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Colleen Parker, Vermontville, NY
Jan 27th, 2020 7:32:37pm
Day 1, sail away, I taught one 6pm class. The Class followed the sail away party so guests were already on deck and dancing. People were not specifically out for Zumba but I put on my music anyway and an average of 5 people joined me. Some had cocktails in hand and were wearing flip flops (so not really there to exercise!) but all had a great time! I always refer to Zumba as “exercise in disguise”. Day 2 (docked at Bahamas) I was scheduled for 9 am and 6 pm classes. Nobody came to 9am. I was required to wait for 15 min then free to go. Very few people on deck at 9 am bc all had gone ashore. For 6pm class folks were back on deck mingling near pool. Again they were not specifically there for zumba class per se but once I put on music they joined in and followed my lead. Again 3-5 people. I did 3 back to back cruises. The first Cruise was full (holiday weekend) but the 2nd and 3rd were only 1/4 full, So very low key and relaxing!! Entertainment on ship was great!! and crew was fabulous!!! I felt like part of the family! Zumba Class was held on deck by pool. Ship has a great fitness studio but the music would have disturbed spa guests so zumba was held on pool deck. I brought my own music (of course) and plugged into ship sound system each class. Crew AV person or DJ Was available to help me connect to sound system.

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Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line