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Teri Ann Bolte

Teri Ann Bolte is a fitness enthusiast and certified pilates instructor. She has been practicing pilates, barre, and/or yoga for almost 20 years. As a psychologist, she appreciates the reciprocal relationship between the mind and body and endeavors to help students refine their mind-body connection within each session. She became interested in fitness at a young age and began gymnastics and dance in elementary school, and eventually transitioned to swimming in high school and college. She discovered pilates in her mid-20's and was hooked! She appreciated the emphasis on proper form and strengthening the posterior chain, which can progressively decline due to contemporary activities of daily life. She believes in pilates as a true anti-aging serum. 

Currently, Teri Ann's fitness regimen consists of a combination of barre, walking, and of course, pilates. She also incorporates quality nutrition and wellness into her daily routine. As a psychologist, she has a unique understanding of the mind-body connection and believes that good mental health is a function of nutrition, movement, restorative practices, and consistency.  

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