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Why Sign Up For Premium Membership at FPT


The Fit Bodies, Inc. booking site - Fitnessprotravel.com requires pros to upgrade to a premium membership (Travel - Medallion - Enterprise) for full access to every position, date, and hotel based on your specialty qualifications. 

* Fitness Pro Travel was built on a social commerce platform to provide you the easiest access to information on the Fit Bodies, Inc. Travel Program opportunities as well as a simple method to select and book teaching vacation dates

* Fitness Pro Travel Network features were also designed to enhance your career/business, provide you educational options, and provide you discounts based on the network as a whole.

Each of these community aspects are greatly enhanced when you upgrade to a premium account. See the Side-by-Side - when signed in compare memberships







For the Fit Bodies, Inc. Traveler - Why Upgrade Membership?

The FPT community has been taking advantage of the excellent teaching vacation opportunities of Fit Bodies, Inc. since the mid 1990's. The number of locations has greatly increased since inception along with some diversity in the options for various specialties. If you want to take advantage of your fitness or sport specialty skills, you can by parlaying it into an all-inclusive exchange.

  • All Option Access - While the free accounts remain available, they are limited and do not allow you to book travel at 90% of the resort options. Premium accounts allow you to access all locations that your specialty expertise qualifies you for at any given time.
  • Advanced Date Notification - Medalliion and Enterprise Account holders receive first shot at prime dates before the rest of the crowd.
  • Corporate Group Specialist Fit Pro - At times specific groups or the resorts themselves request the presence of a fitness professional to join and provide their specialty. Selection is made from FPT membership starting with the Premiem Members.  Your chance to work with a Rock Star. 
  • Frequent Travel Discounts - Enterprise and Medallion members, you automatically receive discounts (10% & 5%) on all purchase activity you do in the community. - (this is additional to other specials)
  • Reduced Change Fees - When reviewing the side-by-side of each account type don't miss the added benefit of reduced fees should you want or need. Fees are progressively reduced from Travel to Enterprise.

Securing more athletes or clients, promoting a workshop, diversifying your business, reaching more with your fitness or sport coaching specialty, providing more and potentially earning more are all easily accomplished with your premium account.  See the Side-By-Side to learn which membership type best suits you!

  • Networking Promotions - You are provide multiple blogs to speak to different audiences, set up your own group around the topic of your choice (great for your business & it's employees or masterminding), and forum participation and influence. You also can seek out and connect with a greater number of other fitness professionals.
  • Fitness Event Promotions - The FPT events calendar allows for event listing of a professional or enthusiast nature. Your event will be presented to many (10,000 plus fitness pros) and they in turn can refer it to their friends. Not all members can post/advertise their events, but premium members can post multiple events directly to the network.
    When these events are fed to outside partner sites, your reach becomes even greater. Compare advertising rates to outside specialty communities of any size of significance.

  • Job Listings - If you have a studio or larger business and want to seek out the best to operate with you customer, finding an industry specific audience here at FPT is a huge advantage. Your membership covers multiple listings. In a monthly price comparison you can not beat presenting your positions here.
  • Advertising - Our advertising program allows Premier members (medallion and enterprise) to post up to two 150x150 banners that will not only say and look like their own business brand, but also link back to any landing page. The exponential benefits begin when your add is not only on FPT, but also our partner sites automatically
  • Content Marketing - It is very difficult to say enough about the benefits, especially online with content marketing. Your expertise goes into our article (or other) directory system. Tied to your article is your resource information (bio and links to you). And, together they stay as they are fed in to this sites directory as well as the directory of our partner sites...
  • Partner Opportunities - The advantage of network membership shines when talking to partners. We speak to a couple new potential partners each month and all offer special program options because of our size. We negotiate something for all, but more often than not Premier members received added bonus or discount. Check Out Our Partners.
  • Your Fitness Business Consultants - With small staff at both Fit Bodies and FIT Launch we readily admit we do not know everything, but with several decades of fitness industry experience we are happy to assist with email consulting to our business and enterprise members to ensure you have all questions answered in utilizing the tools available to you.
  • Groups, Specific to Your Membership - Learn from how others use their member features. Link directly to and see the partner opportunities available to your membership level. Discussion board specific to the group with specials notices, questions, and answers. A mastermind group to help each other excel.
    =>or with a premium account, start your own group for your business.




More Reasons to Actively Participate

  • All accounts can inspire and be inspired while having fun. At the moment, everyone has access to all social networking elements which allow you to connect with friends and colleagues, post & communicate, and share photos. Premier accounts have greater quantities of search results, which allows you to more easily find those connections.
  • Continuing with discounts if you have any intentions of joining us for "The Most Fun" and "Most Informative" fitness conference on earth, Fit Beach, We are happy to offer 20%-50% off for our Medallion and Enterprise members. Those same two groups are eligible also for 20%-50% discount should you choose to join in on an Insiders Club program. These alone would save you more than a hundred dollars and nearly pay for the membership.
  • COMMISSION - All members can earn affiliate income by referring other fitness & sport professionals to the Fitness Pro Travel site.
    • Travel members earn 8% of referred membership fees
    • Medallion earn 15% of referred membership fees and 1% of the others travel purchases.
    • Enterprise members earn 20% of membership fees and 2% of future travel fees.




Side-by-Side - to compare memberships at any time. 

You can also Log in => Cursor over ACCOUNT => Click on Upgrade Membership from the drop down menu in order to upgrade or renew your account at any time