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Melissa Meade

I have been trained/certified in a variety of holistic and metaphysical modalities. Initially I completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from San Diego State, following that certifications as a Reiki Master Teacher in the Usui Ryoho tradition, Shamanic Practitioner, Chinese Fire Cupping Practitioner, 200hr yoga and 55hr yoga for cancer recovery teacher, and academic studies in herbalism and complementary and alternative health. With the tools I have been given through these various areas of study and personal practice, I seek to lend these available systems forward to those who are ready to move through stuck and stagnant phases of their life.  Providing harmony, clarity and focus of mind, body, and soul. However, I would say my primary focus is on awakening an individual's ability to self heal and open the channel connecting to their soul's purpose and intuitive voice.  By utilizing the tools of Yoga, Shamanic ceremony, earth medicine and ancient wisdom traditions, combined with energy healing through Reiki, crystal, and sound therapy, there are a multitude of frequencies within your auric field that can be harmonized. And by harmonizing your auric field you return to a clear sense of self, and this enables function at a higher vibration that brings the body into a calmer state of being.  This then allows for your meridian channels to flow more freely, providing anxiety and stress reduction, and ultimately full body healing at a cellular level. 

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