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Yoga creates freedom, quietness, balance, strength and keeps me happy.  So, after 25 years of doing yoga, I decided to complete my 200 hour yoga certification and three years later I've finished my 500 hour certification.  Teaching has been a blast.  Yoga is different for everyone and helping students find the yoga that is best for them makes me feel great!  I've arrived in the yoga world in a non-traditional way.   

I love the mindfulness yoga offers during my day.  And it came in handy as a corporate executive for 23 years.  Sometimes the 60 minutes on my mat was the only mental break I got from all of the demands.  Whether you've never been to yoga or you are an experiences student or teacher, yoga can offer what you need - a physical push, a quiet mind, a relaxed body or a combination of all.

New students are my favorite, so don't let fear drive you away.  You can do this! Showing up is the hardest part. When it is over I promise you'll wonder why you were even concerned.  Dress comfortably, do what you can, be happy and know you'll be fine. 

I look forward to meeting you!!!   

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