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Andrea van Niekerk

I am a qualified 200hr Hatha Yoga Teacher with a passion to teach the foundations of yoga by combining strength and balance through breathe to all levels of yogi, especially beginners.  My friends say I have massive energy that needs to be shared with others and that my personal touch and safe transitioning is what sets me apart from any yoga class they have done.


My goal is to ensure that when yogis leave my class, they have had a positive, personalised experience, tailored to where they are at.

Here is the link to my website and the details for my yoga classes (Go to YOGA WITH ANDS):


When I am not teaching yoga, I am also a YouTuber, giving people advice and tips on immigration to Canada.  Just recently I promote products and local business too.  Here is the link to my channel:



I am pretty active on all social media (even LinkedIn). I am a member of many Facebook groups which accumulate to approximately 40K members.  Here is my Instagram handle: 


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