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Dec 23rd, 2023 1:13:15pm
I taught Aqua Zumba, STRONG Nation/ STRONG Nation- 30 minute class. I brought my own bluetooth speaker. This resort has a low turnover rate so staff often remember you as a repeat guest. They are wonderful!
Oct 9th, 2023 7:38:48am
Staff very welcoming and friendly and the reason I returned (3x a in 8 months) great food and fabulous resort! Hi Only hiccup was Check in on my fitbodies app didn’t work this time on my phone so I emailed my checkin. Other than that no problems.
Aug 18th, 2023 5:47:12am
For tennis they have balls, racquets, cones, water, towels. I love having plenty of time to vacation with my partner. Everything was great and everyone was lovely.
Jul 11th, 2023 11:00:43pm
Overall the experience and customer service was outstanding! I felt very supported and taken care of during the entire trip. Teaching at Couples San Souci absolutely exceeded my expectations. I am not one to repeat resorts, but I would book another trip here in a heartbeat. The class schedule and the overall beauty of the resort and island have my heart! So grateful for the incredible participants that took my class and have become some awesome friends by the end of the week! The team provided me with a bluetooth speaker for my classes in the mineral pool and outdoor studio.
Jul 3rd, 2023 11:27:02pm
The hotel staff was friendly and courteous. Always ready to help. My tennis teaching vacation exceeded my expectations. I am planning to return.
Jun 30th, 2023 8:39:12am
Very friendly and helpful. They want you to enjoy a vacation not just teach. Staff super friendly and take care of you and your guest like family. Was just there on Nov and back in April. They remember you and have a hug waiting because they are so happy to see you! They have us a great room and made super we felt welcomed! I taught barre, aqua, and gx - they have some nice equipment to use like aqua weights (11 sets) and steps (6), and yoga mats. I took my own portable Bluetooth.
May 23rd, 2023 9:13:48am
The resort has good equipment and motivated guests to take classes. In general, the staff here are excellent. The E team does not really connect to the fitness, but the ED is available for questions. I love teaching on vacation!
May 10th, 2023 5:53:48pm
Staff is very helpful and efficient. As usual the teaching vacation allowed me to work with guest who loved tennis and also experience a lovely resort with my wife. The food is wonderful!
Apr 27th, 2023 8:00:44pm
Staff is very connected. E-team not involved with fitness much, but on site fitness director is helpful. Very grateful for the opportunity to travel and teach!
Apr 13th, 2023 9:08:13am
The resort, The food, The time to relax and rejuvenate - all great and perfect. No suggestions - experience was perfect.
Apr 6th, 2023 8:34:36pm
Always excellent. I have very little communication about my classes with the entertainment Director, but that’s probably because he knows that I know my way around. I love posting about my great experience! Lots of great equipment to use, from steps to aqua weights. Love this resort!
Mar 18th, 2023 11:00:26pm
Our trip was fabulous. As you can see from our history, we love CSS and even being bumped to tower Isle - just our 2nd time this has happened in all these years of traveling high season (traveled in Jan) - our trip was wonderful. CSS provided transportation to us every day back and forth and they were all wonderful. Tower Isle is like a 2 minute drive. Thanks for all you all do to keep this program running so well!!!!!! Wonderful trip as always! We are booked already for February 2024! And hoping to get another trip in later this year or a second in 2024!
Feb 27th, 2023 9:48:33pm
The entertainment team did not promote fitness at all on the mic in the evening. They are low key. That is their vibe. Personally I’d rather teach if I’m scheduled to teach. The main problem is the class schedule is inaccurate on their printed material and on their app. There are 3 post boards and only one had the fitness scheduled correctly on it. I put up my flyer with the schedule hand written on it. This was my second teaching vacation to Sans Souci. It’s a favorite location and I’ll book again.
Jan 3rd, 2023 11:04:27pm
Staff- ALL amazing just as expected with 5 star Couples Resort! Fitness Manager Dewayne was fantastic and super easy to work with! Hotel Manager LaShon was a delightful and welcoming manager. She was helpful and made sure I was able to have a fabulous vacation. Ruth at Spa LMT was superb! Super friendly and enjoyable! Nangley grounds staff- so helpful! He showed me around and was so friendly and helpful! Baggage staff always 5 star super helpful and so fun to be round! Service staff always remembered you by name and had a hug waiting for you! Definitely felt like “HOME” can’t wait to go back!
Dec 28th, 2022 3:05:40pm
Taught Group Fitness, Aqua Programming, Barre, Pilates. They have Steppers, weights, pool bells and drum sticks. I brought my own bluetooth speaker. This was perfect.
Dec 11th, 2022 10:09:16pm
Hi, I taught Group Fitness, Aqua Programming at the Palapa over the gym, in the Mineral Pool, and Powerwalk around the pond . They have mats, light hand weights, aqua dumbbells. The staff is wonderful at Sans Souci! The Entertainment team is small, but super awesome! They will assist you in anything you need and Alex the supervisor is very helpful, too. Dwayne is the Gym supervisor was who explained the schedule and is always there if you have any issues. I always go inside the gym to say hi - and the gym is a nice little spot for a workout in AC! I love the FitBodies Facebook page! Connecting with other instructors, reading each review, helpful hints, etc has been awesome!We used Club Mobay upon arrival and departure making the airport navigation very easy. However, the Montego Bay was empty both times for this trip! It just depends on flight times!
May 16th, 2022 1:22:00pm
I love this resort. Easy with the complimentary airport transportation and I book Club MoBay for customs and check in ease, plus the snacks in the lounge and wifi! Taught Group Fitness, Aqua Programming at Fitness outdoor pavilion and mineral pool. They have Weights and water weights.
Apr 16th, 2022 8:04:07am
Taught Yoga, Group Fitness, and Aqua Programming at the end of March. The open-air studio is lovely! Plan on body weight classes just in case. Can use 3 and 5 pound dumbbells if small class. I brought my own Bluetooth speaker. Hotel staff, entertainment team, fitness manager, chefs, bartenders are all friendly and wonderful!! Teaching at Couples San Souci was great, as usual. Classes were small but I did get to teach them all. The last class is done at 11:30 and you get to relax and enjoy the rest of your day. Getting to Couples San Souci was smooth. Custom lines at airport where long but Club Mobay got us through quickly - less than 30 minutes. We had time for a quick bite and drink before shuttle to resort. Check in was quick but our room wasn’t ready yet so we had lunch at the beach and got our room after. Masks are still required when indoors and in buffet lines. This was our fifth time at the resort so didn’t need to be shown around. I was told to meet the Fitness Manager, Duane, Monday morning at 8:15. The Tuesday/Thursday 8 am Yoga is not on the schedule so I told the people who were there for the Monday class that I would be there Tuesday and Thursday. I had 3 people for Yoga 8 and 2 for Mon/Tues/Thurs Cardio. I did Cardio Tai Box Monday and brought weights up from fitness room for Cardio Sculpt Tues/Thurs. Aqua classes had 6-10 people. I used my own bluetooth speaker which was easier than using the stereo I used past trips. I printed the basic flyer since I wasn’t sure what the schedule would be. I would recommend printing a couple with the specific times and classes because there was confusion about the Tues/Thurs yoga classes. I am not big on social media but I think posting and promoting classes would help guests who follow the resort group on social media. Definitely get travel insurance. We always have it but this is first time using it. We found out our flights home were cancelled when we were almost at the airport. We were able to find flight on another airline out of Jamaica Sunday but did not get home until Tuesday.
Apr 5th, 2022 1:58:59pm
I taught group fitness, aqua programming, Pilates in the studio and pool. They have mats, weights, pool bouyies. I took my on JBL Bluetooth speaker and used music already downloaded. I walked around and invited guests to join and classes were also promotes on the activity board... Although the classes were posted on the activity board at the main pool it only provided times, not the class which changes depending on the guest instructor. I love the resort, the ease of the booking experience, and teaching while also on vacation! Overall, the experience was amazing and I have every intention to return. No travel issues, love that Couples provides transportation
Vicki P
Mar 9th, 2022 7:03:04pm
Just returned from teaching Group Fitness at this facility. Very laid back and highly recommend. I taught M, T, Th, F having off Wed and Sat. Classes were in the morning, 8 and/or 9 and 11am aqua. Highly recommend and will be back!
Feb 23rd, 2022 9:03:41am
I taught Yoga, Group Fitness, Aqua Programming, Meditation here. Class at pool and pavilion and they have mats, sticks and aqua barbells. I used my IPod and personal bluetooth for music. This amazing staff at Sans Souci is a huge reason we keep returning to this resort. It does feel like a second home and I am comfortable withthe setup. I absolutely LOVE having the opportunity to teach at resorts...especially Sans Souci. PCR test is only free to the full paying guests (who have paid for six nights minimum) no big deal but fyi. Can't wait to return!
Dec 20th, 2021 5:33:48pm
I thoroughly enjoyed this experience. It was really great. they have water weights and regular weights. And mats. Airport was smooth. transportation was smooth. I decided I prefer the adult resorts. Wonderful. can't wait to travel again!
Dec 15th, 2021 10:03:52am
I taught Yoga, Group Fitness, Aqua Programming, Meditation at the pool and pavilion. They have yoga mats, sticks, aqua barbells and used my Ipod and speaker for music. I look forward to booking again in 3-6 months! The booking experience is well-organized. Feels like a second home and LOVE having the opportunity to teach at resorts. The staff here is a big reason we continue to return.
Dec 10th, 2021 7:06:02pm
I taught Yoga, Group Fitness, Aqua Programming. Classes are at (or in) the pool, fitness studio. There are Mats for yoga, water weights for aqua. I love the time to relax and rejuvinate, The resort guests, Teaching while also on vacation! I use fitbodies frequently and love my teaching vacations. All was good. Teaching was great this trip.
Oct 11th, 2021 1:18:53pm
I offered yoga, group fitness and aqua fitness programming on the pavillion and in the mineral pool. They have yoga mats, dumbbells, and water dumbbells. I used my phone and bluetooth for music. I love the resort! And my students and being able to teach is all wonderful! Everyone is wonderful.. Very helpful and friendly. It was a wonderful experience as always. Getting to teach in the most beautiful locations is amazing.

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Couples Sans Souci