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I have started 2 state of the art fitness faculties & have trained professional & World Class Athletes, beginner fitness enthusiasts, organized & taught group classes, & worked with countless rehab clients over the years. I have also traveled the country as a sponsored guest speaker, hosted World Championship Tournaments, & have started & continue to help run one of the largest National Events in the US attracting 200,000 plus attendees annually (Rebel Road Motorcyle Rally), with all proceeds going to fight child abuse.


After setting my first World Record I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with the best of the best, like Dr. Michael Yessis, & have acquired an abundance of knowledge which I enjoy sharing. Having recently sold a restaurant/ bar (Racquets Downtown Grill) that I owned independently & operated for the last 15 years I find myself with the freedom and flexibility to travel regularly, but I don’t sit still well. I would thoroughly enjoy sharing my knowledge and connecting with good people while vacationing. 


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