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Shivani Patel

My name is Shivani Patel. I am a fitness enthusiast and have been playing tennis since I was 7 years old. I am from England and am grateful tennis gave me the opportunity to come to the US in 2011 on a tennis scholarship. I played tennis for 4 years at Division 1 level at Saint Francis University, PA. I was a tennis team captain in high school and in college and have a lot of experience in a leadership role for various sporting activities throughout my life. I have loved it ever since. Being active at a young age and tennis is what encouraged me to pursue a physical therapy route. 

I met my fiancé at SFU who also played golf at Division 1 level and we moved to Boston where we have been living for the past 2 years. I am a licensed Physical Therapist and this is my full time job here in Boston. I primarily work in a Skilled Nursing Facility but have a lot of experience in outpatient clinics as well. I also have a love for travelling and have been grateful to travel a lot of countries all over the world with friends, family and for tennis purposes. With my love for fitness, sports and travelling I think I would be a perfect fit for the adventure led by this company. 

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