Vallarta where I taught at Dreams Villamagna for the week. From the start, we were amazed by this resort. Our room was very large, which we didn't expect! Never during the week did we feel cramped with the 4 of us in our room. The cleanliness of the resort was phenomenal! Being that we were traveling with your 7 and 10 year old children, we really liked that the resort wasn't as spread out. We could get to any place on the resort and to the beach in a matter of minutes. The food was excellent! I think breakfast was always my favorite with the "green juice." Yum! There were not lines to eat at the restaurants at night, and you didn't have to make a reservation. We really loved that. There was also a variety of different restaurants in which to choose. The staff was down right phenomenal!!!! Every single need that we had was met beyond our expectations. Everyone was so friendly, and we honestly left feeling as though we made new friends! The resort was quiet, but active enough. We enjoyed that it wasn't a huge party scene, but enjoyed being a part of the activities that the Entertainment Staff planned each day and night! We feel like it was the perfect balance between relaxation and fun. My 7 year old LOVED the Explorer's Club. It was extremely safe and fun for the kids! My husband and I loved the fact that we had a few "date nights," as the Explorer's Club was open until 10. They would take our children to dinner, do an activity or craft, and then have a movie with popcorn. We picked them up at 9:45 P.M. It was the perfect balance. The pools were AMAZING!!! There were 3 big pools....two that were warm, and one cool pool if you were too overheated. All three pools served their purposes for our family. We also had a great time Boogie Boarding in the ocean. The waves were big enough, but didn't feel unsafe or overbearing for my kids. Teaching at this resort was simply phenomenal! Each morning I taught a 9:00 A.M. Yoga class on the beach overlooking the ocean. The class was about 1 hour and ranged between 10-20 people each morning. It was fun to have people approach me saying they had never done yoga before, and they were going to keep their practice up once they got home. At noon each day, I taught an Aqua class for about 45 minutes. The crowd was insanely fun!!! They were up for anything. A few people from the Entertainment Staff always participated in the class as well. They were so helpful! They would "rally the aqua troops" before each class, so you didn't feel like you were "bugging" people. The participation range for this class was about 20-30 people each day. I taught both of these classes Monday-Friday. The Entertainment Staff was so helpful with anything that I needed to prepare for my classes. They created such a positive and fun atmosphere. Through teaching, I really enjoyed building a relationship with the guests as well! I would recommend this resort to anyone! It is a great place for families! We are looking forward to returning to this resort next year!!! Thank you, Fit Bodies!!!
Mar 16th, 2014 1:40:04am
This resort was kind of a catch 22 for me. The classes were the most fun and best attended of any place I've ever taught (and this was my 7th week teaching for fitbodies) but the resort itself wasn't enjoyable for us. I am not going to trash a resort in a review on here, but I wouldn't return.
Dec 5th, 2013 5:30:51am
Traveled there Nov17-24, 2013. Great Food and accommodation (very clean spacious room). My kids (4 + 6 years old) loved the Explores Club; the attendants were very friendly and accommodating. Great teaching schedule: 9 am yoga on the shady beach and 12 aquafit. I would recommend this resort to anyone with children.
Lisa Snowden
Jun 20th, 2013 9:30:06am
Dreams Villamagna is a short 15 minute ride north from the Puerto Vallarta airport. I love the lobby is breezy and I was welcomed with a cold towel and champagne. Dreams Resorts are always so welcoming! There is a lobby bar, all with top shelf options and from the lobby stems the entrance to the World Café for breakfast and lunch. Nearby is El Patio and Portofino. A short walk past the two large pools is Ocean, often open for breakfast, lunch and dinner with diverse menu options and nearby is the poolside grill for snacks. The pools wind through toward the ocean, always a gorgeous picturesque moment looking beyond the pools. I taught yoga every morning on the beach. Towels work well for yoga mats, especially in the sand. There is a shady spot in front of the hotel, slightly next door. The first day of class there were 26 students! 9AM yoga is well advertised in the lobby. It was my only class because I traveled with my Mother In-law as part of the FITcation group also offering Zumba and Aqua Zumba everyday. Otherwise I would have expected to create another class, perhaps yoga sculpt for 30 minutes or a sunset class during the week. Really nice beach for all ages. You can sit on the edge and let the gentle waves roll in. It’s fairly shallow some way out and the beach is smooth. Heading south, you can continue on the beach for miles. Suzelle says it’s her favorite beach for running – firm sand under your feet. I often ate at Oceana under umbrellas as a breeze moves by. I love the ceviche! Service was pretty good, we understood the busy times of day and other times we visit Oceana at “off” peak hours ensuring steady service of snacks and cold drinks. Don’t miss the BARacuda Bar while listening to ocean waves move in. Definitely I would come back to Dreams Villamagna. They do not have adult only area, but I never felt inundated with children. I’d definitely go back with friends and family. Totally recommended for families with children 12 and younger. The Explorer’s Club keeps many kids busy all day. Other kids stay busy at the pool. There is definitely something for everyone!! We spent $20 each way to take 4 of us to downtown Puerto Vallarta, checking out the art and vendors on the boardwalk!
Nicolas Muresan
Apr 23rd, 2013 9:10:40am
I am a tennis pro and I was in vacation during April 14 -21.Dreams Nuevo Puerto Vallarta is located on a spectacular golf,to Pacific Ocean. It is amassing to see the ocean and in the same time the mountains, surrounded the golf. The beach is wide, clean,the sand is soft and thin. It is a first class resort, excellent food and drink. The service is the best, the Mexican employees are very polite, humble, honest. It is a very safe place, you can pick up any excursion , go to Down Town Puerto Vallarta. The tennis resort is great, the teaching was fun, I met wonderful people there, most Americans who live there, for most then half a year. I made great friends. Honestly I had one of my best vacation and I am looking to go back in fall ,or in spring next year.
Apr 19th, 2013 6:59:23am
I taught at Dreams Villamagna in early March of 2013. We had a great time. Right from the time we arrived there was someone there to meet me and show me around. They were very helpful with allowing me extra towels for my class. I brought my own yoga belts, which was a great idea on my part! The resort itself is amazing, beautiful room, we upgraded to an ocean view and it was worth it. Great food. Very clean. All of the staff were very friendly at all times. Would go again. Thank you Pro Fit, will let all of my yoga teaching friends know about you
Sara Karman
Mar 19th, 2013 4:50:49am
Weren't prepared for my sta. Had a staff "Yogi" show up the first day I was to instruct. Had no on show up on Sunday (the day I left). I had three episodes of trying to get towells for my class. They wouldn't give me extras. We had to go and find somone to help us on all three times. Put it down as "Yoga" in their daily schedule when I was told a "stretch" class. Other than that, very clean, lovely people, quiet and great food. Not a place for teenagers as the activity people weren't very excitting.
Dec 11th, 2012 5:21:34am
Great resort, very family orientated! The rooms are clean and spacious enough for a family of 4, the food is good, the staff is very helpful and easy to deal with. My 2 boys ( 3 and 5 years old) loved the kid's club and made new friends. The teaching schedule is perfect, 9:00 yoga + 12:00 aquafit. The only thing I would recommend the hotel to do is to heat the infinity pool (the largest, more quiet pool). It was too cold for my little ones to swing for more than 5 minutes. I would go back in a heartbeat!!!
Fit Bodies Lisa
Apr 23rd, 2012 11:42:01am
Dreams Villamagna is all ocean facing rooms with outstanding view of Nuevo Vallarta from Gohan Sushi and Sky Bar. The have a wonderful beach with lots of space and gentle current moving in an out along the shore.
Nov 10th, 2010 7:00:00pm
My family of 5 spent a week in this amazing resort last January. It was blissful. The child care was exceptional, and I was a preschool teacher prior to being a mom so I am very choosy. They had animals brought in to show the children from an Eagle, to a Sea Lion- real!, to snakes and iguanas and more. The pool was so fun for the kids, and there is an adult pool as well if you come alone. I taught one class a day in the morning, on the beach. The class grew in number from a handful to 30 by weeks end- knowing a certified instructor was in town brought many. The food was great, the service was slow- but once we figured that out we planned meals with more time. It was beautiful. The staff was so kind. The room was nice. Enjoy! I am planning a trip for my family this 2011 and I will definitely consider Villamagna again!
Apr 10th, 2010 8:00:00pm
I worked at this resort 3-21-10 to 3-28-10. I traveled with my 15 year old daughter. This was my very first experience in doing a working vacation, although I have been teaching group exercise since 1996. When we arrived to the resort we were very impressed with the beautiful indoor/outdoor aka Open Air Front Desk that opens up to a view of the pool as well as the ocean/beach. The concierges were very friendly and as we walked out of the taxi that offered us some warm towels to clean our hands and some refreshments as we waited for our room to be ready. I had contacted Lomas Travel ahead of time and reserved transportation to/from the airport. The cost was around $60.00 with the tax included. Also, I was scheduled to teach 3 classes/day. However, when I spoke to my contact upon arriving to the hotel, Juan Mendoza, I only needed to teach two classes. I taught a one hour 8am Pilates/Yoga Stretch on the beach and a half hour Aqua Aerobics at 12pm. I found the hotel to be very nice and the staff was extremely friendly and always willing to go out of their way for you. The food was very delicious too and we had our choice of all of the restaurants at the resort. The best part of the resort was the Dreams Entertainment Staff. They were very vivacious and a lot of fun!! They all attended my aqua aerobics classes as part of their training and development. Plus, from the time that you woke up till you went to bed at night they had a full schedule of activities at the resort to partake in. I really enjoyed the different theme nights and the live entertainment as well. My daughter and I only left the resort one afternoon to do an Outdoor Adventure in the Sierra Madre Mountains where we went zip lining and re paling. I would most definitely recommend this excursion to anyone as it was a blast! Overall, the only part of the working vacation that was hard were the no-see-ums or chiggers that bit me on the beach while I was teaching the morning class. If you go, do not forget insect repellent as well as sunscreen : - )!! I would go back to the resort in a heartbeat as it was a most favorable experience.
Melanie Lucido
Jul 31st, 2009 8:00:00pm
I just returned from spending a week at this beautiful resort. It just opened in Dec. 2008 and it is beautiful. I taught 1 yoga class each morning at 8:30 poolside. The staff was incredible, very helpful, full of energy. The mats were delivered and picked up each morning to the pool area. The resort is definitely designed for families and adults. There are separate pools for adults only. They did alot of activities each day for all ages. The food was good, several different options for rest. throughout the resort. The entire staff from the maid service up to the wiaters were top notch. I bought my husband and 2 boys and we had an incredible time. The beach is great for riding boogie boards. We did take several excursions away from the resort. We went on a Canopy adventure (zip lining from tree top to tree top). Got to do that, incredible experience. I would highly recommend the resort. Peace, Melanie
May 5th, 2009 8:00:00pm
My family (2 boys under 2, husband) and I just returned from a week at Villamagna. No if you're wondering, we didn't get the swine flu :-) I believe I was there first guest instructor, so they didn't really know what to do with me. I was scheduled to teach 3 times a day. An 8:30 a.m. yoga, noon aqua and 5 pilates. The yoga was usually taught by someone from the spa; however, since I was there, I taught this class. I had 2 participants Tuesday through Friday for the yoga. The 5 had no shows throughout the week. I participated in the aqua on Monday, which the entertainment staff lead. On Friday and Saturday, I had a few participants and the entertainment staff joined me in the pool. The resort was slow and maybe if it was a different time of year, plus minus the flu, classes would be busier. I tried offering the pilates on the beach and then tried in the gym, but still didn't run. I think an 8:00 cardio followed by a 9 yoga would fly better. I didn't need my running shoes or music all week. I taught the yoga to the sound of the waves crashing on the beach. Very relaxing. There wasn't much equipement. I brought stability balls, which they now have plenty of. They could use a getto blaster for classes by the adult pool. They turned their music on for the aqua, but I couldn't hear it. They could also use resistance bands, steps, pool noodles and weights. Victor was my contact once I got there as the person in charge was sick all week. He was really friendly and tried to get things going. The resort, unlike other all-inclusives we've been through, just because it had a public beach and condo's on the same property. This wasn't a bad thing, but it didn't have the resort feel to it. The food was good, all restaurants weren't always open. There is a small cafe beside their gift shop that you are able to get expresso based drinks from, you may not be aware of this when you get there. There was also room service, try the buffalo wings. My son lived off the pizza from the Seaside restaurant at lunch. The kids club was for ages 3 and up, so my little ones didn't partake. The staff running the club was very nice and my son was welcomed in one night to try hitting the pinata. I would suggest if you have kids, the resort would be good for 3-8 years old so they could take advantage of the club. There are 3 pools, one being just adults only (however, children were in it) that had a hot tub beside it and 2 other pools. The pools were great for the kids as there was plenty of shallow areas. There was nightly entertainment, but we were in the room usually by 8 with the kids. Monday night was Mexican night and there was another night that was Carribean. The beach was nice sand and very clean, but the water was choppy for kids. At about 10:30 am. you could see dolpins in the water, what a sight. The only downfall was that it took a couple of nights to get a crib for my 4 month old. My 22 month old slept on the sofa, as we just turned it around to face the wall. The rooms are exactly as the pictures from their website. The staff was very friendly and tried to accomodate us as our baggage was lost until the next day. They brought us some diapers for my boys which was an added bonus. We went in to the Mega (like Wal-mart) to pick up some water clothes. All an all a great resort and would definitely visit another dreams hotel. Details if you're heading there, we pre-arranged our transit from the airport through a company on the internet, it costed us $12.50 US for each my husband and I. You couldn't return with the same company, they said only taxi. We took a taxi back to the airport for $10 US.

Dreams Villamagna Nuevo Vallarta