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We're thrilled to be able to deliver the extra perk of earning CECs and CEUs by being a part of the Fit Bodies Community. That's right, when you travel with Fit Bodies, and are an active part of our community, you can earn FREE CECs!

To be eligible to earn credits through Fit Bodies, you need these two items:

1) You must be a current Travel, Medallion or Enterpriae level Member at the time of enrollment

2) You must have taken a trip last year, this year, or have a trip booked in the future.

How Fit Bodies CECs work:

  • Earn credits for each educational course that we offer, not for each teaching vacation that you take. You may apply for those you wish to enroll in. You cannot take a course or earn CECs on the same course more than 1 time. 

  • There are two courses available as of now
      1. Fit Bodies, Inc. Teaching Vacation Basics- .3/3 CECs approved by ACE, AFAA, CanFitPro, NASM.

     (This course was active from 2021, and therefore can only be applied to trips taken in 2021 or after)

     Pack your bags as we teach you the tools necessary for a cultured, safe and unforgettable experience taking your fitness, yoga, and sports coaching skills to teach at all-inclusive resorts across the globe.

      2. Coconut Beach Camp Training Course- .2/2 CECs approved by ACE, AFAA, CanFitPro, NASM.

     (This course was active from 2022, and therefore can only be applied to trips taken in 2022 or after)

     Fit Bodies, Inc. Coconut Beach Camp is a unique fitness program that was originally designed by Suzelle to be used on the beach during Teaching Vacations. As   you can imagine, the coconuts add a strength training aspect, and also bring in a tool that enhances all movements. Using coconuts as a prop creates a unique   workout, and brings in the Caribbean flavor that resort guests and participants are sure to enjoy.
  • If you are certified with other organizations besides ACE, AFAA, CanFitPro or NASM, you may choose to petition for these course credits towards recertification with more than 20 other organizations, including Yoga Alliance.

  • Each course is self-paced, and you are able to take it and finish it in your own time. From time to time, our course platform host may send you automated emails to remind you to finish a course.
    ~Once you have finalized all steps in the course, which are listed in the course platform once you are enrolled, you can be marked as completed and be able to print your certificate of completion. 

  • If you meet both requirement items at the top of this page, you can apply to be enrolled in these courses on this page. You will be enrolled or hear from us within 7 days. There is no need to request to be enrolled more than 1 time. 

If you are eligible according to the guidelines on this page, Apply for CECs HERE.

No other organization offers CECs for the teaching vacation or travel exchange program. We are proud to be leaders in education and travel experiences for 30 years! Stick with Fit Bodies, and the world is your oyster :) Travel with us, gain knowledge, experience wonderful moments, AND earn CECs!