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“We are spirits, having a human experience…”


My love for community and helping those underserved was the catalyst 12 years ago for the creation of a Real Estate Brokerage. This brokerage provides advocacy in gentrifying neighborhoods in Brooklyn NY, Boston MA and Atlanta, GA.  The undertaking is large, and the need is great which quickly lead to burn out. 


During a near break down, a friend (now Mentor & Teacher) invited me to her Restorative Yoga class. I wanted to protest “I prefer the power class, the fast one.  I go the gym every other day!”

But, decided to take her up on the offer.

I cried- sobbed- deeply on the mat. In the stillness, I felt the pain and pressure my heart was carrying. I found liberation in stillness. I was reintroduced to my practice of Yoga and discovered who I was and made room for who I want to grow to be.


It is my souls’ purpose to reintroduce you to yourself.  Mindfully cultivating self-awareness, self-compassion, and holding space for you to “Be Still” are my offerings.

I offer these sessions in private one on one or small group sessions to allow more opportunity to see and be seen. 

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