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Fit Pro Common Vacation and Website Questions

To All Sports Professionals - Please Read Carefully

Fit Bodies, Inc. is a human resource agency. We have contracted with resorts to offer qualified, certified, educated fitness and other specialized professionals to teach and train at resort facilities as independent contractors with Fit Bodies. As independent contractors all fitness and teaching professionals acknowledge and confirm that they are not employees of Fit Bodies, Inc., its affiliates, or the resorts. All sports professionals acknowledge that they determine the methods, details, and means of their respective training and teaching services, and that Fit Bodies, Inc. does not control, direct, or supervise the professionals in their performance of such services. Fitness professionals and their traveling companions, as a condition of this agreement, shall not discuss fees or costs with any resort personnel, or guests of the resort. All issues concerning fees, charges, accommodations, amenities, scheduling or otherwise must be directed to Fit Bodies, Inc.






What is a Fit Bodies, Inc. teaching vacation?

A teaching vacation places a professional on a vacation to instruct classes minimally and enjoy the resort and all-inclusive amenities in exchange for teaching to resort guests.

What is the purpose and benefits of booking with Fit Bodies, Inc.?

Fit Bodies, Inc. is a booking agency. We have contracted with resorts to offer qualified, certified, educated fitness and other specialized professionals to teach and train the guests at resort facilities as independent contractors with Fit Bodies. As independent contractors all fitness and teaching professionals acknowledge and confirm that they are not employees of Fit Bodies, Inc., its affiliates, or the resorts.  Fit Bodies, Inc. began in 1992 offering stellar customer service to ensure teaching vacation bookings are reliable and smooth to use for the instructor and resort alike.

Who is this program for?

Experienced and certified group fitness instructors, yoga teachers, personal trainers, tennis instructors, golf pros, Zumba® instructors and Pilates teachers.  Entertainment, wellness and nutrition specialists may also find opportunities.   

What is included with a teaching vacation?

Luxury, all-inclusive resort accommodations and amenities are included at resorts for the guest instructor and one adult companion.  Family resorts additionally include two children 12 and younger with guest instructor booking. 

What is NOT included with a teaching vacation?

Flights are never included. Nor does Fit Bodies, Inc. (or resorts) pay for any travel, transfer or incurred hotel expenses at anytime. Some resorts do offer complimentary ground transfers from nearest airport.

As a qualified participant for this program, where and how do I get started?

FitnessProTravel.comis home of the Fit Bodies, Inc. teaching vacation program.  All instructors create and maintain their professional accounts on this site. FitnessProTravel shows real time teaching vacation availability, and approved account holders have booking access 24/7 to secure their vacation plans.

Qualified pros can move to page “Getting Started


How does the membership program work on FitnessProTravel.com?


Fit Bodies, Inc. and FitnessProTravel.com have a membership offer rewarding the members who invest in the program and help to keep the demands of a growing website alive.  With the BASIC (free) membership you can view complete availability but with your free membership you only have access to book about 15 resort positions.  Upgrade to any annual Premium account (including TRAVEL) for complete booking access to all positions based on teaching qualifications.  There are great reasons to upgrade your membership further than TRAVEL and you can review all membership opportunities from Basic to the Travel, Medallion and Enterprise Premium options - fitnessprotravel.com/Go-Fit-Pro-Premium


What happens after pro creates a FitnessProTravel.com account?

Access to view teaching availability is granted to completed accounts immediately. Our staff member will review your account and be in touch if more information is necessary to know how your skills best fit into the program. You will be able to log in and view and even book a teaching vacation based on your qualifications.  

What happens after a pro books teaching vacation online at FitnessProTravel.com?

Fit Bodies, Inc. office will process your teaching vacation booking within 24 hours. An email sent from service@fitnessprotravel.com regarding travel insurance will offer permission to proceed with flights anytime and you will also receive ground transportation via email if not included. Check your booking status read important Trip Details by accessing the MY TRIPS area of your account.  Concierge team is available to assist you in the meantime, should the need arise. Be ready for fun and fitness while exploring luxury resort locations worldwide!

How much teaching is required during a teaching vacation?

Never more than three hours on non-travel days. Schedules vary from resort to resort with the medium obligation at two classes daily.  Schedules and details for teaching at each resort, individually, are available on FitnessProTravel.com "Travel Spots"page.

I'm a yoga teacher or wellness expert who wants to create retreats. Can you help?

Yes, we have wonderful locations outside of the typical teaching vacation program who have a primary focus to host yoga and wellness retreats.  Work with our dedicated agent, Kelly, to create a retreat opportunity receiving assistance with management and negation of your retreat contracts. Email Kelly to assist!

Can I buy additional rooms for friends and family?

Many resorts offer our pros very good rates to bring your friends or family along with you. Rates vary based on number of guests you are adding, the resort in question and time of year of your vacation.  Email our dedicated travel agent Kelly, who can check rates and book your extra rooms.

May a third adult come along on my teaching vacation?

Some adult resorts will allow a third adult but none allow 4. All family resorts will allow a third adult (not to exceed 4 in a room) and there will be a daily cost for additional adult(s) regardless of whether children are accompanying the guest pro at family resort.  Email us for rates. 

I have a larger family than four or my children are above the age of 12. Can I still participate in the program and bring my family?

Yes, your Fit Bodies Concierge team will help you navigate options for your larger family to be accommodated at a resort. Learn more about availabilities for larger families on “TOP 5 FAQ

Can I travel and teach multiple weeks?

The admin fees listed on FitnessProTravel.com are based on weekly availability.  If a pro is looking for a long term teaching vacation placement, Fit Bodies may be able to assist depending on availability and time of desired travel.  Fit Bodies, Inc. creates teaching vacations and not job experiences where the professional instructor accepts pay for the services rendered or offered.

What are the accommodations like?

Guest instructors stay in a regular guest room at the resort they chose to book on FitnessProTravel.com. The accommodations and amenities are provided to guest instructors just the same as full paying guests.

RARE OCCURANCES:  There is a slight chance a resort may reach full capacity.  In this instance the pro may be moved off property. All of this is rare and typically avoided. Transportation will be provided when needed and all resort activities and amenities will be available to the guest fitness pros and included guests.   If you are requested to move off property for one or more nights, this is non-negotiable and your cooperation is required.   The hotels prefer to house you rather than pay for your accommodations elsewhere so this happens only if absolutely necessary.

 What is the gift fund and do all guest instructors participate in the gift fund?
See “TOP 5 FAQ”

How much does it cost to fly to the Caribbean?

Your flight cost will vary based on where you are flying from and the time of year you want to travel among other things. Check flight options and cost with a provider of your choice.  We have many resort options so many airport options: West coast pros should check PVR, SJD, HUX, ZIH and everyone should check CUN, MBJ, PUJ and also check out the Pacific MX destinations.

Are there any hidden costs?

Fit Bodies, Inc. and bookings on FitnessProTravel.com do not have a hidden cost. We present admin fees, gift fund costs, ground transportation and membership dues up front. To avoid any surprises on an instructor’s part, always review the “Travel Spots” for each resort of travel. 

Do I have to Travel Sunday to Sunday?

In most cases yes, otherwise you will be overlapping with other instructors. There are added fees for days outside of Sunday to Sunday. 

Do I take my own music?

Most resort music equipment is IPod or MP3. Bring your own cable connector in case the hotel is without one.   Some instructors travel with portable IPod speakers to be sure music can go wherever class wants to go!

What time of the day do I need to arrive and depart?

Arrival and departure anytime on Sunday is appropriate. Many resorts have actual check-in time of 3PM and checkout at 11AM. 

Travel Safety

Fit Bodies, Inc. contracts with resorts of notable luxury status. Resorts keep security of guests as top priority and it is advised to have a guide or group when and if the need to venture off-property arises.  It’s always wise to evaluate surroundings everywhere one travels whether it’s outside the home or in a foreign country. Always lock up valuables in room security safe provided at the resort.

Who is liable if someone is injured during participation in a class I am teaching?

The hotel has an umbrella policy coving all aspects of our program. Because all instructors are certified, we expect you to also be covered with your own liability policy.

May I change my dates or property once they have been confirmed?

We hope that you will not book unless you are completely confident you will be traveling the dates and resort you chose. If you change dates or locations this creates a problem for us to be able to cover abandoned dates and adds additional amount of work for Fit Bodies Inc. and the resorts. Refer to change and cancellation policy in Fit Bodies travel program terms.

Do I need a passport?

YES. If you are receiving a new one for the trip be certain the Passport office is aware of your upcoming travel dates. If you do not reside in the country you are traveling to, a passport is required.

What do I mark on the customs/immigration form?



Thank youf or reading our complete FAQ before contacting the office staff for personal assistance.  Fit Bodies, Inc. knows once you book a teaching vacation, you’ll book time and time again as this is the most fun and healthy way to enjoy a luxury all-inclusive vacation to magical destinations.