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Your Vacation is almost here! Now you need to get from the airport to your resort, and Fit Bodies is here to help you with that, too.

We want to ensure you can easily gain information about transportation to and from your chosen resort. Make sure to read all the way through the page to assist you and answer many of our most frequently asked questions about transfers.

Frequently Asked Transfer Questions: 

  • Do I need my flight information to book a transfer? Yes, you should have all flight information ready to share (including for companions) when you book transfers.

  • Are the transfer prices one way or round trip?  All transfer pricing is round trip.

  • When should I book transfers? Transfers can be booked once your trip is confirmed. Please do not book transfers before you receive the booking confirmation email from us. To ensure a smooth process, please book transfers at least 1 week before your trip and up to 72-hours before your trip. Within 72 hours of your trip, Fit Bodies may not be able to process and confirm your transfer, and you should seek alternative options. In addition, it is best to book your transfers at 6 months (to 1 week) before your trip.

  • What happens if I am traveling to multiple resorts? In this instance, email [email protected] for transfer options and pricing.

  • What happens if I only need a one-way transfer? We are happy to help! Please email [email protected] for pricing and booking options.

  • What if my companion is arriving or departing on different flights? It is important to note that you, the Pro, should arrive at the resort with or before your companion, as the room reservation is in your name. Regarding transfers, if you and your companion are not traveling together, you will need to arrange separate transfers. We do this to account for potential flight delays or cancellations.

  • I see some transfers require a minimum of two passengers per order. What does this mean? Due to travel distance, some resort transfers require a minimum of two passengers per order. For these locations, we suggest arriving and departing on the same flights to avoid additional charges.

  • What if I am traveling to a property that includes transportation? The following resorts provide free transportation: Club Med, Couples, Sandals and Beaches.  The resorts ask that you complete your request for transportation at least 8 weeks prior to arrival. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

  • Are the shared transfers non-stop? Shared transfers are not guaranteed to be non-stop. You may stop at other resorts enroute to your destination. Private transfers are non-stop. 

  • Once I locate Amstar, will I be placed in a van right away? Amstar will do everything possible to get you on your way as quickly as possible. However, a delay is possible based on traffic or a variety of other reasons.

  • What happens if there are any issues with my transfer? In the rare event there are issues with your transfer, please email [email protected]. Fit Bodies is not responsible for any outcome offered by Amstar directly to you. 

Ready to book your transfers? Head over to the Pro Shop > Transfers & Lounges to secure your ground transportation.