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Fit Bodies, Inc Webinar Series

Welcome to the Travel Smart webinar series with Fit Bodies, Inc. Teaching Vacations! We had a great conversation with the Fit Bodies team and 2 recent Fit Bodies travelers on a teaching vacation.

❇️ Learn must-know-tips for first-time travelers

❇️ Find out where to begin and how to bring a teaching vacation (and your companions on vacation) soon!

❇️ Learn answers to frequently asked questions & LIVE Q and A from the chat

❇️ Updates and inside details on resorts

❇️ Learn more about our FREE app, travel insurance, CEC updates, retreats and more!!

❇️ Q & A with you and fellow Fit Bodies pros

❇️ Find amazing and low-cost flight options!

❇️ Learn how to be on the lookout to make the most of your travel points and credit card perks

❇️ Find amazing and low-cost flight options!

❇️ Learn from retreat experts about planning your own fitness or yoga retreat

❇️ Hear how you can utilize a teaching vacation as the basis for a retreat

❇️ Access the tools to help you plan your retreat or event, now or in the future!

Download the worksheet from this webinar here.

❇️ Learn how to shoot pictures and videos like a pro

❇️ Create reels and tik toks with ease

❇️ How to post pictures and content that resonate with your audience

❇️ Learn how and why you can take your teaching on vacation!

❇️ Learn how to search the fitnessprotravel.com website to find the best teaching vacation spots for you and your companion(s)

❇️ Learn how a teaching vacation can have you saving thousands of dollars and enjoying the luxurious life as soon as next weekend!

❇️ Learn how and where to think outside the "gym" box to create new revenue

❇️ Instructors, trainers and coaches have the potential to make millions working directly with clients

❇️ There are robust opportunities to create profitable fitness/health/wellness-based businesses when you apply the right strategies

❇️ Have a vacation booked and want some tips

❇️ Are interested in becoming a group fitness instructor or a Zumba/Strong Nation instructor

❇️ Want to just come and chat with your friends Suzelle from Fit Bodies, Inc, ZES/MT Kelly Bullard, and MT Kristi Radakovic!

❇️ Learn from 3 industry veterans from the Corefirst team who have been teaching and training clients with over 70 years combined experience

❇️ Hear from the CEO of Corefirst how we can teach and train our clients to move safely from the Core....first.

❇️ Why we are opening up more small group personal training sessions and working with Corefirst to get resort guests moving

❇️ How Fitness & Yoga are the frontline of medicine

❇️ How these modalities fit into the medical care continuum

❇️ How you as a fitness or yoga professional can be a part of this!

❇️ Hear about low-cost and high-quality certification options

❇️ Learn more about CEC options

❇️ Learn how Fit Bodies provides free CECs with a teaching vacation

❇️ You want to learn how to build and maximize your brand on social media

❇️ You want to pick up some new tips to refresh your social media presence

❇️ Come chat and learn with your friends at Fit Bodies

❇️ You're interested to hear what Fit Bodies opportunities are coming your way in 2022

❇️ Want to learn about new partnerships and tools we are building for you

❇️ Want to pick up some new tips to find the perfect teaching vacation spot for you