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Helsa Thompson

Helsa Thompson is the Founder of The Aura House

Helsa came to her own realization of the importance of wellness and healing while she was balancing her life as a wife, mom, and senior level executive. She realized that she was under extreme amounts of stress, participated in unhealthy habits, and was not living at her full potential. She soon realized that for her to be the best wife, mom, and boss, she had to be the best Helsa and to be the best Helsa, she had to make time for herself. When she prioritized her own self care, she took up yoga, meditation, sound therapy, and Reiki. She saw the power that these healing modalities did in empowering her to be the best version of myself  emotionally, spiritually, and physically. She knew she wanted to empower others to do the same.‚Äč

With certifications in yoga, meditation, reiki, VST, and life coaching, Helsa strives to create safe spaces for others to heal, grow, and love themselves. 


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