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We are glad you made it to the FPT community!  We hope the following details will help you with setting up your account, searching and securing the Fit Bodies teaching vacation opportunities, using the various networking and business features, and ideally referring your friends and colleagues to the community as well.

Additionally you will find MANY answers to your questions on these pages as well


Step by Step Travel Session Order Processing -

Using the top left column search tool:

  1. Select any or all of the search features in the left column search tool and click "Find" (fewer criteria produce more results).
  2. View, then select, from the list of resort specialty positions available matching your search criteria.
  3. View product description. (Basic accounts can access all locations for opportunity reference, but cannot book all dates ... considering upgrade?)
    *noting if there are any special requirements in the product description (ie aqua instruction required, etc.)

  4. Designate the specialty you are booking as, Select the week set of dates you are interested in, complete any other product options that may be listed in this area, then ==>>Click to "Add to Cart" = BOOKING
  5. Item is added to Cart. You may "Continue Shopping", "Empty Cart", or "Check Out". You may also remove a single item by clicking on the "X" to the left of the product.

  6. If you have a discount code you would enter it on this screen and then click "apply".
  7. Hotel check-in voucher will be automatically generated as your booking is finalized and can be found within your account by clicking "My Orders" from the drop down menu after placing your cursor over ACCOUNT. From there click on the order number and then "voucher" to print your hard copy for the resort.  You will receive other notices and specific trip information by email**, but it is this hard copy document you must present to the resort.
  8. When your transaction is complete, log back into your account to print the downloadable "info. & flight form". (The general information form can be found on the bottom border of any page).
  9. Secure your flights after receiving a second order confirmation email (usually within 48 hours), document and return the final page of the info & flight form to the Fit Bodies office with your flight details.

** Some internet service providers attempt to screen spam by blocking or placing email responders from websites into spam folders. If you do/did not receive an immediate response from us after creating your account or after an order please check for this email in the spam folder. It is best if you ensure that you are able to directly receive emails from us as specials, newsletters, and other update information will come through the site as well.


Search and Connect with other FitPros

  1. Click on "View Instructors" in the bottom border area
  2. In the search box in the left column, enter the criteria with which you'd like to search other fit pros.
  3. Click find

    Just click on the name of those who come up in the list and it will bring you to their abbreviated profile where you can send a message or add as friend.

    **The number of viewable fitness professionals will vary depending up on whether you have designated your account as "basic" or one of the "premium" account types.


Create a Blog & Add Entries

Web Logs (BLOGS) have been around for many years. They have become widely accepted and read and even expected with most any website these days. They are excellent for providing an interactive commentary vehicle. They allow your prospects and friends to know you and your service/product better and ultimately trust you more. They also are great at garnering natural search position when optimized correctly.

We've created this tool for at least one blog for every member. Here is the "How To" for creating and adding entries for your own blog.

  1. Move your cursor over "Networking" Click on "My Blogs" from drop down menu Click on "Create New Blog" Complete the information about your blog. Be sure to check the box by "allow comments" if you want visitors to be able to comment on your entries. Also, provide a short description of what your blog will primarily be about (200 characters or less)
  2. Save Blog

Add Entries - Now when you cursor over "networking" and click on "my blogs" you find another option in the horizontal list. "My Blogs"

  1. Click on "My Blogs" - You will see a list of the 1, 2, or 3 blogs that you have created (number of blogs depends upon membership level) Click on "add new blog entry"
  2. Enter title and content information for the entry and then click "save entry"

Your blog entry has now been added to your blog. Business and Enterprise accounts, you will go through this process for each of your allowed blogs. Because you have abilities to create multiple blogs, you are able to create blogs that may address different audiences, or different topics.

That will be useful to this community, but exceptionally useful should participation allow us to develop our outside site projects and deliver your blog content directly to enthusiasts.


Add Pictures and Albums

To Add Images to Your Account:

  1. highlight "photos" and click "my albums & photos" from list 
  2. next screen click "add photo" 
  3. next screen enter description, browse for photo on you computer
           don't forget to create an album to put it in (or add to existing) 
  4. click upload photos - you have photo(s) in your account 

To update your profile image:

  1. put your cursor over "ACCOUNT" and click EDIT PROFILE from list 
  2. next screen either search your computer to upload a photo for your profile
    .... or.... search for the name or partial name of a photo you've already uploaded to an album.  
  3. click SAVE CHANGES

To add images from your trip to the resort albums:

  1. Utilize the search features to navigate to the "check out" page for the specific resort location you would like to post images to
  2. Scroll down below location description and "add to cart" buttons
  3. Click "add photo" and upload your photo
  • Animoto - The End of SlideshowsYou can view your resort photos from "resort photos" while in your account. You can see other's posted resort photos (friends & non-friends) just below the "add photo" button on the resort location product page.
  • Animoto allows you to get creative with your photo and video memories

*Photo size should be around 100kb or less, but the system will take and auto resize photos up to 1mb in size. Preferred formats for images are .jpg or .png
* Most issues are forgetting to add photo to an existing or new album or to large of a file size.
*Profile images are mandatory with the Fit Bodies Travel program

Add an Ad to the Classified area

All accounts have the ability to add at least one ad to this area.  It is basically an open market for the community to utilize. Be certain to enter all purchase and shipping details. No guarantee is made on offerings in this area by FIT Launch, Fit Bodies, Fitness Pro Travel or our Partners. This is a closed community, so I think most all are trustworthy, but do be cautious and utilize at your own risk.

Glad you found your way in.  To add a classified item to that area you would

  1. Cursor over the “Events & Biz” tab
  2. Click on “Classifieds”
  3. Click on the category that best matches your offerings
  4. Click on “Add A Listing”
  5. Complete the form with your product information including all details.

Add an Article to the Directory

Publishing your own articles enhances your authority, pre-sells readers on your topic, provides valuable links for readers to follow to learn more about you and your offerings, and is the meat and potatoes that search engines love.  This is one form of content marketing that can produce long term results.

To Publish Your Articles:

Create your "default resource" -

  1. Cursor over "Events and Biz". From drop down click on "Articles". Finally click on "Default Resource" from top level menu.
  2. complete fields about the author (yourself), business, offerings, etc.
  3. place keywords that your article ideally has been optimized for.
  4. input up to 2 links & click "save changes"

You are now ready to Add an Article - Cursor over "Events and Biz". From drop down click on "Articles". Finally click on "Add An Article" from top level menu

  1.     complete the fields for "Headline", "Short Headline" (displayed in summary stream), and "Author Name"

  2.     you must select a "Category" from the drop down menu.

  3.     copy & paste or type your content into the body section for your article (note: no more than 2 links are allowed in body of article)

  4.     click "Add Article" to submit

Now that your article has been added to the FPT directory, consider adding it or a slightly revised version to your own website.  Maybe paraphrase it into a blog post... or better yet both.  Your final suggested step for getting the largest bang for your buck with this article content marketing is to submit it to an article directory website.  I strongly suggest you utilize EzineArticles.com (note, you will need to follow their editing guidelines when submitting to their site. The most notable difference is NO links within the body of article... Also, check them out for great training options on article writing techniques and optimization.


Additional Income with Referrals - Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a very common occurrence, especially on-line.  We have built some basic tools to assist you in doing affiliate marketing with Fitness Pro Travel that will ideally provide you another source of some income in the short term and over the long term.

Affiliate marketing is nothing more than providing a referral and when that referral does the desired action, receiving a commission for the referral.

We currently have a couple options to assist you in providing those referrals and offer commission to all premium accounts ranging from 8%-20% for referrals that also create premium accounts.  There is an additional 1% - 2% commission on those referrals future travels to Medallion and Enterprise accounts.  Hopefully this "thank you" incentive from us will encourage you to continue to assist us in growing this fitness industry community.

There are many, many, methods for utilizing this type of program. You can start developing your ideas by going to How and Why to utilize the affiliate system.  We are also happy to assist with any question you may have.

The affiliate programs offered here are in two part (detailed in the Terms).  Fit Bodies, Inc. will provide commission payments on affiliate activities dealing with their travel program.  You will receive premium account referral commissions directly from FIT Launch, Inc.

Step by step instruction on posting/sharing your affiliate code


Find and Print Your Travel Voucher (step 12 of step by step order process above)

  1. Click on "My Account" to go to your my account page.
  2. Cursor over "Account" => Click on "My Orders " from the drop down menu that appears
  3. The resulting page lists all of your booked orders, click on the up coming travel order number
  4. The details for that FPT order are now listed with a "VOUCHER" link near the upper left area.  Click on the word VOUCHER. There may be multiple vouchers if you booked multiple weeks.
  5. You now have the option to simply view your voucher by clicking "VIEW VOUCHER" or when ready to take your trip, click on "PRINT VOUCHER" for use as your check in document


Adding Events to the Fitness Event Calendar

Who May Post Events - Any Account Holder (higher the level the more you can post at one time)

What May be Posted - Any fitness industry event, yours or others, enthusiast oriented or fitness professional oriented.

Why Post Fitness Events - It's good for the community to have this resource AND it is great for the educator as this is a fitness industry only community with more than 10,000 members.

  1. Place your cursor over "Events & Biz"
  2. Click on "Event Calendar"
  3. Click on "Add an Event"
  4. Enter event details for location, time, topics, etc. and click "Add Event"

You may now go back to the event and view details by going to it's month and clicking on it's title.  You may click "suggest to friends" at the bottom to suggest the event to any of your connections here at FPT.



Subscribing To Newsletters

Not receiving all of the promotional emails?

You can join the mailing list(s) by clicking on "mailing lists" from the drop down menu on the EVENTS & BIZ tab. The first and largest choice is the communities primary information source for significant items of interest as well as notification on various promotions. You can link directly to that page here.

  1. If you change your email address for your account you will need to unsubscribe with from the list with your old address and re-subscribe with your new email address.
  2. Mailings are sent generally every one to two weeks and your email address is not sold to other third party organizations.
  3. You were sent an automatic notification within a week of your account creation which contained a link to connect you with the community tutorial. That mail list is only a six week series and thereafter only used when a significant change is made to an area of the site. If you chose not to participate in that tutorial at that time, you may sign into it at anytime from the above linked page.
  4. Approximately every quarter we send a general mailing out to the entire community. This goes to the registered email applied to your account. To be removed from this period email list you will need to request the removal of your account from the system and thus make yourself ineligible for use of the Fit Bodies travel program.