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Krista Fogelsong
Mar 20th, 2020 4:40:47pm
March 8-15 2020 --Back from Breathless Punta Cana. Despite some hiccups it was another great teaching vacay. It rained 3 of the 6 days I taught, so I had to teach in the club which was at the other end of the resort. I taught 1 class at 9...or 9:30 on rainy days. I had between 1 and 6 people each day. Once we got outside I had my husband help me get the towels to the beach. The E team tends to be on island time so you're kind of on your own to get things ready. It's a gorgeous beach and it's great that you have full access to NOW Onyx next door. There are 2 pools at Breathless..one is more of a younger crowd with a DJ and the one closer to the beach was more my speed but still a blast. We also had a great time at NOW. There are waterslides with some fun bartenders. Please feel free to ask questions. Or follow me on insta @flnewschick We were there when Corona Virus panic set in- in the U.S. But, the resort was packed and we just missed the chaos.
Lynn Maine
Jan 29th, 2020 2:04:38pm
Classes were held on the beach. Entertainment staff brought down towels, and I brought them back after class. I started off with 2 people on Monday morning, and by the end of the week I had an average of 15 people. I taught a vinyasa flow yoga class each day.
Lynn S.
Jan 29th, 2020 1:38:34pm
This is my third teaching vacation at Breathless. I taught one yoga class every morning at 9am. I started off with 2 people on Monday and the class grew every day, by the end of the week I had 15 people. Breathless is a very busy, party place and by 9:30 the DJ is setting up on the beach. I brought music but staff and guests preferred no music just the sounds of the ocean. As soon as mediation was over, the DJ would turn on the music and start the party. The resort and beach are beautiful, something for everyone whether you are looking for quiet or activity. There is a brand new fitness facility there that is state of the art! It is absolutely gorgeous . The proximity to the Now resort gives you many options for restaurants. The E team is very fun and worked hard to promote yoga, as well as the other activities. I took Spanish and aqua aerobics every day. Great teaching vacation..thank you Fit Pro!
Gina, Eagleville Pa
Dec 12th, 2019 9:46:35am
95% of the experience was wonderful, but they did not advertise my class as I thought they would. The daily activity sheet was only offered if you went to the front desk every day to ask for one. Most people didn't even know they were there.I suggested them giving them out daily in the rooms, or the night before. Other resorts I taught had done that and everyone was aware of the classes being offered. Otherwise, it was a great experience and I loved working with the guests that I solicited for my classes. The entertainment team was very helpful in every other way.
Samantha. Delaware.
Dec 11th, 2019 3:36:38pm
Throughout the week long stay at Breathless, I taught a kickboxing class each morning on the beach. It was such a rewarding experience for me being able to spread my love of health and fitness in such a beautiful place. As we punched, kneed and kicked, the waves crashed beside us on the shoreline. I had a class size ranging from 7-15 participants each day. The entertainment team at Breathless went above and beyond to ensure that I was comfortable and had everything that I needed to perform at my best. We had towels as mats and was able to grab waters for all participants after class from the bar that was nearby. It was such a wonderful experience working with FitBodies and I will definitely return for another vacation soon!!
Deanna, Ohio
Sep 24th, 2019 11:20:47am
I taught a Yoga vinyasa flow, class, modified depending on participants level. During the 3 weeks I taught there were between 2 and 26 participants ranging in age from 20-60 years old; some brought entire families to try vacation yoga on the beach. Loved working with their awesome E-Team.
Apr 29th, 2019 12:08:08pm
Breathless does it again! What a wonderful place to teach. This was my second trip to Breathless PC and it was outstanding! I taught beach bootcamp and usually had 4-6 participants. DJ Rumix would be set up every morning to play my playlist. The sand and sun were challenging so just make sure to have some extra waters for your class to stay hydrated! Breathless E-Team was phenomenal -the entertainment and activities available after class on this trip were non-stop. (I don't think those guys actually sleep) Resort, restaurants, and staff were all top notch. Having access to NOW Onyx and Dreams is an extra bonus for additional restaurants, activities, and scenery. If you are looking for an action packed, entertainment filled teaching vacation this is the place! (There's also a quiet spots if you don't!)
Renee CO
Nov 30th, 2018 10:07:03am
Tell us more about your classes, from teaching location, times to number of participants... I taught at 9-10 am Mon-Sat at the beach. I had (on average) 10 people a day at my classes. Some participants came all days! They did not have sound ser up in time for my class but had it for the 10am HIITs classes. The eteam was friendly and super helpful getting mats set out and taking attendance-so I could concentrate on greeting guests and teaching. It waa a wonderful experience! If applicable, tell us us about music system, cords or fitness-related equipment available for class usage. Applicable question given power yoga usually has music. There were no extras for class (straps, blocks, etc) - only towels and mats. I was told I’d get a sound system but it was never ready for 9am class so I brought my own which worked absufine and was no hassle at all!
May 10th, 2018 9:22:25am
Nice party-oriented resort, but there are options if you are looking for relaxation/quiet time. Very good food and great service!
May 3rd, 2018 12:51:53pm
I taught two pilates classes each morning. The first day there were no attendees and the staff said this was normal as most people party pretty hard on sunday After that both classes were very well attended through the week. There were a couple days where the 8 am class was smaller 2-3 people. But most days we had the entire pool deck filled. It wasn't a large space so max we cold fit comfortably was 7 people including myself. One day we squeezed in an 8th. I loved the resort and them and would totally go again.
Nalisa Kansas City
May 3rd, 2018 12:37:15pm
I taught at 9 am and 10 am. I went down with the intention of teaching 50-60 minute classes but the participants really preferred 30-45 minutes depending on the people. The beginning of the week I had people who exercised routinely at home and were looking for similar experiences. By the end of the week most of the people who came were not as avid of exercises and I adapted my classes to their level of fitness. I had 1-5 people per class each day. Again, the beginning of the week was busier. The resort had my classes listed on the activity schedule daily. The entertainment staff did not arrive until about 10 and they had to set up stuff but 1-3 of them would take the 10 class.
Mandy McCarl
May 3rd, 2018 11:33:52am
My Pilates class was at 9:30 am following a gentle yoga. I only had participants on 4 days. By 9:30 am it gets very hot on the beach and it didn't appear that many wanted to work out. I think if the Yoga had followed the Pilates instead of the other way around, it would have been better attended. 2-4 attendees per class. The previous year when I taught at the same resort, I had 8 each class. I think it just depends on the week and whether vacationers are wanting to workout or not. The E team was not always around prior to my class at 9:30 am, so there wasn't much help promoting the morning of. All around, it was a great trip as always, and we can home refreshed and tan and ready to book another trip.
Cori Price
Apr 9th, 2018 10:14:07pm
My husband and I just returned from Breathless, and we had a GREAT time! I was originally scheduled to teach Zumba, but the resort contacted FitBodies and conveyed that they wanted a different format, so I switched it to Kickboxing instead. I was scheduled to teach a 9:30 a.m. class on the beach right after Yoga. Since I was on the beach, I kept the movements very simple and also had a segment where we used palm trees to stabilize ourselves doing slow kicks. The resort had a DJ there every day, which was a nice way to get the energy started in class. Food was very good--especially the Dominican and Asian restaurants--and drinks were excellent. Dany (at the quiet side pool) and Michael (at the party pool) were both exceptional bartenders and lots of fun. Everyone at the resort works extremely hard, but the E-team truly stands out for the time they put into making people comfortable and how easy they make it look. Even if you aren't looking to be at a 24-hour party, there are quieter pools to relax and rooms where you can get some good rest.
Feb 6th, 2018 3:47:57pm
I taught mostly Aqua Zumba (one day was regular Zumba) once a day at 1030am. I had anywhere from 3 participants to 10 and the E-Team was very helpful spreading the word on my class. There was some mix up on what I was going to teach (I was told the resort would handle aqua and I would be teaching regular Zumba on the beach, but the E-Team supervisor first thought I was going to teach Bootcamp, and finally had me teach Aqua Zumba each day instead at the pool, minus one day of regular Zumba at the poolside). I was also told upon arrival that my teaching time would either be in the morning or the afternoon each day. I tried getting this info each afternoon for the following day but the staff did not have an answer, so I had to wait until that morning to find out either on the TV (channel 2 has the day schedule) or from the paper schedule (it was very relaxed there... I went with the flow and wasn't stressed by this at all). The expectation was that you would teach a 30-40min class. Coming from the cold MN tundra, 30-35mins was about my limit for the first few days (with all the energy and jumping I do in my classes!). I suggest getting to the class area a few mins early each day as there were a few times the guy in charge of the speaker forgot to leave me connecting cords, so I needed to find an E-Team member to help me out. Overall this was an awesome resort to teach for... very supportive and a lot of fun! I was treated like one of the family while still receiving the full benefits of a guest!
Jan 24th, 2018 2:45:45pm
Taught yoga week of 1/14/18. E-team is "laid-back" compared to other teaching vacations I've been on. Some mornings didn't see an E-team member until the 9:30am class was starting. I was asked to teach yoga at 8:30am and had between 3-10 participants. The classes are listed on the daily sheet, however, the sheets are not placed in the rooms and you cannot find them available at the front desk or towel desk until around 10am. The classes are listed on the TVs, however, the date on the TV for classes was for the previous week. Some visitors said they were unsure about if and when classes were taking place. The beach and the pools are great. The food and services are good but not great. Rooms were dated and had the very basics. You could go over to Now Onyx resort within walking distance and we did enjoy that facility which is newer and more romantic in the restaurants. Overall great time, but it wasn't our best teaching experience with FitPro.
Michelle Baird
Jan 16th, 2018 9:33:51pm
What a great week! Taught at Breathless PC December 2017. Th E-Team comes out every morning to support you and help recruit participants. I taught at 9:30 Beach Bootcamp. I had about 4-6 people on average. The sand was a little tricky and it was a windy week but we had some great workouts. I brought mini bands to add additional resistance and variety for the class. Yoga mats were available for core work. Resort was great. This was my third Breathless teaching vaca and I love the Breathless resorts and teaching at them!!
Tim Wernentin
Nov 15th, 2017 3:12:51pm
I taught Boot Camp once per day and had between 2 and 12 participants daily. I LOVED my visit to Breathless Punta Cana!! Literally everything was perfect. The E Team was extremely helpful, the room, food, resort, beach, ambiance were all FANTASTIC!! I will certainly return as my stay was phenomenal! Can't wait to go back!
Shayla D.
Jun 27th, 2017 11:36:02am
I loved this resort and the teaching experience and I plan to return again soon. Keep in mind that you have to remain flexible at this resort as sometimes your class may not start on time due to factors outside of your control. Also know that you will have to teach in the SAND; for a dance fitness format such as Zumba this can be slightly difficult. Thus all Zumba Fitness instructors be prepared to modify your playlist and choreography accordingly. The E-Team were all friendly and super helpful. My two classes were spaced out during the day (10 am and 4:30 pm) which did make it difficult to participate in other off-resort activities, so keep that in mind. My room was extremely nice and I was super pleased about that.
Krista R
Apr 17th, 2017 11:43:05am
I taught one yoga class each morning at 9:00 am. Had about 10-12 participants and probably could have had more but mats were limited. We did yoga on the beach for the first few days but it was honestly very messy and sandy so the last few days we moved to a near by grassy area with very short cut grass and it worked very well there. The participants loved my classes and were sad to see me go. I had a wonderful time teaching and it was the perfect start to the day :)
Lynn S.
Apr 1st, 2017 4:07:08pm
I just came back from 2 weeks in the DR...one week at Breathless and one week at Secrets. I have been to Breathless before and absolutely love the resort. I taught an 8:30 yoga class each morning, ranging from 2 - 15 people. The E-team loves having someone there early, so I was comfortable in getting the mats and towels and setting up the class. There was a boot camp class that followed,and that was fun having another FitbBodies instructor there. The guests loved the class, more importantly they appreciate the class. It's important to find your contact Sunday so that you know where the maps and the beach are. After that, you will be very comfortable setting up. The restaurants are awesome, Culinaria is my favorite. I also love fish, so you can't beat the fresh fish options at every restaurant! The beach is gorgeous and great to run early in the morning, or walk later on. There is alot of activity going on at Breathless, (we were there over St Patrick's Day) but you can always find a quiet spot if you prefer. I love the lazy river pool in the back at the end of the afternoon. Great trip..thank you FitBodies!
Jennifer P
Mar 27th, 2017 2:13:19pm
Know that the atmosphere is very lax at Breathless. There's no set area of the beach to teach, there's only 5 use able yoga mats (we used beach towels), and there was contradicting info on the Breathless app versus the TV channel indicating what time yoga took place.
Linda Z
Mar 16th, 2017 11:13:14am
I taught at 9:30 AM on the beach . Great start high energy crowd first 3 days 10-12 people ! A few were from Cross Fit gyms one of which owned a gym. They loved the workout ! We all found it challenging in the sand. I wish I had someone take pics those days !!! I had a nice group of 8-10 . Taught 3 classes mid week. Least amount was only one day I had 2 people at 9:30! That was the day my husband showed up to take pics
Colleen W
Dec 28th, 2016 12:35:30pm
I was asked to teach Yoga classes on the beach at 8am daily.(followed by the Group Fitness class at 9am) Since this is an adult only, high energy resort with great nightlife, I was delighted to have 5 to 8 students in these early morning classes. I tailored the classes to the younger (25-35 year old) participants and they were very well received with students coming back for subsequent classes.The resort and the rooms are beautiful. I mentioned that the nightlife here is fantastic...The 8am Yoga class is a bit early for guests who have been out dancing until 1am or later...I think a class later in the morning would have attracted a bigger turnout but the challenge is that it becomes too hot to do Yoga on the beach later in the morning. I made it a point to connect with guests throughout the day to let them know about the Yoga classes and that was helpful. All in all this was a very positive experience.
Gina R.
Nov 28th, 2016 5:16:01am
I taught one 8am morning yoga class on the beach. If it rained, I did not teach. I brought towels down to the beach and waters so the guests did not have to. Sometimes the towel stand was not open yet, but a hotel staff member always helped me with towels if necessary. Most everyday they were opening the towel stand. I had from 4 to 10 participants, but the guests came back which was great. They want you to teach on the beach which is in front of a bar hut. During this hour they would be getting ready or cleaning up the beach so I tried to go to a spot that was more quiet, but it still was fabulous!! I would definitely recommend teaching here!
Charlotte W
Nov 3rd, 2016 4:55:16am
Upon arrival Anthony Moreno, the Activities Manager, met me and showed me around. He is fantastic and made me feel very welcome. Since there was another Fitbodies instructor there at the same time he only wanted me to teach one session a day at 9:30am. I could teach whatever I wanted so I chose boxing and bootcamp sessions. It is hot at that time BUT any earlier and nobody would come as everyone sleeps in after a late night partying at this resort. Small number, about 4-7 people on average in attendance. The dj met me every morning on the beach to set up and play my music. You have yoga mats, boxing gloves if you request them and body weight exercises. I also made my guests run into the sea a LOT because it was hot. Beautiful beach to coach on. Wonderful experience, different to any other resort I have been to. Entertainment team definitely prefer it if you are a bit crazy and like to join in with lots of the activities! I also found that joining in activities myself meant I met a lot more guests and could invite them to my classes. A very fun adult only resort with parties day and night. If you don't like loud music and dancing and you prefer a quiet, relaxing resort then don't choose this one. I had so much fun and met many wonderful people. The spa is magnifico by the way make sure you book in here. Thank you Suzelle and Fitbodies!!!

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