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Cortney McQueen

I am Cortney - a teacher, mom, wife and health enthusiast. I am POUND and Generation POUND certified.


I began my health and fitness journey at a young age and continued to see a need to encourage myself and those around me to move and be healthy outside of organized sports. From lifting weights to running to yoga, I enjoyed a variety of fitness modalities and enjoyed teaching and encouraging others to move and eat healthy. In my career as a public school teacher, I had the opportunity to serve on a wellness board and took an entire school district from viewing health and fitness challenges as only losing weight, to a belief in whole health. This included nutrition, exercise, family and self care. In the process of serving on this board and creating challenges for teachers in the district to be healthy and reach wellness goals, I was given the opportunity to sponsor after school group exercise sessions. I led groups in weight lifting, light cardio and aerobics. Eventually I discovered POUND and my love of music and fitness were fused when I became a POUND Pro and began to share a love of music and movement with stress relief, rock out, work outs. 

This love of POUND and helping teachers take care of their minds and bodies, led to my true passion -- teaching kids that they have the power to be healthy, fit rock stars by participating in Generation POUND. Through a combination of choreography using weighted Ripstix and character building activities, children rock their way through a work out and complete activities that focus on self love and empowerment. Generation POUND® was created not just as a workout geared towards kids, but a MOVEMENT that aims to change the concept of health and fitness for today’s youth. Children learn to make fitness about self-expression, empowerment, self-love and FUN. This program introduces them to alternative ways to, MOVE, ROCK, PLAY and MAKE NOISE!

This link lets you scroll down a bit past the official Generation POUND description you see above, to a short video that allows a glimpse into what children can gain by participating. 

Though Generation POUND is my passion as it is geared toward the next generation of fit youth, I am also certified to teach POUND, which allows adults to workout and rockout in a unique session of choreography that can sneak in around 600 squats and lunges set to carefully chosen tracks that inspire us to let loose and be fit. 

A perfect world might include adults and children rocking out together to Generation POUND tracks and choreography. 

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