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Is your account ready for a teaching vacation?

Pros looking to a book teaching vacation must be certain the following items are updated in their FitnessProTravel.com account profile prior to placing the order.

  1. Update professional experience to include your current certifications, current class offerings and teaching experience, and highlights of what you accel in teaching. We need this information for each format that you have "checked off" in your profile. Use this format to update your teaching experience:

                 Please use this format:
                 2019 – Present- ZEN Yoga Studio, Any city, State, Country.  2 Classes weekly.  Gentle & Vinyasa Flow.
                 2017 – Jan 2022 Universal Gym, Any city, state, Country.  4 classes weekly.  Spin and Vinyasa Yoga.
                 2016- 2017 Crunch Fitness - Any city, State, Country.  3 classes weekly.  Step, HIIT, and Beginners Yoga
                 We always need to know the following:
                 * How many classes or activities do you lead each week at each location?              * If you teach yoga, what style(s) of yoga are you teaching?             * Where did you teach or coach previously? 
                 * If you are not teaching in a studio, gym or traditional business where we can see the schedule, please provide a link to your website, along with your social media pages where you advertise your classes. We need verifiable information of your teaching experience. 

  2. Ensure copies of current certifications have been uploaded, as well. (MY ACCOUNT >> ACCOUNT SETTNGS >> CERTIFICATIONS)
  3. Your profile picture in your account must be professional and appropriate. Fitness or yoga-oriented postures, with appropriate background related to your teaching industry. The image must clearly show your face. No drinks, no sunglasses or other people, no swim attire or bare midriff. 

    Be sure to ‘save changes’ before exiting a profile update page.

  4. Does your membership type provide you access to the dates you want to travel?

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