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Hyatt Ziva Riviera Cancun

Family Resort

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Jul 4th, 2022 1:17:08pm
The hotel and entertainment staff all worked really hard to accommodate guests with their questions and requests. The entertainment and activities were really fun and engaging. All the entertainment team were very experienced at what they taught, made it very fun and encouraged everyone to join in. There were numerous activities for all ages everyday. This is my very first teaching vacation. It was an amazing experience to teach Yoga at a beautiful resort by the ocean. The Fit Bodies team made this whole booking to traveling process very simple. All the details were looked after. Thank you very much!
Jun 12th, 2022 12:09:59am
Resort provided a bluetooth speaker I connected to my iphone for Zumba classes in the gazebo. Wonderful team to work with and I felt appreciated. Very enjoyable!
May 31st, 2022 10:40:08pm
I am so thankful for Fit Bodies and the chance to teach on vacation! This is a wonderful organization. The response from the the team is always quick and clear. I'd love to work within it!!! Thank you! -Laurie
May 27th, 2022 3:56:35pm
Taught Yoga at this resort from May 14 to 21, 2022. Had a fantastic time with my family including my mother as a 4th person. All the restaurants and food options were fantastic and abundant. The room was spacious and comfortable for 4 people. We had a room at ground level facing the lush garden, it was very nice to have extra space. All the hotel staff and entertainment staff were fantastic and friendly. The entertainment staff were all very engaging, enthusiastic and very experienced with the activities they taught. They made it very fun for everyone. There were activities everyday for all ages at 1 pm and nightly entertainment outside at 8:30 pm for all ages. The waterslides were closed for maintenance work which was delayed longer than expected. Yoga was taught at the Gazebo right by the ocean at the beach. It was the most beautiful place to practice with the ocean breeze and sounds of the waves. Classes ranged from 1 to 9 people.
May 16th, 2022 12:37:26pm
Hotel staff was GREAT, especially Zairy and Jorge. They made me feel so welcome! I was REALLY glad they asked me to teach at the main pool, I had 50 guests by my last class and they had such a blast! Even though I had never taught Aquabike or Aquafit it was incredibly easy and enjoyable. They only asked me to teach one 40 minute class a day - such a great deal! That way I could participate in the other many classes/activities they had, like trampoline class, volleyball, etc. They were very understanding about my delay (son got COVID) and even gave me Friday off! I loved this vacation and this crew and would DEFINITELY do it again. This was my 4th teaching vacation and best one yet! I really love Suzelle and just think this program is fantastic. My kids were so appreciative that we were able to take advantage of this program and have such a wonderful, relaxing, and full week’s vacation. Thank you FitBodies!!
May 6th, 2022 12:41:15pm
I cannot say enough great things about the staff and entertainment team at Hyatt Ziva Riviera Cancun. They go above and beyond to make guests have an amazing vacation. I was blown away by everyone’s efforts and the ease of communication with everyone! This experience exceeded all of my expectations. Everything was smooth from beginning to end and my family had a fabulous vacation. We cannot wait for our next teaching vacation!! Everything was very smooth. Taught yoga in the gazebo by the beach 3 days, but the other days it was windy so I taught in a covered area near the main building. I walk around introducing myself to guests and inviting them to class but the resort and E-Team also helped promote class throughout the resort. I would teach here again in a heartbeat!
May 2nd, 2022 2:53:26pm
Teaching Zumba in the gazebo on the beach is great. So great! I took my phone and small but mighty bluetooth speaker. Amazing! Love my students, the food, the staff. The staff do an amazing job promoting my classes. From verbal to on the TV screens and activity boards. I love telling guests why I am at the resort and inviting them to class. Fit Bodies - booking is easy, thank you! It is clear what dates and resorts are open to book. Love traveling with this program and this resort is amazing. I'll book again soon!
Apr 5th, 2022 1:36:38pm
I taught Zumba in the cabana on the beach. For music, I used my cell phone to a bluetooth speaker. My class was promoted on the printed activities schedule, The Entertainment team walked around and invited guests to join, also promoted to guests on the Smart TV. Can't wait to book again with 3-6 months! Loved everyone from the entertainment staff. Alex, Gabriela, Freiya, and Jorge were always in a good mood and did their best to accommodate me every day! Great resort with excellent food! Entertainment team did a great job promoting my classes throughout the week. The cabana on the beach was beautiful and easy to teach at with a nice breeze coming from the ocean. Highly recommend teaching here! Alex from the Entertainment team gave me all the info I needed.
Stacey Byrne
Mar 26th, 2022 9:36:09am
Hyatt Ziva is a charming family resort. I taught one yoga class daily at 9:30 with only 2-5 guests on the gazebo overlooking the beautiful ocean. The breeze made for lovely music. The resort occupancy was only at 25%. The entertainment staff did not promote the class. They were hard to find in the morning. The resort is good for families with a water park. There are not many activities at night. It was a very relaxing trip. Also - don't confuse this resort with the Hyatt Cancun. We accidently went there and had to take a taxi to Riviera (as did two other couples we met). Food was very good. Rooms are big. Resort is small. Beach is pretty and maintained in front of the resort. Surrounding beaches need help.
Bambi Walters
Nov 22nd, 2021 7:01:35am
The teaching studio is one of the most amazing features at the Hyatt Z. It's a fully covered gazebo overlooking the ocean and the sun rises off the edge. The activities staff - Zairy, Romero (Rambo), Ignacio (Nacho), Andrea (Andy), Jesus and Alejandro - deserve 10 stars for their enthusiasm and help. They bring the yoga mats and/or towels to the gazebo each morning and help clean up at the end of class. The resort had a Bose Bluetooth speaker that they also use on the gazebo for Zumba and dance lessons; however, I brought my own just in case. The sound of the ocean is so relaxing that it would also be fine to teach class without music. Classes were held every day at 9:30am (only one class daily), but check with the staff on arrival as the time might change to earlier and their might be a second class added if higher occupancy as the gazebo can accommodate up to about 12-13 guests. When I traveled the hotel, it was newly opened (their were still staff walking around with shirts that said "Opening Staff"). Zairy explained that they were still in the process of getting their marine equipment - kayaks, SUPs, etc. The hotel beside Hyatt Z, Azul, had marine equipment that we could rent $10/per person for the whole week. Hyatt Z has a gated children's water park for smaller children, four water slides (for larger children and adults), and covered/shaded chairs in the pool overlooking the ocean and a kids club - many families raves about these amenities and having plenty of things to do with their children. The variety of restaurants is nice too - French (adults only, chocolate fondant dessert was great), Italian, Japanese (with a hibachi grill, requires reservations), Mexican, Mediterranean, a steakhouse and a seafood restaurant. We were able to upgrade our room on arrival to an ocean view, and it was totally worth it. The default room would have been in front of the children's water park with not much of an ocean view. During this trip, I also learned that they have Uber's that service Hyatt Z during main hours (not available for an early or late flight). It is a lot cheaper to use an Uber and you don't have to negotiate rates. I used Uber to go to Playa Del Carmen for a shopping trip and it was $22 USD each way. I am giving this resort 5 stars because of the fabulous staff, the gazebo studio, the amenities (some of them to come soon, like the kayaks) and the one class to teach (so lots of vacation time).

Hyatt Ziva Riviera Cancun