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Donna, Montreal, Canada
Mar 2nd, 2020 1:40:29pm
It was a very relaxed yoga class. 30 minutes. Between 8 and 30 participants, usually around 10-15 per day. The age varied between 30 years old and 75 years old.
Delores Halifax Nova Scotia
Dec 12th, 2019 9:39:54am
I taught at this resort last year it is a nice teaching vacation you only need to do 1 class in the morning at 930 a 45 minute class is what you need to teach. I was flexible with the location of the class if there was something going on I just moved the class. I walked around with the yoga mats to advertise the class that really helped.
Angela from Wisconsin
Jun 26th, 2019 2:07:14pm
Yoga was scheduled to begin at 9 am each morning. Most of the attendees were from Europe and many don't speak any English. I would simply do a slow practice and they would follow along. I taught a slow flow with a long restorative posture to end the class. The staff was delightful and super helpful.
Joni M
Apr 20th, 2017 10:29:55am
I taught at 9:30 for one hour and 4pm for 30 minutes every day. Mornings had 2-10 participants. Afternoons often cancelled for lack of participation but had 4-6 a few times. Students were super fun and friendly. Resort forgot almost every day to list yoga on their activity sheet. Or they called it "morning stretch" for 30 minutes followed by aerobics when it was actually an hour of morning yoga. This is a new resort. On the one hand, everything is clean and new. On the other, I felt like they weren't really sure why I was there. And the resort gift I brought at their request-- they seemed confused when I presented my items. So it was awkward at first. I suppose FitBodies is also new to them. I was frustrated when I gently encouraged them several times to ensure my classes were listed as taking place twice a day in the daily activity sheet -- and most days my classes weren't listed. Word of mouth allowed my class size to increase as time went on. And the entertainment staff and students literally couldn't have been any friendlier! They treated me always with kindness and enthusiasm. My guess is that the teaching experience will run smoothly once they have a little more experience with FitBodies instructors. The setting, teaching on the beach, was lovely. And the food was yummy. Lots of healthy options too. And the circus themed show is phenomenal!!! The FirBodies team prior to my visit was out of this world. Extraordinary responsiveness. Very organized. And despite some areas in need of improvement, it was a very enjoyable week and I was grateful for every moment that FitBodies allowed me and my friend to enjoy the warm sun and blue skies and friendly people. And teaching on the beach is a dream!
Rosalind F
Mar 14th, 2017 10:43:00am
Wonderful experience- resort is gorgeous. plenty of fruits and vegetables, they are going out of their way to make this top notch.
Laurissa Manning
Feb 16th, 2017 5:08:24pm
see post and pics below from trip in Feb 2017
Laurissa Manning
Feb 11th, 2017 8:45:45pm
I visited Dreams Dominicus from Feb 5-12,2017. The resort is very new. The entertainment staff were very friendly. I was able to choose my schedule so I taught Essentrics from 930-1030 but could have taught two 30 minute classes in that time slot. I picked up my mats from the entertainment each morning and after the first 2 days they had my music set up for me- I would remind them each morning. We had a lovely shaded spot by the beach but in clear view so people could see us in. One morning the beach was closed for a photo shoot so I taught in their gym. The gym has an adjacent terrace which is perfect for classes. We enjoyed the food but out favourite spot was the Seaside Grill- no reservations required. We loved that they had a 24 hour cafe too. The resort has construction taking place across the street and to one side but we didn't really notice it. Our room was gorgeous, a beautiful junior suite with tons of space and a private deck. There are lots of different spots around this intimate resort depending on what you want- a relaxing pool, a livelier pool and a party pool near the swim up bar. This was my first teaching vacation and I really enjoyed it. The resort had a mix of ages - families and older couples. Wonderful staff, lovely rooms, really.nice amenities. We would come back.

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Dreams Dominicus La Romana