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Terms & Conditions


In these terms and condition

  • "Terms and Conditions" means the standard terms and conditions of purchase set out in this document and unless the context otherwise requires, includes any special terms and conditions agreed in writing between FitnessProTravel.com and the Customer.
  • "Customer" means the person who makes an order for the products provided by via the latter’s website.
  • "Products" means the products, services and sessions described in any order made via the website. A session is a one week teaching vacation period generally from Sunday to Sunday.
  • "User" means a person or company (resort) who accesses, browses or otherwise uses the Site.
  • "Affiliate" community member or third party reseller who is provided commission for their referrals to network membership, travel program, or related products services.
  • "Vendor" means any third party entity that uses this Site to sell their products, services, or provide advertising to outside programs.
  • "Partner" companies designated as partners provide products or services to network members for community enhancement or teaching vacation programming.
  • "Site" means the current live version of website as maintained on the world wide web at fitnessprotravel.com.
  • "Order" means an offer by a Customer to purchase any of the Products, memberships or services contained on the Site.
  • "Teaching Vacation" teaching exchange opportunities are brought to community members via the Fit Bodies, Inc. Travel Program. Members must be approved by Fit Bodies, Inc. for specialty qualifications prior to admittance to this program and are held to the specific terms & conditions of the Teaching Vacation Program detailed below.
  • "Network - Community" active account holders with fitnessprotravel.com make up this fitness industry professional network.
  • "Fitpro – Pro – Instructor" means a fitness professional who has an active account.
  • "Hospitality Setting" location utilized for a teaching vacation.  May include resort, ship or related vacation setting.
  •  "Change" as in a teaching vacation. Changing a week or location.  This can be done outside 90 days before travel.  Change fees apply.
  • "Cancel" as in teaching vacation.  Canceling a teaching vacation to book a different resort is considered a full cancellation - no rollover, no future credit.  All cancellation terms apply.


Fit Bodies, Inc. Travel Program Terms

All traveling professionals & their companions must review this information.
By purchasing a teaching vacation session you and your companions have agreed to these terms and conditions of Fit Bodies, Inc. and its affiliates.

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Fit Bodies, Inc. is a booking agency.  We have contracted with resorts to offer qualified, certified, educated, and currently teaching fitness and other specialized professionals to teach and train at resort facilities as independent contractors with Fit Bodies, Inc.

All Professionals acknowledge that they determine and control the methods, details, and means of their respective training, teaching, and other services, and that Fit Bodies, Inc. does not control, direct, or supervise the professionals in their performance of such services. Professionals also acknowledge they are in good physical condition and have no known high risk health issues (per government standards) to keep them from traveling to any of the destinations, or engaging in their services. Professionals also acknowledge they are in good physical condition and can and will effectively, safely, and energetically demonstrate full body weight exercises in all modalities including group fitness, Zumba, step, strong nation, personal training, pilates, yoga, tennis and pickleball.  Professionals may not be using medically prescribed orthopedic devices or DMA (durable medical equipment) while teaching or leisure time as an independent contractor at a resort.  Any professional using medically prescribed or DMA (durable medical equipment) must notify Fit Bodies, Inc. and will abide by change/cancellation policy. Instructors also acknowledge they have no known high risk health issues (per government standards) to keep them from traveling to any of the destinations or engaging in their services.

Professionals and their traveling companions, as a condition of this agreement, shall not discuss fees or costs with any resort personnel, or guests of the resort.

Administration Fee varies from one resort position to another and is based on a variety of factors.  The administration fee is a service fee charged by Fit Bodies, Inc. for services rendered including but not limited to, processing the booking, making the hotel reservation and complete follow-up with the pro and hotel prior to the teaching vacation.   All transactions are final upon receipt of fees.  Fit Bodies, Inc. professionals are considered by hotels as non-revenue guests and therefore should not expect the amenities of preferred club status.  All hotels acknowledge the preferred memberships differently.  

Gift Fund is added to the order as part of the administration fee.  

Memberships are a requirement for access to view availability and book teaching vacations based on specialties. The 30 day trial is free and after your trial, you need to choose a membership level. Basic membership is $19 and offers viewing capability for all resorts and availability. Travel membership is $95 and provides access to book any resort based on the qualifications of the pro.  Medallion and Enterprise memberships also offer early booking access and discounts. You may choose to put your membership on Auto-Renew and receive a discount on your membership. All purchased memberships are final sales, no refunds will be offered for any reason. 

If you choose the auto-renew membership, and wish to downgrade to a manual level membership at the time of your auto-renewal, please be aware of the following:
You were granted a discounted price at the time your auto-renewal membership was initiated. You have two options if you wish to downgrade your membership:
1) Downgrade your membership and pay the manual renewal membership annual fee PLUS the difference in the discount price of your auto-renew membership from the previous year. Example, Travel manual membership is $149, and auto-renew is $95. Your manual travel membership renewal price would be $149 + $54 USD for the year of the membership level change and due at the time of the change.

2) Choose not to renew your Fit Bodies membership. In the case you choose to cancel your membership, your account will be invoiced for the price difference from your previous year auto-renew membership and manual membership. Example, Travel level membership price difference is $54 USD. This would be due at the time of your cancellation request.

Social Media - Being on social is a requirement to be part of a Fit Bodies teaching vacation. You will be required to post on your personal Social Media pages including Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok; using the following tags and hashtags @resort you are staying @fitbodiesinc #TheResortYouAreStayingAt #Fitbodiesinc

1. 2 feed posts (excluding selfies) focusing on promoting the resort's fitness/wellness programming

2. 5 instagram stories capturing the essence of your experience at the resort


Waiver and Amendment  The failure of Fit Bodies, Inc. to enforce any provision hereof shall not constitute the permanent waiver of such provision.  Any addition, deletion, or modification to this Agreement shall not be binding on either party except by written amendment executed by an authorized representative of Fit Bodies, Inc.

Change and Cancellation

Fit Bodies, Inc. encourages booking pros to be confident in their travel selection. We highly recommend Travel Cancellation and/or Medical Travel Insurance to protect your investment. We do not provide refunds, so this coverage can offer confidence in booking for a minimal expense. Click here for information and a link to our Insurance Solutions partners. NOTE* Canadians and members of some other countries may need to find other resources.  If a booked pro cannot travel or needs to change the dates, they must contact us immediately to cover the vacated session.  Pros can change resorts or dates up to 90 days before departure, incurring a $250 change fee per week. This must be paid immediately to receive a credit for future booking. No credit will be issued if this remains unpaid once you are within the 90 days of your cancelled dates.  Fit Bodies may require copies of flight itineraries 90 days before departure. The process: Notify Fit Bodies, Inc. that you need to make a change. You will pay the change fee immediately so that the administration fee you paid to book the resort will be a future credit. All credits are valid for travel May through October only, all used credits are final sale.   Cancelling a teaching vacation to book a different resort is considered a full cancellation.  All cancellation terms apply.  See above for details.

Cancelling a teaching vacation for ANY reason (no exceptions) forfeits the administration, gift fund and entertainment fees to Fit Bodies, Inc. along with a penalty of $250 charged at the time of cancellation.  All changes received within 90 days of departure are considered a cancellation. Reimbursement of travel expenses can only be collected via valid policy and claim with a travel insurance company of choice. We recommend IMGlobal Travel Insurance Solutions. Click here for information and a link to our Insurance Solutions partners.  If the pro finds a qualified replacement (must be an active premium member) 90 days before travel to cover the vacated position, they pay the change fee to complete the transaction. 

Booking of Holiday weeks is a final sale - Easter, Thanksgiving, President's week, and the last two weeks of December. Holiday weeks may not be changed, nor will a credit be issued for future travel.

Memberships are non-refundable.

Fit Bodies, Inc. accepts your written instructions authorizing changes, cancellations, and any change fees to be applied.  Upon receipt of written instructions, the credit card charged, and the charge is a final sale with no exceptions.

Rare Occurrences
There is a slight chance a resort/ship may reach completely full capacity.  In this instance, the reservation may be changed to a different resort, or the Professional may be moved to another resort/ship or to other accommodations once they are on property. Transportation will be provided when needed and all resort activities and amenities will be available to the Professional and included companions. If a pro is requested to move off property for one or more nights, this is non-negotiable and the pro and companions’ cooperation is required. If applicable, you will receive a credit in the entertainment fee if you are moved from a resort that is going under renovations. 

Fit Bodies, Inc. stands by the booking of our members.  If Fit Bodies, Inc. is forced to move the pro’s reservation for any reason, such as a hotel closing, renovation, contract stipulations or changes within a contract, we will strive to relocate the pro (and included companions) to another resort.*  

*Club Med, Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall, and Jewel Resorts allow children 15 and 16 years depending on the resort.  If your reservation at any of these resorts cannot be confirmed, you agree to pay the extra charges for older children or extra rooms needed if moved to another location where the age limit is lower. 

No refunds or credits will be issued and Fit Bodies, Inc. shall not be liable or responsible for travel arrangements purchased, changed or cancelled, nor pay for alternate accommodations or extra fees incurred for the scheduled travel time. If no other teaching option is available for the scheduled dates at any location, the booking fee will be held as a credit to use with a future teaching vacation with qualifying dates*. If the pro refuses any of the alternative options provided, the pro will forfeit the booking and gift fees paid to Fit Bodies, Inc.   
Neither Fit Bodies, Inc. nor their partners shall be held responsible for weather, civil unrest, closures, pandemics, or acts of God that may affect guest instructors teaching vacation.
*all credit is valid for travel May through October.

Travel Advisories

All professionals are responsible for keeping up to date with the travel advisories.  If your destination (different than region) is added after you book your trip you may choose to visit a different destination the same week or will be issued a credit for the same month you are traveling valid for any resort. If no other resort is available, the credit will be extended for four weeks. Fit Bodies, Inc. must be emailed [email protected] to inform us of your intentions within 7 days of the bulletin.  If your destination is on the advisory at time of booking, Fit Bodies, Inc.’s normal cancellation policy will apply no refunds or rollovers within 90 days of travel, a cancellation fee of $250 will be due also forfeiting all monies paid.  Outside of 90 days of travel you will be responsible to pay the $250 change fee and receive a credit for travel May-Oct of the same year.

Hurricane Policy

 For passengers scheduled to travel: If you purchased Travel Insurance , please contact the insurance carrier. If not, please be advised that all Fit Bodies Inc. travel arrangements are non-refundable.  To review our Terms and Conditions please refer to the bottom of each page of our web site.  All weeks are non-changeable within 90 days of Travel.  Fit Bodies, Inc. feels the safety of our professionals is the upmost importance.

 Please check with your airline at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled departure, and again before leaving for the airport. You can set up automatic flight alerts by visiting your airline’s website and entering your flight numbers. 

If your gateway city or the resort you are scheduled to visit is in under hurricane warnings, please call our office and we will work to reschedule your travel arrangements if necessary. If a hurricane warning is issued or if a hurricane occurs while you are at the resort, you would follow the same guidelines set forth for all hotel guests by the resort.

~If you did not purchase Travel Insurance and your flights have been cancelled, please forward cancellation notice to our office.  We will work to reschedule your holiday to an available destination in the next 30 days.  Before calling our offices, please check available destinations by logging into your Fitness Pro Travel account.  All available dates and resorts are up to date. Click here for information and a link to our Insurance Solutions partners.  You can purchase travel insurance up to 24 hours before your scheduled departure.

~If you would prefer to get ahead of the storm and leave your gateway city before the flights are delayed some of the resorts may offer discounted rooms. Rooms are normally in the range of $280 to $350 per night per room.  Contact our office to arrange.

Winter storms: If you are scheduled to travel, please check with your airline at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled departure, and again before leaving for the airport. You can set up automatic flight alerts by visiting your airline's website and entering your flight number. If you are traveling on a scheduled air flight that has been delayed or cancelled, contact our office so that we may update your hotel/transfer.   If you purchased cancellation insurance, please contact your insurance carrier directly.  If not, please review Fit Bodies, Inc. cancellation policy, all trips are non-refundable.  We suggest arriving at the resort the same week when roads and airlines are safe to travel.   During a time when all resorts are booked fully we will not have an alternate week to offer you.  Cancellation insurance is always recommended.

Zika Virus: Information regarding the ZIKA virus has been widely publicized and travelers have had ample opportunity to adjust their travel plans. Therefore, all bookings are subject to Fit Bodies, Inc.s’ standard cancellation policy, as stated under Terms and Conditions. There will be no exceptions to this policy, including travelers who are pregnant or trying to become pregnant.

Travel to Resorts: All professionals must arrive on the scheduled date of arrival. All professionals flying non revenue or buddy passes will incur a $250 change fee for not arriving on the scheduled date.  Any professional not arriving by 5PM on Monday will forfeit the week, no refunds or rollovers will be offered.

Passport: All travelers of all ages must have a valid passport to travel to international locations. Cash may be required for deportation tax unless included in airfare.  Expiration dates on passports must be more than 6 months from return date of the teaching vacation.

All Fit Bodies, Inc. members are screened for appropriate education, experience and credentials for specialty qualifications. Fit Bodies, Inc., their partners or their affiliates do not guarantee faculties beyond the educational organization or certification organization’s approval of the guest instructor.
As partial consideration for accepting and processing an application and permitting the applicant to service the resort on a “guest instructor” assignment basis, the applicant hereby agrees to release and forever hold Fit Bodies, Inc. and their servicing partners, offices and employees, as well as the resort, it’s offices and employees, harmless for any injury to themselves, their traveling companions, or a participant, loss or harm at any time including traveling to and from, the subject resort assignment. Fit Bodies, Inc., in its sole discretion, reserve the right to limit or cancel the subject resort assignment for any reasons, with no applicable refund; and no such limitation or cancellation shall be their traveling companions in any way considered a breach of any contract concerning the resort assignment.  Background checks may be part of the screening process.

All information provided by Users via on-line form or written correspondence pertaining to the qualifications, experience, or professional specialties is sworn to be correct and current and it’s understood and agreed that Fit Bodies, Inc. and partners, vendors, agents, and representatives are relying upon the information submitted by Professional. Inaccurate information, intentional or not, may disqualify User from future use of the Fit Bodies, Inc. teaching exchange program as well as participation in the network. Depending upon the severity of inaccuracy for particular specialties and actions taken thereafter, User may be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Professionals are solely responsible for the performance and completion of all tasks and procedures as outlined by Fit Bodies, Inc. as well as teaching responsibilities and customer hospitality at any facility contracted through Fit Bodies, Inc. This shall include the prompt remittance of all certifications, experience and credential updates on the User’s FitnessProTravel profile page prior to booking and prior to traveling with Fit Bodies, Inc. Users will upload copies of current Certifications directly onto their account. 
Professionals are solely responsible for flights to and from the designated location for the contracted dates of travel and may not depart earlyProfessionals are also responsible for ground transfers and appropriate gift fund items. Fit Bodies' contract with the resorts does not allow for changes of companions mid-week. All professionals receive a reminder six weeks prior to travel, when all companion names are due.  A seven-day grace period is offered to finalize companion names and date of birth. Companion information must be submitted to the Fit Bodies concierge no later than 5 weeks before departure. 

  1. When adding or changing companions within 5 weeks of travel, the instructor will incur a $150 fee
  2. Companions must arrive and depart with the professional.  
  3. Companions may not be an employee of the resort chain you are visiting or a neighboring resort. No employee of any hotel in the same region may be brought as your guest.
  4. Once the instructor is inside of 5 weeks, a companion may not be added.
  5. Club Med Caribbean and Canada do not allow companion changes. All companion information must be submitted at the time of booking.

**Members and Users agree they shall not solicit or accept any teaching/training responsibilities with Fit Bodies, Inc. contracted resorts. Attempting to self-negotiate or accepting a position with facilities associated with this site (found under products or 'Travel Spots' page) is a violation of this agreement and may lead to the immediate termination of the Member or User account and future opportunities with this program.

***Membership will be terminated if a Member attempts to plagiarize the Fit Bodies, Inc. and FitnessProTravel.com property by 1) Using language verbatim from the websites without permission. 2)Promoting another company with the use of images from Fit Bodies teaching vacations on social media 3) The illicit use of Fit Bodies, Inc. intellectual property, including marketing slogans.

Gift fund:  Any gift fund requirement associated with each booking is considered mandatory and non-negotiable.  All gift funds are payable when the resort order is placed.  

Transfers:   For resorts not including complimentary airport transportation, Fit Bodies, Inc. assists with arranging transfers through our partners. These services are always optional and pros are welcome to handle their own airport transfers. Please note: In the rare event there are issues with your transfer, please email [email protected]. Fit Bodies is not responsible for any outcome offered by Amstar directly to you. 

Travel Guidelines:

  • Travel is on Sundays unless otherwise noted.  The teaching schedule exists on non-travel days.          Arriving and departing anytime on Sunday is fine. Keep in mind most resorts check-in at 3PM and check-out is 11AM.
  • It is VERY IMPORTANT that all pros and their companions designate “vacation”, “leisure”, or “pleasure” on all customs declarations forms.  Designating “business” or even “vacation/business” will result in immediate deportation to country of origin.
  • When traveling to tropical and temperate zones, there is inherent risk of certain tropical illnesses such as malaria, yellow fever, and certain intestinal disorders such as dysentery (aka: “Montezuma's Revenge”). If you are concerned please check with your local health professional and/or review the CDC website.
  • It is the responsibility of the traveler to appropriately research the destination region’s safety, health, airport and travel safety guidelines prior to booking.
  • All valuables should always be kept in a secure location.  Fit Bodies, Inc. is not liable for items stolen, damaged, or lost.

IMMEDIATELY AFTER YOU BOOK your teaching vacation with Fit Bodies, Inc., you are required to

    • Review the expiration date on your passport and those of your companions.  Be sure none have expired nor will they expire at least 6 months before your scheduled return.  Some countries will not allow you to travel if you have less than 6 months left on your current document.
    • Check your travel voucher in “My Orders” on your account at www.fitnessprotravel.com to be certain you have booked the correct resort and dates.
    • A detailed letter specific to the resort of travel from your Fit Bodies, Inc. concierge is located within “My Orders” under the Voucher. This is important information that you will not find on the website and a mandatory download for your records.  
    • Be sure the classes you offer meet the resort teaching requirements.  This information is located on the “Travel Spots” details page for each resort on  www.fitnessprotravel.com
    • Our website is up to date with the latest class schedule, however it is tentative and subject to change.  Fit Bodies, Inc. contract with each resort is for a maximum of 3 hours per day although most request only 2.
    • Clarify gift fund requirements with your Fit Bodies, Inc. resort concierge.
    • You will be notified no more than one month prior to your departure date of particular items you specifically are requested to take to the resort. Refer to the Gift Fund section of this document for further information.
    • Be sure your FitnessProTravel.com profile is complete and up to date, including photo, copies of certifications and class formats you teach. When you book a teaching vacation, no matter what position you book, the resort receives a complete list of formats that you have set forth in your profile. You may be asked and must be ready and able to teach any of those formats. Our resort contacts can view this information so they are prepared to host your teaching specialties.
    • Mandatory - Upload copies of your current certifications to your account. Copies of current approved certifications must be present in a member’s account for travel to be confirmed. If qualifying information and current approved certifications are not present within 6 months of the travel date, the booking will be cancelled with no refund or rollover of all fees paid. All Fit Bodies, Inc. vacations are non-refundable for any reason. Booking a teaching vacation you are not qualified to teach does not change the refund policy.
    • Notify your Fit Bodies, Inc. concierge if you sustain an injury, are recovering from surgery, are pregnant* or have any condition that would limit your functionality.  The resorts receive a list of your formats and will expect any or all of them to be included in the programming.
    • *These resorts are located in areas with particular cultural principles and some will refuse to allow a pro to teach if she is pregnant even if she is healthy and able.

BEFORE YOU LEAVE, you are required to:

  • Review items within your order on FitnessProTravel.com. This includes “Trip Details” .pdf letter, resort “VOUCHER”, and “EDIT FLYER”. These topics are available in your order once the order is marked confirmed.

  • Review all order-related emails from [email protected] and from your Fit Bodies team members. 

  • Prepare to be teaching in hot, sunny tropical weather. For many, this means sunglasses that can get sandy and sweaty, hat, plenty of sunscreen. Teaching in swim attire is not permitted, fyi. Traveling in the tropics indicates you should take bug deterrents like mosquito spray.

  • Ensure you and all companions have their passports, they are valid and in good condition with at least six months left before expiration.  

  • Get pumped and prepared TO HAVE THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE!

When you arrive at your destination:

  • Be aware of guest check-in time.
  • You will receive the same accommodations and will be treated the same as a guest who paid substantially.  Please note you are not a full paying guest at the resort and may not make demands on the front desk, restaurant or any other staff and management.
  • When you are checking in, ask for your designated contact person.  They will secure your schedule and tour the resort grounds with you.  If they are unavailable, leave a message with your room number.  If your main contact is not available you will likely meet with another staff member.  
  • Hand the gift ONLY to your designated contact on your arrival day or the next morning at the latest.
  • Always expect to teach the morning after you arrive.

Expectations for Guest Instructor:

  • ENTHUSIASM – Resorts expect smiling, motivated professionals who always look forward to interacting with guests and providing fun, effective and safe programming.
  • Punctuality – Arrive early and stay at least 20 minutes if no one shows.  Class minimum is 1 student. Class times are not negotiable.  
  • Performance –Keep in mind that your professional image, expertise, energy and teaching ability will be judged by resort management and guest comment cards. Your ability to return to the same resort or another Fit Bodies, Inc. property is based on this evaluation.
  • Appearance – Dress professionally during class time or gym time.  Resorts expect all professionals to “practice what they preach” by being healthy and fit individuals.
  • Conduct – You and your companions should uphold a professional yet friendly demeanor whether during teaching/training or during the leisure aspect of your teaching vacation.
  • Safety – Be aware of the guest and the multilevel abilities. The sun, heat, humidity and dehydration from drinking and sunbathing can create problems if the intensity levels are too high.
  • Staff interaction – Follow directions and work well with the staff.  Class times are sometimes different than posted on the website at the sole discretion of the resort.
  • Guest interaction – Get to know the guests, promote yourself and your classes.
  • Tipping – Never expected, always appreciated.
  • Do not rely on the Explorer Club during your class time obligations. Babysitting is available for a fee and must be arranged if your child cannot be supervised by your companion.

From your Fit Bodies, Inc. Concierge…
           Each resort has a Fit Bodies, Inc. concierge to make it even easier to get answers to your questions. Their role is complete customer service from the moment you start browsing to the minute you depart.  They are your direct link to the resort.           
Once your booking has been confirmed please review the letter from the concierge in the “My Orders” section of your Fitnessprotravel account under the voucher.  This includes detailed information exclusive to the resort of travel and is not included in the description section of the website.
     Expect to receive gift item information from your Fit Bodies’ Inc. resort concierge at least one month before you travel.  The resorts are very specific about the items they need.  It is not just a gesture on your part but an integral part of our contract.
Consent to Jurisdiction and Forum for Travel Program - The parties agree that any judicial action or proceeding arising in connection to and specifically with the Fit Bodies, Inc. Travel Program shall be brought and litigated exclusively in the State and Federal Courts (Kenton County Circuit Court and United States District Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky at Covington) located in Kenton County, Kentucky.  This forum selection is intended by the parties to be mandatory in nature, and the parties waive their respective rights to object to the forum.  The parties further agree and stipulate that the above State and Federal Courts have in personam jurisdiction over each of them for purposes of litigating any disputes arising out of or related to the Fit Bodies, Inc. Travel Program, and further hereby agree to and accept service of process sufficient for personal jurisdiction in either such State or Federal Court.

Governing Law – The Fit Bodies, Inc. Travel Program shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Attorney Fees - In any action at law or in equity, including an action for declaratory relief, brought to enforce, construe, or interpret the terms of this Travel Program Agreement, the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover reasonable attorney fees, plus costs and expenses of such action.

Code of Conduct:  Fit Bodies, Inc. fully expects visiting pros and companions to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times and especially when interacting with managers, staff, and guests of the hotel.  As ambassadors of Fit Bodies, Inc. any problems, discrepancies, or issues concerning fees, charges, accommodations, amenities, scheduling or otherwise must be directed to Fit Bodies, Inc and not resort management, staff and/or guests. Exception: If you feel you or your companions are in danger on the resort complex it is not necessary to contact us before taking action for your own safety.  Your main contact at the resort can be your resource. Please contact us as soon as possible so we may assist.  Under no circumstance will guest instructor or companions submit written or verbal comments unless they are 100% positive whether direct to the resort, guest, or to a third-party review system (NO negative feedback or complaining on social media or travel review sites like TripAdvisor). Remember, you are part staff. Your booking scenario allows you to be treated like a full paying resort guest, no doubt, but you are technically not a full paying resort guest.  
Facebook Group: It is not appropriate and in violation of the Facebook Group rules to raise issues or make complaints. This group is designed for sharing good news. Contact our office with your issues, we want to help.

 Any issues such as missed classes, inappropriate behavior, unnecessary demands on staff or management, negative social posting, that is brought to the attention of Fit Bodies, Inc. by the resort, will not be tolerated.  Pro and companions will be asked to leave or charged full price for the stay. If Fit Bodies receives a complaint from resort management naming the pro,  your account will be permanently deactivated and all future trips booked forfeited. Fit Bodies is not responsible for any travel arrangements made.  

*Failing to comply with the Fit Bodies, Inc. Teaching Vacation Terms can result in being removed from the hotel and/or billed at full hotel retail cost for your stay as well as termination from using our program in the future.
Thank you again for choosing Fit Bodies, Inc. the largest teaching vacation organization in the world.

Fitnessprotravel.com Terms

Fitness Pro Travel.com is the sole online booking location for the Fit Bodies, Inc. Teaching Vacation Program. This site is also, professional online community with basic and premium membership opportunities.
*Participants in the Fit Bodies, Inc. Teaching Vacation Program must agree and adhere to all terms and conditions of the Fit Bodies teaching vacation travel program as detailed above.

  • This site is owned and operated by Fit Bodies, Inc. FitnessProTravel.com provides information and transaction services and contains material, which is originated in whole or in part by Fit Bodies, Inc., its partners, affiliates, suppliers and manufacturers. The following are terms of a legal agreement between you, Fit Bodies, Inc. and the partners collaborating to provide the Fitness Pro Travel system.
    By accessing, browsing and/or using the Site, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions and to comply with all applicable laws and regulations. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, do not use the Site.
  • Unless otherwise specified, this Site is solely intended for those who access this Site from the United States mainland. Fit Bodies, Inc., its affiliates, partners, agents, or representatives make no representations or warranties that any product referred to on this Site is appropriate for use, or available, in other locations and/or jurisdictions. Those who choose to access the site from other locations and/or jurisdictions are responsible for compliance with all applicable local laws.
  • As a customer or user of this Site, it is agreed and understood that all Teaching Vacation Program information and products provided via FitnessProTravel.com are offered in conjunction with traveling professionals acting within their specialty scope(s) of practice.  Network accounts must be maintained with current professional details and profile image to participate in the Fit Bodies, Inc. Teaching Vacation Program.
  • As a customer or user of this site, you agree and represent that you are buying for your personal use and are 18 years of age or older.



  • Although Fit Bodies, Inc. attempts to include accurate and relevant information. It assumes no responsibility for any errors or admissions in the content of the Site.
  • Certain hypertext links in the Site may lead to websites, which are not under the control or direction of Fit Bodies, Inc.  Fit Bodies, Inc. FitnessProTravel.com. FitnessProTravel.com will accept no responsibility or liability with respect to the material on such Site not under the control and direction of Fit Bodies, Inc.  
  • Fit Bodies, Inc. does not provide any warranties, expressed or implied, on products or services sold or promoted via this Site. Fit Bodies, Inc. Fit Bodies, Inc., its affiliates, partners, agents, or representatives are not responsible for defective merchandise from named brand products but will assist in arrangement for an equivalent exchange of a defective Product. Except as specifically stated on this site, neither Fit Bodies, Inc. FitnessProTravel.com, nor any of its partners, affiliates, employees or other representatives will be liable for damages in excess of the value of the products.
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    *For Teaching Vacation Program purchase and return policies, see the Fit Bodies, Inc. terms and conditions above.  

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    *For details and sign-up on the Affiliate program go to Affiliate Terms.

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