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Reasons 4-7 Why You Should Consider Taking a Teaching Vacation

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There are almost too many reasons to take a teaching vacation to an incredible location like Jamaica, Curaceo, Turks & Caicos, or the Dominican Republic. Fit Bodies, Inc. is proud to have built a great community of fitness professionals like you, from group fitness and yoga, to small group PTs, Tennis and golf pros, and even DJs, who are able to travel in luxury to spread their passion and vacation at the same time.

  1. ENJOY stunning resort settings, luxury all-inclusive accommodations, world-class amenities, unsurpassed personal service and limitless gourmet fare for you and your companions. Wake up and walk out of your luxury suite right onto the beach or poolside classroom.
  2. DEMONSTRATE your dynamic skills as a fitness professional by working with a wide variety of experience levels, ages, languages and physical abilities. And these clients have yet to hear your stories! Vacations bring out the best in people. Experience smiles instead of stress and open-minded attitudes instead of “I can’t do that!” mentalities.
  3. REACH celebrity status, make new connections and create lifelong memories while simply doing what you love. Take advantage of being the fitness authority during your stay. Guests are eager to learn how they can feel and look as good as you!
  4. ESCAPE the “everyday” schedule. Teach on the beach or poolside rather than within your same four walls. Searching for shade from sun, level sand or adequate space also can serve as a fun challenge as you adapt to your vacation surroundings, and possibly give you new ideas to bring back to your turf. Use the sound of waves crashing instead of your typical speakers. Step out of your comfort zone, get creative and expand your horizons.



About Fit Bodies, Inc

Fit Bodies, Inc., is the largest teaching vacation organization in the world, providing quality fitness programming to luxury resorts throughout the Caribbean, Mexico and beyond since 1992. Our mission is to provide teaching vacations where certified professionals mix their passion with paradise, while also vacationing at luxury all-inclusive beachfront resorts.