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Wendy Weaver

I was born and raised in a small town in upstate New York. Early in life I discovered my passion through a gift my aunt gave me, a Jane Fonda fitness tape. Since I grew up with few other healthy role models, this influence of fitness became my saving grace. My dream was to teach classes one day. Dreams do come true.

In order to support my career development I began to travel to different areas in the US and Europe. My wellness career started with the Military in Arizona as a group fitness instructor followed by moving to Azores, Portugal where I worked as a contracted Exercise Specialist. I received my Bachelors of Science in Health Service Management from California College for Health Sciences.

Currently and for the past ten years I manage and consult for large commercial accounts (80k strong) on wellness programming and implementation. I work with Disease Management and Clinical Programs to reduce claims and skillfully communicate with Board of Directors, wellness center managers, corporate benefit managers and Humana executives on wellness initiatives and results driven wellness programs. Putting it all together I have 22 years of experience in fitness, nutrition, stress management, exercise and holistic health is highly utilized towards aggressive engagement goals. 

The vast majority of my experience includes the following:

  • Organize and run health screenings, wellness day events, health fairs, walking programs and other weekly onsite programs.
  • Build relationships and partnerships with hospitals, doctors, and other vendors and corporations.
  • Audit company claims, suggest steps towards wellness.
  • Secured several large accounts, including one $500,000 wellness budget.
  • Manager of research wellness project where results showed $7 return on investment of $1 spent for cost savings for both client and carrier.
  • Created and implemented policy and procedure manuals for fitness assessments and daily operations.
  • Intern supervisor for students of exercise science at the University of South Florida.
  • Taught classes as a member of an interdisciplinary team for hospital Diabetes program.
  • Taught classes in other area of Chronic Disease Management such as high blood pressure, COPD, and Obesity.
  • Teach fitness and wellness classes
  • One on One coaching/training

Continued education is a priority for me because it motivates and inspires me to become a better leader. The wellness industry is changing, therefore, I feel it is vital to stay up on changes and trends to stay current with such changes. I attend monthly webinars, 2 annual conferences from fitness to wellness including an annual health and benefits conference. I stay current with many certifications in health, wellness and fitness including international ones. Certificates include: NWI, CWWS, CWWPM, CWP, ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine), American Council on Exercise (group exercise, personal training, and clinical exercise specialist), Holistic C.H.E.K Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching, C.H.E.K Exercise Coach, certified Pilates, cycling, WELCOA faculty status, 2015 named one of the top 100 Health Promotion Professionals in the US by WELCOA. A member of the steering committee for the Wellness Council of Tampa Bay, Humana Advocate, and a member of the Sales Culture Advisory Board at Humana Inc.

I love being in the wellness industry. We are in a health care crisis and the answer is wellness. There is now a bigger opportunity than ever before to impact lives in a positive way. Helping others help themselves is my goal in life. I learned that data supports that change is possible. Establishing the right support for each area is key as a one solution approach will not work. I feel the communities are finally starting to pull together with a common cause to be well. This concept is supported in the book, Blue Zones. Having a sense of purpose and community supports longer, healthier lives. Team work and collaborating make success and long-term well-being. I feel blessed I’m a part of it.

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