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FitnessProTravel.com is home of the Fit Bodies, Inc. Teaching Vacation Program.  Want to learn how you can be chosen to represent Fit Bodies, Inc. as a teaching professional and enjoy a luxury vacation at the same time? Here’s an overview and instructions for currently certified and experienced group exercise, yoga, Pilates, Zumba®, tennis, golf professionals who want to teach and vacation at luxury resorts in exotic destinations outside of the U.S.


1. Create account


-Who are you and what do you teach? Treat the account process like a resume or interview for any other teaching gig. We use this info to qualify you for YOUR teaching specialty. After completing the account you can immediately login to further edit and enhance the fitness related info provided to us. A Fit Bodies, Inc. representative will review your profile which must include a photo and details on your professional experience.  Upload current certifications directly onto your account or email or fax them to us for activation purposes.


Let’s talk about Premium Memberships


Your Basic account is free and allows complete access to view booking availability. All resorts and resort availability can be viewed with a Basic account. BASIC account offers very limited booking availability compared to TRAVEL ($67 annually) Premium Membership offering complete booking access to everything on FitnessProTravel.com and no further upgrading is every required for better booking availability.


Further Premium upgrade options are available. Medallion and Enterprise memberships are ideal for those who want discounts on all bookings, early booking access, and the use of affiliate programming to advertising opportunities on this site. Business owners marketing to fitness professionals may consider further upgrading to utilize those benefits. Enterprise and Medallion members receive first notice of new travel positions and can book dates prior to their availability to Basic and Travel members. Compare all four levels of membership during the account creation process or anytime thereafter.


2. Use FitnessProTravel.com to select and secure teaching vacation positions


Login and begin checking out real time booking availability to all the resort positions your account qualifies you to book. You will select the week and resort position you wish to teach and place the session into your shopping cart. Click Continue Shopping if you wish to travel more than one week.  Complete through check out and an email from service@fitnessprotravel.com will review the instructions to retrieve your check in voucher once your order is confirmed. An email with ground transportation and travel insurance info will also be sent.


How to Search once your Account is complete


Account holders login on FitnessProTravel.com and Click Book A Trip to use search box on the left side. “Search Travel Opportunities” offers a number of drop-downs and search options from date to resort to type of teaching specialty. A wonderful feature is “Advanced Search” to further filter the search.  For each and every resort, there is a “Travel Spots” page which details on specific items such as ground transportation options to teaching schedule and any other considerations specific to a property.


Your Fit Bodies, Inc. Concierge Team


Fit Bodies, Inc. is committed to excellent customer service. We are not a website-based company, we are an office of guys and gals who are committed to offering resort guests the best instructors and making sure instructors have wonderful vacation time at the best resort locations.  Suzelle, Denise, Erica and Lisa are available to assist you. As you cruise through resort locations on our website and questions come to mind, you will be prompted who is the best person to contact. Look at Admin fees, teaching schedules, ground transportation and gift/equipment fund details for each resort on the Book a Trip page.


What are the fees to take a teaching vacation?


  • The Admin Fee is the booking fee for each week, or session, of travel. Multiple weeks can be booked. Included with the admin is an adult guest, and most family resorts also have two children 12 or younger provided.  Note: 4 people max per room at all resorts and none will allow 4 adults in one room.  Check descriptions on each resort as some consider children 16 or 17 years old. Admin fee covers instructor and included companions, resort accommodations along with the all-inclusive dining, entertainment, activities and unlimited spirits.  
  • Gift/Equipment Fund.  When Fit Bodies, Inc. began it was discovered resorts did not have budgets for essential fitness and sports items for instructors and guests to use.  Since then, the equipment funds provide much needed items from entertainment products, too, and holiday celebration materials. It’s an important aspect of our program to thank the Entertainment teams for their hospitality while hosting the instructor. Each resort’s “Book a Trip” page outlines the specific gift fund criteria.
  • Guest instructors are always responsible for their own flights and also their own ground transportation minus the resorts providing complimentary transfer to and from the nearest airport.
  • Medallion and Enterprise Members have discounts on all bookings and the discounted prices are automatically displayed for those members, with no discount codes necessary at check out for member savings.


  I’m booked. Now what?!


Whether you booked next week or next year there is a lot to be excited about!  Your travel time will be here before you know it. Your order confirmation email will give you instructions to communicate with your Fit Bodies resort concierge so your reservation is perfect and you’ll receive ground transportation and travel insurance information.  Your Fit Bodies concierge will communicate with you prior to traveling so you are totally prepared to teach and market your classes to the resort guests of the luxury resort destination you have selected.


If you need extra nights or additional guests on your teaching vacation reservation make sure your concierge knows. We do our best to ensure your reservation is perfect and offer you the best prices for more rooms or nights on your teaching vacation reservation. Often teaching instructors book additional nights to enjoy the resort and destination further.


Will you contact me when a teaching vacation opportunity exists?


NO.... FitnessProTravel.com is designed to allow approved users of the program access to view availability and book teaching vacations 24/7 online. Regular emails go out pertaining to program news from new resorts, positions and special booking opportunities.


Is this A Job?


No, but it is a vacation with an obligation. Fit Bodies, Inc. is a human resource agency placing fitness, yoga and sports professionals at resort facilities for a teaching vacation.  Resorts contract us to send certified, educated fitness and other specialized professionals to teach and train at these facilities as independent contractors with Fit Bodies, Inc. In exchange for teaching to guests, accommodations and amenities are offered.  Teaching obligations are typically two hours or less on all non-travel days. FitnessProTravel.com is home of the Fit Bodies, Inc. teaching vacation program.



Instructors who book their first teaching vacation continue to book time and time again! We welcome you to the largest teaching vacation organization in the world!