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All teaching vacation bookings will receive information via email about travel insurance.

FitnessProTravel.com, and Fit Bodies, Inc. hold a cancellation policy all teaching vacation bookings are subject to. It includes $0 refund and $0 rollover, regardless of your cancellation reason.  Travel insurance is the only way to protect a Fit Bodies, Inc. teaching vacation investment and this coverage can extend to your flights and includes excellent health coverage and emergency assistance while traveling. The cost is often less, and the coverage much more, than a person expects. Quickly obtain a quote to protect your investment by clicking here.  Read on for more information.

Travel insurance protects your investment in non-refundable trip expenses, and includes medical coverage, baggage and flight delay protection and E-Concierge services with Chartis Travel Guard. If you are traveling with children, they are included on your travel insurance plan at no additional cost.  The coverage is medical and financial, plus includes pre-trip travel advice, emergency medical assistance and 24-hour English speaking travel counselors should you need the travel insurance services or to file a claim.

            Insurance holders can qualify for at least 100% reimbursement when cancelling and thereby forfeiting non-refundable declared trip expenses from Travel Guard travel insurance. This is based on the policyholder’s specific claim and subject to the policies’ Description of Coverage.  When unexpected, emergency cancellations or interruptions affect your vacation plans, travel insurance has service and claim options to help. Undesirable weather conditions, such as hurricanes, are covered with the travel insurance so they will assist re-directing flights in cases of delays or coordinating evacuation if this rare event should affect your teaching vacation destination. All Chartis Travel Guard insurance plans include complimentary LiveTravel Emergency Assistance and Concierge Services.

To obtain price quote (and purchase if you choose), click here.

You are invited to review the (DOC) for Chartis Travel Guard GOLD Policy (.PDF file, this is thefine print).  Regardless of travelers preferred insurance plan, it's advised to insure vacation investments once a payment is rendered to prevent situations of "Pre-existing Conditions". Flights can be added to an existing insurance plan once they are purchased.

To read Fit Bodies Inc. and FitnessProTravel.com terms and conditions, including cancellation & change of reservation policy, click here.

FAQ: Difference between the Gold Travel Insurance offered, and the specific "Cancel for Any Reason" policy addition- Regular insurance has the potential to refund you 100% of declared nonrefundable trip cost when canceling for an emergency reason outlined in the Description of Coverage (attached .pdf).  This is what most people buy, with the only reason of canceling to involve a life and death emergency or serious illness of self or a loved one, for example. "Cancel for Any Reason" gives the policy holder 50% of trip cost back and has additional premium cost of 1.4%.  It allows the policy holder to literally cancel for any reason, make a claim to insurance, and receive 50% of declared nonrefundable trip cost in refund.  "Cancel for Any Reason" must be purchased within 15 days of initial trip booking. 


Again, to obtain price quote (and purchase if you choose), click here.

Lisa at the Fit Bodies, Inc. office is available via email or phone to answer your questions about insurance. 

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