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Review the membership options available to you.  Join the community and uprgade at any time.
(a Travel membership will gain you access to all teaching vacation opportunities)

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Fit Pro Community Acount
Booking Teaching Vacations

View and Book Travel Opportunities

Your account will be able to view and book Teaching Vacation opportunities specific to the sport or fitness specialty you have been approved for by Fit Bodies.

Book Teaching Vacations- a teaching vacation that enables you to save about 80% on an all-inclusive vacation for you and your companions!

  • Basic - limited to 4 weeks in advance
  • Travel - book dates up to 13 months in advance
  • Medallion & Enterprise - access available dates up to 17 months in advance.
Booking & Merch Fee Discounts

Booking Auto Discounts

Booking and most Merchandise fees are automatically reduced with certain membership types. Frequent travelers or fitness business professionals will find this an item of interest as they are provided automatic discount as a benefit of investing of themselves to the community.

Auto 7% Off
Auto 7% Off
Auto-Renew Membership Fee Discount

Auto-Renewal Membership Discount

Your commitment to the community is appreciated.  As you may have noticed when toggling options, auto renew membership provides a great discount compared to the membership manual renew option.

*a notice is sent prior to auto renewal

Save 48%
Save 20%
Save 35%
Save 25%
Fit Bodies Travel Premiums
Free CECs

Free Continuing Education Credits

Details to be added.  Feel free to contact us with any questions in the mean time.

Travel Change Fees

Change Fees

Changes to booked travel arrangements prior to 90 days are charged $250.  We encourage you to purchase Trip Insurance.

Mobile App

Fit Pro Travel Mobile App

Download and use of the Fit Pro Travel Mobile App.  The app is required for all professionals utilizing the Fit Bodies Inc teaching vacation program.  Download from the appropriate app store for your carrier and login with the same credentials as your account here in the website.

  • Review resorts and favorite,
  • View past, future, and upcoming trips, 
  • Check-in with FitBodies when arriving at your resort,
  • Receive important notifications
  • Access mobile only discounts (Travel, Medallion, Enterprise Accounts)
Front of Line New Locations

First Access New Opportunities

TRAVEL, MEDALLION, and ENTERPRISE are all considered Premium VIP members, but each of those premium memberships have graduated levels of benefit.

When it comes to new locations or positions being added to our offerings, we attempt to ensure that the availability of first access is provided to our highest level VIP's first. Select one of our highest membership opportunities and enjoy front of line service!

Early Resort Booking ACCESS

First Access Booking

Front of Line service!  The highest premium memberships, MEDALLION and ENTERPRISE, are offered first shot at date availabilities as new resort location opportunities become available.  A notice is sent at least 24 hours in advance, before community wide notice is made.

You'll also quickly notice that the furthest out dates are set available to specific membership types only. This gives our ENTERPRISE and MEDALLION members first shot at holiday dates, spring break, and dates that are special to you.

TRAVEL memberships can access dates 13 months out and BASIC memberships can access 4 weeks out, but furthest possible access is always available to Medallion and Enterprise members.

Club MoBay Free Access

Club MoBay Access
All members have access to purchase this service when traveling to Montego Bay, but we cover the expense for our ENTERPRISE members.

Enhanced Fitness Community Networking
Access our FaceBook Group

Join us on FaceBook

Access to our facebook group to connect to thousands of pros traveling with Fit Bodies even when outside the Fitness Pro Travel community site.

FitPro Networking Max Search Results

Networking Power

Search our database of thousands of fitness industry only professionals and message them directly within the community. (personal contact information not given). The quantity of results differ depending upon you membership type. With multiple fitness professionals in every state, every province, and other countries including the "other side of the pond" there is great diversity and strength for your professional networking benefit.

Status Updates & Comments

Status Updates

The COMMUNITY page contains the running ACTIVITY STREAM. Members can comment or question in 180 characters or less, to other members who pass through that page.

Primarily a member to member communication tool that can be fun and informative. Be sure to check this page regularly.

Your Promotions, Marketing, and Sharing
Submit Fitness Events to Calendar

Post to Event Calendar

The Fitness Pro Travel community is made up of thousands of fitness and sport professionals. If you are hosting, presenting, or attending an event that is targeted to this group of professionals you'll find no better location to promote the opportunity.

These events are shared both inside and outside of the FPT community. That's a huge reach and great benefit to your membership if you are interesting in sharing educational or activity based events for the professional or enthusiast.

Team-Promotional Coupon*

Team Lead or Event Promotional - Give A Way

Specific to our Enterprise members, this benefit allows you the following of your choice:

    • *Provide as event give-a-way a $350 voucher to a qualifying (FPT member/new member with approved specialty skills) once per year.
    • *Provide up to 4 designated team members the opportunity for a complimentary TRAVEL membership.  (when notified we will handle upgrade via site admin).
    • *Provide up to 8 designated team members a portion, $50 discount for their account membership upgrade. (contact us to have your specific discount codes generated for your team).

Run your own promotion for your employees. Offer a door prize at the next workshop you provide. Offer as an incentive to join your newsletter... The opportunities are there for you to offer a goodwill gesture and incentive in your own promotion.

Tie it all together with your Travel Rewards Affiliate benefits and you'll likely have great return via this single membership benefit.

$350 Voucher
Newsletter Ad Space*

Promote in Our Newsletter

While our newsletter is kept very specific to travel opportunities and the community, we do provide ad space to ENTERPRISE members. This space provides you 2 graphic ads two different times throughout your annual membership or two paragraph text ads during that period, and of course OR one of each.

Simple, yet a valuable benefit at no additional expense for the ENTERPRISE member.

2 text or 2 img/yr
Rotating Ads within Community

Promote in Our Community

We offer ENTERPRISE members the opportunity to place up to two rotating ads within the community. Actually, these ads with their direct links to your product or service are rotated on certain pages accessible to those not logged into the community as well.

2 per mo
*Private Service Opportunities

Specialty Lead FitPro

Fit Bodies has additional contracts with some resorts and 3rd party individuals and organizations whom at times request the presence of a fitness professional for an affinity traveling group. We will begin the search through our thousands of registered fit pros in the order of account level commitment to the network.

Other Fit Pro Membership Discounts
Affiliate Referral Travel Rewards
Premium Account Referrals

New Account Referrals

Using your accounts "tell a friend" tool or your travel reward affiliate embedded link or number, colleagues & friends who come to Fitness Pro Travel for the first time and sign up for a Travel-Medallion-Enterprise account can earn you rewards. W e automatically track their membership purchase and provide the appropriate reward points to you.

(check out the affiliate Travel Reward section when logged in) 

How Does it Work?
Based on your own membership level and the selection of your qualifying referral, rewards will vary.

  1. Travel Members - Earn 8% of the dollar amount of your referral's membership purchase.  Multiplying that number by 100 will give you the points you will earn.

  2. Medallion Members - Earn 10% of the dollar amount of your referral's membership purchase.  Multiplying that number by 100 will give you the points you will earn.

  3. Enterprise Members - Earn 20% of the dollar amount of your referral's membership purchase.  Multiplying that number by 100 will give you the points you will earn.


Thank You
Earn 8%
Earn 10%
Earn 20%
Residual Future Travel of Referrals

Travel Referrals

If someone has followed your referral/affiliate link here and created an account, AND your account is Medallion or Enterprise you are allotted ongoing travel point reward benefit for the life of your referrals and the life of your account maintaining its membership standard.

How Does it Work?

  1. Medallion Members - Earn 1% of the dollar amount of your referral's Travel purchases.  Multiplying that number by 100 will give you the points you will earn.

  2. Enterprise Members - Earn 2% of the dollar amount of your referral's membership purchase.  Multiplying that number by 100 will give you the points you will earn.


Thank You
Thank You
Earn 1%
Earn 2%
Auto-Renew Membership Bonus

Auto-Renewal Travel Rewards Bonus

Automatic bonus Travel Reward points annually for your commitment shown by maintaining an auto-renew membership.  Bonus point drop occurs at time of account renewal.  An informational heads up notice will be sent prior to the auto renewal.

Thank You
Other Benefits from Our Fit Pro Partners