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Dec 18th, 2022 5:29:09pm
The resort has tennis equipment for the classes/clinics held at Key west tennis court on property. The food, the activities are all wonderful! Love it!! Entertainment staff are all awesome! Beaches Turks and Caicos is amazing. Over 20 restaurants and bars everywhere you turn. The beach is the most pristine and beautiful that I have ever experienced. Plenty of activities and great entertainment. I had about a dozen in my tennis classes every morning and only had to teach from 8am to 10am. They give you a day off on Saturday but I taught anyway bc the guests seemed to really like the classes. Flights were all on tiime, and only took 10 minutes to get through customs. Was at the resort 30 minutes after flight landed. GREAT!
Anna T.
Mar 1st, 2016 5:26:50am
Can you tell us a bit about your classes, from teaching times to number of participants? :: My teaching schedule at this resort was wonderful. Leonardo, the fitness pro at the resort discussed the classes offered at the resort, and we worked out my schedule. The resort does not alter their schedule, which is actually nice to adhere to a routine. I taught every morning at 7:00 am. The early morning classes were not that busy. I guess that since this week was a holiday break for some states, there were a lot of families with small children making it difficult to get out of the room early. The classes varied from a stretch on the beach, to a power walk around the resort for 7:00 am. There was an 8:00 am class every morning consisting of either zumba or bootcamp/tabata. We split days, and I taught bootcamp/tabata. The classes were taught outside on a stage, and attendance was about 10. The workouts were great and very energetic. Aqua was at 10:30 which I taught everyday. Attendance at this class was the busiest, ranging usually over 20 participants. Leonardo assisted in the preparation of the sound system, and was very helpful all around. Leonardo was at every class, and took some of the classes I taught. The Spa Manager who was my contact Devie-Ann was very awesome. Upon my arrival she gave me a tour of the property. Overall, the staff, property, entertainment was 5*. This resort did have a lot of families about 95% so keep that in mind. Personally I didn't mind, but you should know this when booking this resort. I would definitely return to this resort! But.....worth it. Thanks again Fitbodies for this great opportunity!!!! I have been working/travelling with Fitbodies for many years....and I have had only great experiences. This includes the Fitbodies staff and the staff at the resorts I have travelled to. When I travel to the resorts, I have always had a great time. I take the time out when I arrive to meet my contact and let them know that I am there to help out in any way that I can. I go over the schedule, and be prepared to be flexible to their needs. I always arrive a few minutes before my class with enthusiasm. Your energy is important to the staff. I guess always have a bright smile...after all you are on vacation!! Thanks again for this great working vacation!!
Dec 19th, 2014 5:51:37am
Vacation was fantastic. Taught daily but was fully recharged when I returned home. Had an average of 10 students each morning. Resort preferred morning activities. Was in contact with Fitness Director daily. They did not schedule anything in the afternoon. Not rushing back to the courts at 5pm made for a much more enjoyable vacation. This was my 5th Fit Bodies vacation...and best.
Al Aloisi
Mar 4th, 2014 12:57:44pm
Forgot to select the rating. Of course, it only permits up to 5 stars. I would add at least one more STAR. This resort is awesome. Been there several times. The Italian Village, the Water Park & the Key West Village were not there the last time we went. I had both seniors and children tennis clinics students each day.
steve godiksen
Feb 25th, 2014 2:13:33pm
What a great resort. Everything about it was top notch. The food was amazing. So many restaurants to choose from and they were all so good. Clean, safe, well trained staff and they all couldn't have been friendlier. Any activity you would want was there for your enjoyment. The tennis courts were great, many guests from all parts of the world came out and joined the clinics. Had more fun and laughs with them. Great time, great place, and hope will be able to do it again some day SOON
Wolfgang Jaeger
Feb 19th, 2014 3:32:08am
A well-deserved 5 Star Resort.. Professionally managed, with great facilities and amenities. Wonderful, friendly staff. I definitely will go back.
Melinda Tate
Feb 11th, 2014 2:51:54pm
One of the best resorts we've ever visited. Fantastic staff, clean, beautiful everywhere, best food , water park and surfing simulator in the carribean. one of the entertainment directors ( Lucy), went out her way to make me feel welcome. Renee, Orion, & David from Iquana and Turtles bars were the best. Thanks Beaches for a Great week!!!!
Mike Michaud
Jan 20th, 2014 4:40:21pm
This resort is spectacular, especially if you have children. Tons of food options, incredibly helpful and courteous staff, great snorkeling right off the beach, awesome pools and the most beautiful water I have seen anywhere in the caribbean. I can't recommend Beaches Turks and Caicos enough!
Eugene Shmuylovich
Jan 2nd, 2014 7:45:10am
Resort and service are outstanding. Food is great. Programs for kids are unbelievable. Beach and sea water quality are not real. People in resort are very professional. Enjoy to visited that fabulous resort.

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