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Rebekah Hennes

Rebekah Hennes is an eating disorder dietitian and a mother of two young children. She was a gymnast in her youth and has been trained and taught dance throughout college. Rebekah has been an ACE certified group fitness instructor since 1995 and was a personal trainer for eight years. She was Ms Fitness Utah in 2000 and tied for fourth place in the Dramatic Level 3 category at the 2012 Pacific Pole Championship. Rebekah owns a Pole Fitness Studio in Los Angeles, has judged several pole competitions, wrote for Pole Spin magazine and has been a speaker at three of the four pole conventions ever held in the United States. Rebekah is the founder of PoleMoves which is a teacher training program approved by the Pole Fitness Association which provides continuing education credits for the American Council on Exercise and the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America. PoleMoves Has Beginner and Intermediate Training, Advanced Training and a 200 Hour Certification. PoleMoves continues to work with Master Trainers all over the country in order to provide the most intensive and inclusive training.

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