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Nicole Stadnyk

Hi, I'm Nikki!
At first, I did yoga for the fitness. As I started to really think about what my body needed to be healthy, I realized it was more than that. Yoga has insane health benefits that are backed by scientific research but it’s not just about the physical movement. The entire practice teaches mindful thinking that can bring your life into balance. The social aspect and competitiveness that I always enjoyed from group activities wasn’t lost either. Yoga taught me to look inward and constantly push myself to improve and consider the process of growth. As mush as yoga is a personal experience, I’ve also discovered a sense of belonging and community.

Yoga enhances that which we already have. It provides us with the tools we need to find a total feeling of peace and calm. It requires a conscious effort to be present which allows us to acknowledge what we need in each moment. As your teacher, I hope to guide you through the physical, mental, and emotional areas of yoga so that you can experience the full benefits of your practice and make the most of everything you do.

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