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Cruise FAQ’s


How long are the cruises, and from where do you leave?

Bahama Paradise Cruise Line only offers 2-day cruises departing out of Palm Beach, Florida.  Our Fit Bodies, Inc. professionals will be cruising on back to back cruises for 4 days or 6 days.  Two different ships The Grand Celebration and the Grand Classica.  The ships have two different personalities the Grand Classica is the smaller more intimate ship, The Grand Celebration is larger with the larger casino and showroom.


What documents do I bring for the cruise?

All pros and their companions must have valid proof of citizenship. Passports are highly recommended.


What does my cruise include?

A confirmed guest cabin, port charges and fees, Wi-Fi, 10 drink coupons for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, dining in the Yellow Elder dining room (Grand Classica) and Stellar Prime (Grand Celebration) per 2 day cruise.   

How far is the cruise port of Palm Beach from the West Palm Beach (PBI) airport?

The cruise port is less than a 20-minute ride from the airport.


Where do I park if I am driving to the port?

Parking at the port is fast and efficient with our valet service, provided by the Port of Palm Beach. One of our parking attendants will meet you as soon as you arrive at the terminal. Valet parking is available for only $19 per night.


Can I bring along an additional adult?

Yes.  Extra adults in your cabin will not receive the added negotiated amenities our professional and one companion receive.  Why not keep the accounting simple and book them in an extra stateroom? Our cruise expert, Kelly - [email protected] will be happy to assist with this question.  She will need to know an exact cruise date to quote, along with the category, inside or outside cabin.


I have two kids; may I bring them along?

Yes, a limited number of cabins accommodate families of 4.  Children will be charged $89.24 per day including the cabin, port charges and fees.


Does the stateroom have a window? If not, how much extra?

The cruise lines first choice is to place our professionals in an outside stateroom based upon availability at time of booking. Outside cabins have windows, some with a view some with obstructive views.


Which deck will my cabin be located?

Our professionals are all placed in guest cabins, not the crew quarters. All guest cabins are above the water line, the lower levels of the ship are used for storage, equipment and housing the full-time crew. 


How much extra will we pay for a balcony?

The ships have limited balconies.  $200 per person per night - $1200 total for 2 for the six nights. 


What time are the classes? I wanted to know what time I'd need to get back on ship for afternoon class so that I may plan an excursion.

All classes are in the mornings before the shore excursions, roughly 9AM. In the afternoons, everyone must be back on the ship at 4:00.  The class will be after 4:00PM.


On the two days that we are in Palm Beach between the 3 cruise trips, do we have the option to stay on or get off the ship?

Everyone including the captain departs the ship while it clears customs, including your luggage. Disembark by 10:30, board at 12noon.  You may stay at the port, or why not treat the time as a shore excursion?  Your bags may be stored at the port.  You may disembark as early as 8AM and board by 4PM.  Check out our favorite side trips in Palm Beach – Fun things to do in Palm Beach.


Can we bring water on boat as they charge $4.50 per bottle? Is there a water fountain on ship to refill our water bottles?

Yes, you may bring your empty recyclable water bottle aboard the ship with you.  You will also be receiving 10 coupons per person for nonalcoholic drinks for every 2-night cruise.  You and one guest traveling together will have 20 coupons for every 2-night cruise.


I’m sure the entertainment is top notch. But with 3 repeat 2-day cruises, will we be seeing the same shows every other night? 

There are multiple lounges on the ship plus the main showroom.  Each show room offers a variety of entertainment by the hour each night.  The entertainers are visiting artist as well.  Plus, you have the casino and night clubs to dance away the night.


I understand that I will be paying $13.95 per person, per night room gratuity.  What would you recommend that we tip, that is not included.

Your personal tips will be the same as the resorts including waitress/waiter and bartenders.


How much would it be for any other couples we may ask to go?

Our cruise expert, Kelly - [email protected] will be happy to assist with this question.  She will need to know an exact cruise date to quote, along with the category, inside or outside cabin.


Do we have the option of staying on the ship or getting off on the final disembarking days?

You may book additional days for cruising though Fit Bodies, Inc. or disembark in the Bahamas.


How many bags may I take on board?

Each passenger may bring on board 2 bags each weighing a maximum of 50 lbs.


2-Night Cruise Itinerary

  • Day 1 – Embark at Port of Palm Beach
  • Check-in begins 11:00 AM
  • Boarding 12:00 - 4:00 PM
  • Departure is at 5:30 PM
  • Day 2 – Nassau (Classica; Grand Bahama Island (Celebration)
  • Arrival at port 7:00 AM | Back on board by 4:30 PM
  • Day 3 – Disembark at Port of Palm Beach
  • Arrival at port 7:00 AM | Disembark 8:00 – 10:30 AM