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Now Jade Riviera Cancun

Family Resort

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Apr 25th, 2018 11:00:24pm
This resort was very comfortable. I taught boot camp 4 times in the week I was there. This took place on the "gazebo" which was a cement platform in the middle of the pool. While it was not the most ideal place for a high impact workout as it was small, hard and slippery, it was still a ton of fun and just a bit of change to my workout plan allowed a fun and safe class. The resort was so easy to navigate and slip right in to vacation mode. The food was quite good and we loved that there were no reservations! This was a great first teaching vacation.
Jolene de B
Jul 10th, 2017 9:48:10am
I taught yoga and pilates everyday at 8 am and 9 am. With the exception of Thu and Fri. as those days the on staff instructor taught. I was asked to make a name for my classes that did not have the word yoga in it and then it would be offered at a different place. Which was by the pool kind of in a walkway ( not the best - but ok) worst problem was no shade! I came up with the name " Sunrise Zen" and "Gentle Glow" and offered them at 7:30 and 8:30. The guests were very nice and I even got hugs on my last day. :) Now Jade was very welcoming, helpful and I was treated very well. We upgraded to Preferred and had a beautiful spacious room for a family of 4. They asked for my flyer and put it up right away and kept it up all week. This has not been my experience the last two times.
Sylvia L
Dec 7th, 2016 4:59:43am
The resort is fantastic! The stuff is unbelievable friendly. Check in and check out was very fast. Classes were fun, location of the classes were great too, and the E team left it up to me where I wanted to teach my classes. Great experience over all.
Kristin B
Aug 17th, 2016 5:31:45am
I taught zumba poolside everyday at 11:00. Someone from the Enetertainment staff was always there promoting and participating, and we always had about 10 or more participants. I also taught a stretching class at 9:30, but this was less succesful. It was held at a different location, and I usually had to go ask for mats, towels, waters, etc. After the first 3 days they changed it to a bootcamp style class instead and that was better attended. They already offer yoga and pilates with their own instructor, so I was surprised they asked me for a stretching class as well.It was a great experience! I would love to be able to do it more often. The staff was wonderful and I enjoyed getting to know them as well as other guests visiting from all over the world.
H. Diana
Aug 17th, 2016 5:12:10am
Teaching with Fit Bodies was an incredible experience. The entertainment staff was very enthusiastic and helpful with my classes. It was a great experience for me as an instructor and a great opportunity for my guests too.
Darrin A.
Aug 10th, 2016 1:50:55pm
I was recently the group fitness professional for Now Jade. My family and I had an absolute great time. This is a great location with a family atmosphere and plenty of activities.The entertainment staff lead by Luigi, Jesus, Money and Teri were accommodating, inviting and personable. They are extremely busy and hard working so it took a while when I arrived to meet with them. They have a local yoga and pilates instructor, however, I filled in one day. They are interested in offering a variety of classes for the residents/guest. They were flexible and we created a schedule based on my desired format. The schedule for the following day is disseminated the afternoon before. I taught a body sculpting and boot camp at 9:30am (on the beach some days) and water aerobics at noon. The water aerobics was the most attended, therefore, they are hoping this format can be taught by the professional. They also have a Zumba class everyday at 11am. For the week, I was a member of the entertainment team and was widely recognized. It was fun. The variety of food, drinks, nightly entertainment and the assortment of activities was phenomenal. I agree with the other reviews, no room upgrade is necessary unless you want a different view; the rooms were great. I recommend this location for adults and children and consider being flexible with your format.
Charise W
Jul 27th, 2016 4:59:21am
I personally loved teaching at this property! I appreciated meeting with Luigi (Entertainment team) and him showing me around when we arrived as well as the first morning I taught. He was so nice to me and my family. He and the entire staff were awesome! So welcoming!
Missy P
Jun 1st, 2016 7:10:39am
his was one of the nicer resorts I've been to, and the E-Team was super-enthusiastic for the things they did but I never heard them promote my classes or the yoga/pilates classes (and we participated in a lot of the events throughout the day). I know these E-Team people work really hard, so I'm not complaining at all--we had a fantastic trip--but I think it's important that future FitBodies instructors realize there is a possibility they may not teach classes in the "genre" they booked.
Sue P
May 23rd, 2016 7:03:45am
Boot camp and yoga cardio sculpt. Boot camp well attended at the gym. Too hot outside for other class so took them inside. So many activities going on at the resort needed more marketing of Fitbodies classes!! Entertainment staff was very helpful though and friendly! Love teaching with Fitbodies!
Marjorie D
May 10th, 2016 5:48:48am
The NOW Jade Resort in Cancun is absolutely beautiful. The Entertainment Staff at the resort are extremely supportive and helpful. The classes were fun and I had participants for every class. You just need to bring your i- pod with your music and you are all set.The staff at this resort are amazing.
Michael F
Apr 21st, 2016 7:30:16am
I met with a member of the staff on sunday afternoon. He set up a simple schedule for me to start Monday morning (8:30 kids, 9:30 adults). No kids showed up in the morning and 3 adults did at 9:30. We had a very nice session. Thereafter the staff asked me to come up with a schedule that I thought was best. I included sessions of "beat the pro", "family tennis" kids sessions and "beginner fundamentals" sessions. Attendance was on the lighter side but the same group of people kept coming back every day. To be honest the courts are pretty run down there, and they had almost no balls on site which made things a bit limiting for me. However I can tell you for sure that all tennis participants had a great experience, and my interactions with the staff was very friendly, professional and cordial. We would definitely go back to Now Jade....really great place!
Lesley F.
Mar 1st, 2016 5:21:07am
I taught 2 classes a day at 9:30 and 10:30 from Mon to Fri and one class on Saturday. My experience at Now Jade was amazing!
Olga M
Feb 26th, 2016 6:19:09am
I did 2 Zumba classes a day, 10:30am & Aqua 12:00pm. No need for an upgrade, my room was super clean. they came around twice a day to clean. .Highly recommend this place..
Olga M.
Feb 25th, 2016 5:44:42am
Now Jade, best resort! amazing, the staff, the food, if you have small kids this is the place to be. I was very nervous the first day, but after teaching everybody was amazed... If anybody has questions feel free to ask questions.
Isabelle M.
Feb 16th, 2016 3:48:06am
Was great overall. The hotel was fabulous and service fantastic. Great feedback from clients taking class and enjoyed teaching very much. Very varied levels in class, which is my specialty but could be hard on some instructors.. It was my first experience and if I repeat It can adjust with experience and time just like any other job. I definitely look forward to repeating the experience, it is nice to teach new people in a new setting. Teaching and travel and my two favorite things so it's a great match!
Rob G.
Jan 26th, 2016 4:05:18am
Extremely warm staff. People who work at the resort , work extremely hard! Tips go a long way to insure proper service, and is greatly appreciated!
Jan 5th, 2016 4:43:25am
We had a fantastic vacation and would do it again!
Wolfgang J.
Dec 15th, 2015 9:47:22am
I really suggest visiting pros take a few fresh cans of balls and racquets, You never know what type of condition the equipment will be in.
Sherrie P
Oct 22nd, 2015 5:59:01am
This was yet another perfect and wonderful teaching vacation! Staff was amazing and thankful to have me there. Classes were fun. Food was awesome. It was just as fun as all the FITBODIES trips so far!!!!! Thank you for this outstanding opportunity! LOVE IT! I'd go each month if I could. Let me know if you guys need another employee to travel more frequently for you! I'm your girl! Thanks for the great job you guys do to help make our trips so memorable and easy!
Annette Wertman
Dec 22nd, 2014 12:27:48pm
Now Jade is a very large, beautiful family resort. I certainly enjoyed teaching yoga in the mornings on the pool deck gazing out at the ocean. Back to back classes were challenging….I was very hungry when the classes were over…..but I learnt to eat a little before I started. Be prepared to be very independent. The Entertainment Team is friendly but busy with their own activities. I was left to bring the mats (new ones needed), towels and water for the students on all but one of the teaching days. Music started blaring loudly, shortly after I started my first class (8:30) and continued throughout the next class (9:30). Needless to say this drowned out my little speaker with my yoga music.A good idea to bring your own speaker! I did hand in my poster to my contact, but, I did not see it posted anywhere. Another frustrating thing was that the big Activity Board was not co-ordinated with the daily activity sheet (very small print) and therefore the guests did not really know there was morning yoga (unless they read the activity sheet). That being said, I did have 12/13 yoga students each morning (Monday - Saturday) and the feedback was excellent. I managed to find one of the Entertainment Team (that brought me water and towels one day) to say Thank-you and Ola. I told him that I loved the resort and that the yoga teaching was a very good experience…..which it was. Did I mention children came to my classes too…..certainly added to the challenge. Namaste
Jennifer E
Dec 15th, 2014 12:06:22pm
My husband and I had a wonderful time at Now Jade 12/1-12/7. We upgraded to an oceanfront room, which was lovely. The food is all very good, but the quality of the liquor at the bars was not top shelf. We are used to the higher quality found at Dreams and Secrets resorts, so that was a little disappointing. Most of the staff were friendly, but again not quite as friendly and accommodating as at Dreams and Secrets resorts. The grounds are beautiful and very well maintained. I taught stretching at the gazebo at 8:30 and water aerobics at noon. Both teaching facilities were very nice. I'd be happy to return.
Nov 3rd, 2014 3:38:21pm
I just returned home from my teaching vacation at Now Jade. This was my first teaching trip and also my honeymoon. When we arrived, my husband and I asked to upgrade to a suite that would overlook the ocean, so we upgraded to "Preferred" which I highly recommend. Our room was overlooking the adult pool and ocean. It was pretty quiet over there. We had a hot tub on our balcony but we never used it because it looked a little dirty but also because the mesquito's were pretty bad. I booked as a Yoga Instructor but they have a Yoga Instructor on staff so had me teach a 9:30 stretch and 10:30 Zumba class. It was perfect. Classes were held out on the Gazebo at the main pool (which also overlooks the ocean, it doesn't get much better than that). Most days I had between 3-10 people in class. The last day I only had 2 people show for Zumba and 3 for stretch. Still fun. The Entertainment team joins in as well. They are a blast to work with, we really enjoyed everything they offered in regards to entertainment. The staff at this resort works so hard. My husband and I both had a great time and were so impressed with the staff, we tipped often and generously because you will see the same staff in the morning and again later at night. The food at the resort was pretty good too. We liked Mercure and Spice the best. The coffee shop was great and if you upgrade to preferred, the preferred lounge was wonderful. The beach here is beautiful though as you might read in other reviews, a bit sea-weedy in spots. We didn't mind, we just walked a bit further and it was clear. We will for sure return to this resort in the future. I can't wait to go back!
wendy Bertrand
Jul 24th, 2014 7:22:13am
Thi is a lovely resort. This was my 5th teaching vacation. The last 4 were all to Dreams Riviera Cancun, Loved it there as well. This resort is lovely, Entertainment staff are fabulous. I taught a 9:30am Bodysculpt by the pool and a 4:30pm bootcamp in the gym. The sculpt was better attended due to time of day but they like to have an afternoon offering at this resort. They do give you a day off during the week if you would like to do an excursion which is very nice too. The restauratns were nice. the food was better at the specialty restaurants than the buffet restaurant. The buffet was just OK here. The views and beach were gorgeous. Missed having a bar on the beach but the bar staff were great. a nice pool bar and one behind the restaurants above the beach area. Entertainment was huge...events on the hALF HOUR.....so much available day and night. A great resort, staff, rooms(gorgeous!). An excellent stay. Kids c;lub was good too...activities hourly. If you have any other questions, please feel free to email me at any time at [email protected] or message me on Facebook.
stephane elissalde
May 18th, 2014 5:19:26pm
Went to Jade with Family a couple of years ago. The resort is well maintained and of high standing. The restaurants are very refined, even the presentation in the buffet. The room was very trendy, beige , chocolat brown and stainless. This resort is well worth the price , with a stunning lobby. Stephane Elissalde
Feb 4th, 2014 5:42:55am
This resort is beautiful and clean. Loved the food, coffee shop, live music at night and the staff in general. We upgraded to preferred status to have a larger room for our kids and it was worth it. The teaching classes part was inconsistent. The 9:30 stretch by pool was well attended and I had people come back for it each day. The 4:00 boot camp coincided with a lot of other pool activities and the entertainment staff did not promote it so it did not get a good turnout. I think a sunset yoga on beach might have been better at that time or else boot camp in the morning instead. Overall, I loved this resort and would go back!!

Now Jade Riviera Cancun