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Jul 4th, 2022 1:05:42pm
Teaching yoga here is a dream. Class was held in the spa or poolside. Entertainment (activities) team was so helpful and friendly. They are amazing people and really made me feel welcome. Teaching here was wonderful. Everything happened with so much ease. The staff handles all the equipment set-up and cleaning for me and the classes went smoothly. The music of the spa and sounds of the ocean were perfect for my classes. I had a couple of students in each class and was able to pay each individual special attention. I had a great time.
Apr 5th, 2022 6:50:10pm
This was an amazing yoga teaching trip! The food, the beach...the whole luxury vacation. The team made my job very easy. All I had to do was show up to teach! Had a great time and thankful for the opportunity! I'm sure I will travel with FB again once I save up some money. I am thankful for the discount I've received and would do it more frequently if the resort cost/gift fund/resort fee was less. May think about doing a yoga therapy retreat as a way to keep my cost down. Customs took a very long time in Coast Rica. Costa Rica in general seems to be great about Covid safety.
Holly Mueller
Jan 31st, 2022 10:22:50am
Pura vida!!! Costa Rica is absolutley beautiful. The people were all so genuinely kind everywhere. This is a very unique Secrets, cut into a mountain by the bay. The rooms are very nice and clean. The food was really good! The entertainment staff was excellent!!! They set up the mats, and towels and water bottles every day, and cleaned them up after class. I taught 2 classes a morning, one at 7:30am and one at 9:00am. I had 2-10 people for every 7:30, and only a few for the week at the 9:00am. We will 100% be back to Secrets Papagayo!!
Dec 15th, 2021 11:55:50am
Taught Yoga in December 2021 at this resort. Two classes daily, at various times due to a group coming in at the end of the week. M-Th 7:30AM (at the spa pool) and 9:00AM in the gazebo overlooking the main pool. The 7:30AM had better attendance. Fri-Sun 7AM for a private group (this was the only time I was asked to teach Sunday AM) and 9:30AM. The ETeam setup the mats, towels, and water for every class, and cleaned up after including sanitizing the mats. The resort is beautiful and the rooms are well appointed and sparkling clean. The rooms are bungalow style and very spread out, and the resort is very hilly, so be prepared to walk the hills or take the very efficient shuttle.
Oct 11th, 2021 1:13:25pm
Taught yoga at Secrets Papagayo Costa Rica. One class at 7:30am on the deck next to the gym at the spa pool. 9am at the gazebo at the main pool. Mat, towel, water was laid out by the entertainment staff each day prior to my class. My location didn't change I didn’t use music. The entertainment staff was amazing!! So friendly and fun. They got to know me by name and we learned more about each other as people, not just as “staff”. This was a great teaching experience. I had up to 10 students per day. The teaching areas were set up by the entertainment staff every day for me! A mat, towel, and water in each space. And they retrieved the mats and towels for me each day too. Easy as can be! I taught by the spa pool at 7:30am by the spa pool then 9am by the main pool each day. The 7:30 was a larger class because they didn’t have the 9am posted on the activity board. Only in small print on the FitBodies flyer above it. I let them know kindly that posting the 9am class on the activity board would be helpful. And they agreed. But it was the 7:30am only that was prominently displayed. I still had about two to four students at the 9am each day. The same group that I lured in the second day I was there lol. I loved the food and accommodations and friendly staff and wonderful guests!! Awesome experience. It all went smoothly.
May 9th, 2021 10:55:03am
I taught outside of the spa and at the beach. There were some yoga mats. There was music from the spa playing and at the beach, the sound of the waves was enough. class was promted with Fit Bodies, Inc. flyer, The Entertainment team announced my classes, I walked around and invited guests to join, Activity Board. The time to relax and rejuvinate, Teaching while also on vacation!, The Resort staff is great. The Entertainment team at Secrets resort Papagayo was exceptional! They all made me feel very welcome and part of their team. They were very helpful with setting up the mats and they brought us a smoothie at the end of every class! They spoke to me often during the day and took a genuine interest in my well-being. I honestly can't say enough about that team! My teaching vacation at Secrets Costa Rica was exceptional! The entertainment team was wonderful to deal with and they made sure that I had everything I needed for my classes. They even supplied the participants with smoothies at the end of every class! There was lots to do after my classes and also lots of downtime to enjoy the amenities and do a few tours of Costa Rica. Thank you!
Tonia Smith
May 24th, 2020 7:25:28am
Taught yoga here during the week of Thanksgiving 2019 ... my experience was FANTASTIC!!! My first of two daily 45-minute yoga classes was at 7:15a at the “quiet pool” which was so scenic and serene with a view of the Papagayo Bay. My second class was immediately following at 8:15a in the Amphitheater... this location was not very scenic, but perfectly fine. The Entertainment Team would have mats, towels and bottled waters set up for participants. Staff would also bring out fresh juice at the end of each class. Classes were well attended , particularly the 7:15a class, with attendance ranging from 2-12 people. Once, I had no students at the later class ... this was no big deal, my day just started 45-minutes earlier than usual. The average age of participants was around 55yrs and a more gentle style of yoga was very much appreciated ... several students shared that it was their first yoga class ever. My “work” day would conclude at 9am ... my husband (who attended all of my classes!) and I would have breakfast then lounge at the pool or go on an excursion. The final 7:15a class of my teaching vacation was completely full and many of the students (who were from all over the world) told me that they felt such great benefits from their yoga practice at the resort that they would continue practicing once they returned home. During our time at the resort, we went jet skiing, paddle boarding (my husband only), went into Coco Beach to shop, and visited the rain forest and a waterfall. The food at the resort was outstanding (however, I am vegan and wish there had been a few more options specified on the menus ... rather than having to constantly explain that I did not want meat/fish etc. with my meal ). We stayed an additional night at the resort and upgraded our room to one with a view of the bay ... UNBELIEVABLY GORGEOUS!!! My only slight issue was that the toilet door was frosted, basically-see-through glass which offered no privacy ... this was the case in both of our rooms. The entire staff was kind and extraordinarily helpful! We will definitely be returning to Secrets Papagayo!!
Rebecca, Sun Prairie, WI
Mar 2nd, 2020 1:24:36pm
Taught 2 classes per day, 2-6 people per class. Participants varied in age and experience from never done yoga to hard core yogis. The later of the 2 classes was held at various spots due to the resort being set-up for other events. It was loud and sometimes a lot of bugs, so it was less well attended. The ET staff were outstanding - set-up mats, towels & water for ever class. Brought beverages at the the end of class and cleaned up! I did get more bug bites than tan lines, which was the only down side!
Patti Jo, Wisconsin
Dec 11th, 2019 2:36:46pm
Yoga classes were perfect. First class was taught from 7:15 am - 8 am on the "quiet" side near the spa/fitness center/pool. Class size was anywhere from 2 - 6 people. This space offered a quiet shaded area for a morning practice. Yoga Mats, towels were available from the fitness center The second class was taught on the other side of the resort, Main Garden, under the Malinche tree (flowering orange tree) which was absolutely amazing. This location was on grass and offered another great view and breeze. Staff provided yoga mats / towels. Class size was 2-6 people. The staff was absolutely amazing. No need for music in this natural setting. Teaching outside allowed us to connect to nature and simply listen to her song.
Jordan, Boston MA
Dec 5th, 2019 3:03:45pm
Although I didn't have any students for a couple classes, I usually had at least 2 people and once as many as 7. In general, my classes were attended by a mix of new and experienced yogis, ranging from honeymooners to second honeymooners in age! It was a gorgeous place to practice with an unbelievably on-top-of-things entertainment staff. I couldn't have loved it more!
Davida - Washington State
Sep 6th, 2019 2:22:03pm
Two Yoga classes, back to back, 45 min each. First class avg 3, second class avg 5 . They did a great job of having it posted on the board on Sunday and used the flyer for the Sundial for both classes. The best posting I have had in 5 trips!I met participants at the location indicated on the sundial, if we changed it the entertainment team was great at redirecting.
Jessica, Memphis, TN
Aug 9th, 2019 3:14:46pm
I really loved all the classes, even just the one-on-one, it was like a private yoga session for him and I was able to tailor the class to meet his specific needs. I am beyond grateful for this experience.
Jul 8th, 2019 11:09:13am
Had a great stay the first two weeks of June. It was HOT! A bit of rain each day as it’s the rainy season...scheduled to teach 7:15 am outside at the quiet pool deck (which was relocated to the Amphitheater the first week due to the unpredictable weather) and 8:30 am inside the amphitheater - inside they play a soft music, and it is air conditioned. Staff will bring mats and towels for you and most days a nice wet towel and a blended fruit smoothie at the end of class!!! Attendance was 2-10 (a few no-shows but I did teach at least once every day) The Entertainment Team and their manager Christian are all very nice and friendly. Rooms are mainly bungalows and we were in a great location. We upgraded ($$) our first week but actually liked our second room better!!! Lots of cats, raccoons and skunks all over the resort - didn’t see the monkeys. Bring bug spray as I was eaten alive especially right after the torrential rain we had for our first two full days!
Lynn S.
Feb 18th, 2019 3:38:53pm
I spent a week here last January and then two weeks this January. I don't usually go back to the same resort (because there are so many places to try) but being here two weeks enabled us to travel on my off Sunday, which was wonderful. We also flew in a day early so we could also travel - Costa Rica is a beautiful country to visit. As for the resort, it is hilly but being a fitness professional, I loved it. Worked out in the morning, and then taught yoga at 8:15 - 10 - 15 people a day. After that, there is a 9:30 water yoga class..that is not as well attended. 1 - 2 people per day. It is held at their quiet pool, and most of the people there do not want to get in the pool. A couple of days we did a stretch class on the pool deck instead of in the pool. Everyone seemed very happy with the classes. As for the entertainment staff...Katherin, Carlos - they are excellent to work with. Whomever is working on Sunday when you check in, knows exactly who you are and tells you your schedule, Love this e-team and I supported them by taking their water aerobics class and Spanish every day. We loved everyone that worked at the property, the food is great and the staff can not do enough to help you in anyway. If you have a chance to head to the rain forest, definitely take advantage. We also rented a car one afternoon and went to Timarindo Beach, a great surfing community and beautiful beach area. Thank you Fit Bodies for another wonderful trip.
Feb 8th, 2019 11:33:14am
I often 'worry' about what room they will give me, knowing it will be 'the worst room available' (from places with NO bad rooms!) but we were SO happy with the King bungalow, high on the hill, with the ocean view! (Some guests wouldn't like it - too far and too many steps/hills)! The service of ALL the staff was incredible. The entire E-Team were fantastic. And, the place was very beautiful! We will go back! Thanks Fitbodies!
Rachel Roberts
Dec 29th, 2018 4:21:50pm
Here are the things I wanted to know before we booked this trip so I will share them here in case it helps anyone else plan their trip. 1. Airport is 20-30 minutes away, taxis are plentiful and will cost you $50 per cab each way. 2. There is nothing walking distance from the resort, so you will either need a rental car, or to hire taxis if you choose to explore on your own. Rental cars in Costa requires you buy costa insurance, which for us was in addition to the insurance coverage package we booked on expedia and doubled our car price. 3. Nearest surfing is about a 2-hour drive south (Tamarindo) 4. Closest town to the resort is Coco Beach, which is about a 10-15 minute taxi ride ($20 each way) Here you can shop, buy souvenirs etc, and enjoy local food while watching the sun set. 5. We found that we were super happy to stay at the resort all day. There are two beaches, one side is way more chill and the other has all the activities, but even so, this isn’t like Cancun, or Montego Bay or Punta Cana, its much more tranquil here. 6. We booked one excursion - the sunset cruise. It was fantastic, a beautiful boat which they actually sailed on the return trip. This was $95 pp, and fits well with your teaching schedule. Most of the other excursions are full day and leave early, so book an extra day or two if you want to do those. 7. This was my favorite resort so far for teaching yoga - people here seemed to skew a bit older and more into mindfulness practices. 8:15a classes were really well attended 10-20ppl. 9:30 Aqua Yoga was hit or miss, 0-4ppl. Would be a good resort for a yoga retreat week. Hope these tips help - we loved our time here and cannot say enough good about the staff all around, especially the entertainment team who were exceptional. We will return.
Pam, Texas
Dec 11th, 2018 10:24:50am
I taught a daily yoga class at 8:15 a.m., I taught one day on the beach but it was not ideal due to the intensity of the sun and no shade. The sun is up at 5:30 a.m. so by 8:15 a.m. it is hot. The other days were on the lawn overlooking the beach. It was level, shaded, some days there was music from a guy who was playing nearby. I didn't use music as there was some distraction already with guests and we could hear the ocean waves which was a nice touch. I had 5-8 participants everyday. Most people had never done yoga or had a limited amount of yoga practice. I had one lady from England who came every day. I also taught a 9:30 a.m. Aqua Yoga. I only had participants on two days and only 2 & 3 on each day. It's not well promoted at the resort and there is Water Aerobics everyday at the main pool. The pool is beautiful to teach Aqua Yoga and the setting is quiet.I loved this resort. The entertainment team was enthusiastic, so kind to us and brought all of the yoga students a smoothie at the end of class. The staff in general at the resort was so kind. I would go back tomorrow. This was one of the best vacations I have ever been on and we have traveled a lot. The rooms, food, grounds and facilities are outstanding.
Darcie from St Louis
Jun 22nd, 2018 12:02:15pm
The location was nice. Live jazz music most mornings added to the atmosphere. There was ample shade, but some sunny spots for those who preferred. The wzter nearby have a relaxing vibe, the birds serenaded us. Second week of June is very very slow. Twice for early yoga no one showed, and other days 1-5 participants. Aqua yoga was held every day with 4-8 participants.
Kathryn Krispin
May 3rd, 2018 12:48:41pm
Secrets Papagayo is my favorite place, so far. It is a bit smaller, more boutique-like. The staff was amazing. The Costa Rican people are just so lovely. Amazing. I will be booking there again!
Bayli Vandelanotte
May 3rd, 2018 12:34:17pm
The entire staff at Secrets Papayago far exceeded our expectations. Everyone was so incredibly friendly, helpful and kind. We got to know several of the staff and learned that many are working to teach themselves English to excel at their job even further. All of the staff have an incredible knowledge of their country and history, it was interesting listening to all of the information we were provided. We could not have wished for a better experience and are so grateful to have stayed at Secrets Papayago! We are also so appreciative to the Fit Bodies Inc. staff for all of their hard work in coordinating the trip, transfer, etc. to ensure we had a pleasant time. The customer service for Fit Bodies Inc. is impeccable and we continue to be impressed by what a well run organization this is. Thank you for making experiences like this a reality for instructors like myself! We are grateful from the bottom of our hearts!! Thank you! :)
Mar 24th, 2018 6:46:12am
I just spent two weeks at Secrets Papagayo and I can tell you that if you are thinking about booking, DO IT NOW! It is a fabulous resort. I have traveled to many Secrets resorts and have enjoyed every one of them: the food, the rooms, the entertainment teams etc. Papagayo has all of that and more. The hotel is located on Guanacaste Bay and the rooms are scattered on a bluff overlooking. Monkeys and birds abound. The teaching schedule was 8:15- 9 yoga and 9:15- 10 Pilates. The yoga classes were well attended and I taught under a big tree on the grass. Most days we were serenaded by a guitarist or a sax player . At about 9 AM, the entertainment team would bring out smoothies for the class. They have a new entertainment manager (Christian) who couldn't have been nicer. During the two weeks we were there , he arranged for the resort to have more entertainment and activities. Our last nights there, were so jam packed with music , food and entertainment choices, it made us want to rebook immediately. We were able to tour the area easily. We got to horseback ride, swim under a waterfall and hike to a volcano. We also were able to visit thermal springs and paint ourselves with volcanic mud. We did a lazy river ride. The best moment however, was getting to meet and hold the sloths....so cool for a New York City girl
Lynn S
Feb 4th, 2018 7:50:04pm
Loved this resort..and Costa Rica. Marilyn is no longer the contact, it's Christian. The E team is fantastic, one of the best I have worked with. Yoga was at 8:15 every day, I had between 10 and 15 people daily. At the end of each class, the e team would bring over a smoothie to the participants. I left at the end of class and walked over to the spa pool to teach aqua yoga...attendance varied from 0 - 3 pp each day...but it's a great venue and the E team wants to offer something at that time. I will be back to this resort...thank you Fit Bodies for the great opportunity!
Jules Cahill
Nov 15th, 2017 2:55:23pm
Let me start be saying that this was my 1st teaching vacation & overall it was so FABULOUS! I will absolutely do this again! Everyone at the resort was super friendly. Staff & guests. The ET team leaves it up to you where you want to teach the 8:15 yoga class. I chose the beach for the great breeze - except 1 morning the beach was very messy from being raked, we moved it to the grass area &it was super HOT without the breeze.This is a beautiful report & very low key.
Rachelle A
Jul 10th, 2017 9:34:03am
The resort had me assigned to teach two classes--8 a.m. General Yoga and 9:30 Aqua Yoga. The first day, nobody came to the 8 a.m. class. I spent time on Monday talking to people about the class and drumming up interest. The rest of the week I had from 4-8 people in my class. The 9:30 Aqua Yoga never had a participant, though I went every day, asked the visitors to this pool, and did some water yoga with a friend. The water yoga was held at the spa pool, which tends to be super quiet and people kind of keep to themselves. I highly recommend this resort. All Secrets I've been to have had friendly staff members, but this resort had the most helpful, friendly Entertainment staff I've met. At the request of the Entertainment director, I did a yoga class for his staff. They were so appreciative and thankful! It warmed my heart to give them some love and caring in return for all they do to make guest feel comfortable. I may include such an offering in my future vacations.
Tammy J
May 31st, 2017 10:38:32am
I thought 8 am - 845 am yoga everyday on the beach and it varied from 3 people to about 12. I also taught 930 am - 10 am Aqua yoga at the small spa pool and each one of those classes at around three or four people.This resort was amazing. It was beautiful and well maintained throughout. The black sand beach was packed firm sand and the easy to walk on, even in your shoes. The ocean water was as calm as a swimming pool and a delight to swim ib at any time of the day. It rainrd every afternoon but we expected that since it was the rainy season and it just added to the experience. They have umbrellas for you everywhere and you can either walk the resort or they have little shuttles that take you where you want to go because the resort is very spread out and hilly. We rented a car also, which was fairly easy to do at the Liberia Airport. (Do your research though, purchasing insurance is mandatory!) Most of the excursions left before my classes ended, so it was fun to have a car and drive around the city and down south to the nice surfing beaches like Tamarindo. However, if you'd rather stay at the resort, there are so many things to do and you will definitely be entertained all day!

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