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I am a 45 year old female,I am currently a travel agent full time at Mckinsey and Co. in Cleveland Ohio. I teach Body Sculpting and personal train part time. I teach Body Sculpting 2 times a week, and I personal train in the mornings and on Sunday. I had 8 clients but for the summer cut down to 2. I was trying to train 2-3 a morning but it got to be too hectic so now I just keep it to 1 . I have also taught kick boxing and high impact classes but I prefer low and weight training now. I like to bike, yoga, take long walks. I have a pretty full schedule but I like it that way.

I am a yoga instructor, yoga therapist, personal trainer and reiki master. I have been following my passion teaching a variety of classes and personal training for over 16 years, I offer my services for private sessions, as well as any size group I will adjust your session based on your own individual needs. I have several clients, and have been teaching classes for the past 22 years. I have attended 200 hour yoga certification with TRY4LIFE and 500 hour yoga therapy training with TRY4LIFE in Cleveland Ohio. I also completed both Anusara yoga immersion, and Anusara yoga 200 hour teacher training with Todd Norian and Ann Greene in Cleveland Ohio. I am a certified personal trainer thru AFAA, and certified through Body Sculpting Inc.
I hope to guide and deepen your practice and invite you to explore and discover your true self. My wish is for every student to leave my classes feeling the joy and goodness within.


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