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Cristina Davis

  Being physically active & mentally positive have always been at the core of my heart!! After receiving my undergraduate Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte in May 2006 I ventured into coaching sports to children 2-16 years old for over 5 years. I mainly coached Soccer during this time in both public & private schools as well as in local churches & daycares. Following the birth of my first son in March 2010, I  took a break from coaching to raise my growing family. But once my children were both school age  I decided to go back into the workforce by getting certified to teach Yoga. So I obtained my 200 hour RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) certification in 2016 under the guidance of Johnna Smith, Tanner Bazemore and Jennifer Decurtins and started teaching that year.  I  gained invaluable experience teaching Adults & Youth Yoga for that initial year. After this time, I decided to finalize my Yoga Certification with a 300 hour RYT certification under the guidance of Mara Healy. This dual certification gives me rights to the use of Yoga Alliances credited seal of a 500-hour Registered Yoga Teacher. Which I must stress is a huge difference between a 200hour yoga teacher versus a 500hr yoga teacher. In addition I went on to receive the Baron Baptiste’s Kids Yoga Certification. 

In all, I have taught over 600+ hours of Children's Yoga to our local growing youth. Some of these places which can be referred to include places like Y2 Yoga, Pioneer Springs School, The Jewish Community Center all the way to the local YMCA’s, amongst many other places. My passion lies in helping others, especially our Youth learn how to be their Best Self. I do this by introducing them to the practice of Yoga in a fun and engaging way at the earliest age possible. I love to teach children how to live a balanced life through connecting to their Mind, Body & Breath.

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