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Mini Badacha

I have been practicing yoga for over 10 plus years. I first was an active participant in group fitness classes and tried all different types of classes with my favorite instructor. She encouraged me to join Ontario Fitness council training and become a group fitness instructor. I currently teach group fitness at the neighbourhood gym and have also coached private clients. In all the training that I have done so far, I have special affinity to teaching and practicing Yoga for my own mental peace and calm. Yoga gives me a great relief in stretching my body, ability to reach the different Hatha Yoga poses and the mental calm which comes with the focus on breath and movement.

As a teacher I bring the same quality of yoga teacher job training related to the postures, teaching participants with options that are safe and adaptable to their bodies. i bring over 10 years of teaching experience and share the core values to Yoga to the students in a safe environment.

My instruction focus are gentle, attainable, Hatha Yoga poses that can be done by a variety of participants. I instruct with offering modifications for people with limitations. I have also taught yoga to seniors in the 65-80 plus group.

I consider Yoga to be a daily practice of self care that I love to teach others to help them reach their own goals of reaching mind body balance.

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