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Elizabeth Good

I have five children and I homeschool the older 3.  I enjoy coaching and playing field hockey and use my skills as a group fitness and yoga instructor with my players.  I love reading, learning history, Bible study and most of all, traveling with my family.

I have passion for working out and teaching others how to get and stay fit. I love challenges and I love to challenge others especially in the area of fitness and nutrition. I went to a division I university to play field hockey and during the off-season, I took aerobics classes to keep my fitness level high. After college, I joined a gym where I was asked to teach group fitness classes and have been in love with group fitness ever since.  Currently, I am proud to say that my adult field hockey team holds 4 season championships.  I am so thankful to still be in such great physical condition that I can play in one of the most competitive field hockey adult leagues there is and I attribute that to the 3-5 group fitness classes I have consistantly taken per week for the last 11 years.  


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