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Ian Shoup
Mar 3rd, 2020 3:49:51pm
Instructed yoga here each morning the last week of February. The staff were very friendly and were flexible with the teaching schedule. Taught a 7am and 8am class. Most of the yogis were 40+ years old and spanned the spectrum of experience. Had on average 6-8 students per class. There were 10 mats to use. It was challenging trying to get cleaner for the mats from the resort staff. Resort was very nice (this was my first all inclusive experience and trip to Mexico) and the Huatulco area was fun to explore.
Suzy Seminaris
Dec 31st, 2019 2:51:15pm
I instructed spin each morning at 9:00. There are only 6 bikes not including instructor bike. I did bring my flyers with me and only saw one of them tacked on the activities board by the theater. There is a electronic activity board that had me listed on their daily. I had 5 folks daily in the morning and no one at 5:00 pm. Resort was very nice but language barrier was a bit of a challenge. I brought my own speaker but it wouldn't connect with their wifi which was sketchy. Was not easy locating activities Director my first 2 days there, once I got a hold of him I got a huge speaker from the theater and that worked great and we were good to go! Everyone who worked at the resort was super nice. I will say that coming from Chicago there are no direct flights. Made for a long travel day for me... but it was still worth it and would love to return and teach again. Oh and the bikes were not the best and had no clips (though I was informed that ahead of time). My bike broke during the week so I did instruct off bike 2 times. Great, friendly and safe area surrounding resort. Beautiful people :)
May 14th, 2019 9:23:00am
Also, they had no idea who I was when I checked in. They did not have my room read and went around trying to find out who I was and what I was doing there.
May 14th, 2019 9:22:02am
I traveled to Hualtuco in September 2017. The resort was okay and comfortable. Not much in the surrounding areas but the entertainment team was very nice. I went during off season so no one was really at the resort. A very quiet week and I only taught 1 class the entire time to 3 people. The gym was okay. The bikes and equipment were very old. I was on the schedule to teach at 9am and 5pm. The entire week not one person showed up to 9am and one night 3 people showed up for a spin class at 5pm. They keep the resort very clean. Not much entertainment at the resort. The food was okay, but the drinks were better. The whole time I was there, I mostly ate in the main dining / cafeteria style area because the nicer restaurants on site were closed. I would not go here again (I would rather visit other places) but it is nice if you are looking for a quiet and relaxing getaway.
Denise Armstrong
Jan 20th, 2019 3:22:20pm
Stars to add to my previous rating
Denise Armstrong
Jan 6th, 2019 10:46:57am
I just returned from a fabulous teaching vacation at Dreams Huatulco from Dec. 9-16/2018. It was simply awesome. The staff is super friendly and helpful. The Activities Staff is nothing but awesome and energetic! They participated in each class. I did a stretching class at 9:30 each morning which initially took place in the gazebo garden. Attendance was small but they had good energy. However, on the third day we had to move the class to the fitness center due an infestation of mosquitoes. (The only downfall to the resort). Moving the class rendered no participants so I just worked out myself. I taught Zumba 3 days at 5:00 in the afternoon at poolside. No mosquitoe issues then and had great attendance. The food and service was excellent. Aside from the mosquitoe ( who had no respect for any kind of repellent, I called them Ninja mosquitoes), I would definitely return. I also enjoyed the free water sport activities. Great place to take the kids
Susanne - Ontario Canada
Dec 28th, 2018 8:45:59am
I taught (2) classes/day in the garden/gazebo area. It was a beautiful spot facing the ocean and offered a bit of privacy as well. Teaching at a resort added a beautiful component to my vacation. I met many special people and it felt more like home. Definitely worthwhile, and I look forward to many more trips in the future.
Darcie, Las Vegas
Dec 11th, 2018 10:09:17am
Everyone was very nice at the resort. The activities director did not speak english but someone else was able to translate for us. I didn't see much efforts in advertising that a Fitness Specialist was there and teaching, this comment was made by a guest.
Michael from Pittsburgh
Jun 7th, 2018 10:13:46am
Tennis classes were very busy, 4 - 8 people/day from 7:30 am-10 am. after that it was too hot. Also, 1 evening class, nice and cool at night.Beautiful resort,beautiful place-Huatulco and a nice ocean front room and great 90 degree sunny weather all week.
Anna from Idaho
Jun 7th, 2018 10:12:30am
Teaching - Aqua Zumba classes were well advertised on the daily schedule, and were held in the main pool and they were huge! So much fun, and great energy! Playmakers like to join in and get the crowd going, so getting guests involved is no problem. We spent some time on our extra days there checking out the towns of Santa Cruz and La Crucecita. We felt very safe during our travels, using the local taxi, it is a short commute to small towns and the airport. We took a Bay Tour by boat, where we snorkeling a enjoyed a beach almost all to ourselves, gorgeous!! Enjoyed my stay. We would return to Huatulco, but would probably look into teaching at Secrets, which is fairly close to Dreams.
Mary Zadel
Apr 20th, 2017 9:57:54am
I offered Spin Classes in the gym on the 6 Schwinn indoor bicycles Mon - Sat at 10 am and 4 pm each day. During the week of Feb 5-12 there were a group of golfers (or their partners) staying at the resort who were also interested in the Spin Classes. I had full classes in the mornings, and on some days did not have enough bikes for myself or my spouse. This was fine with me as I am also comfortable teaching "off the bike". The 4 pm classes were less well-attended and on some days no participants showed up. The second week of my stay was less well attended. Having the classes announced on the Electronic Sundial would have helped as many guests were not aware of how to get a paper copy of the Sundial. Having public places to place a poster about the Fitness Pro and the Spin classes would also be helpful. Dreams Huatulco is a beautiful resort with wonderful amenities. All Staff are friendly and they try to be helpful - especially the Entertainment Staff. There are many fitness and sports options for guests to participate in everyday. Most guest stay for one week only. If you stay for multiple weeks, each week needs to be restarted from scratch to advertise the Fitness Pro and the classes offered by that person. Having advertising in the electronic version of the Sundial would be ideal. Having a place for posters about the Fitness Pro and the classes would also be beneficial.
Frannie Danzinger
Dec 2nd, 2016 6:16:57am
I've been a part of FitBodies for 15+ years and this was one of my most favorite resorts. I had never been to a Dreams before. It was larger than many resorts, multiple restaurants, many pools, perfect ocean, food was really good and fitness center was great! We did upgrade our room (for a fee) and had a perfect room overlooking the ocean. The rooms were also huge and very clean. The service was great too! I liked the resort so much, I'm going back again! I traveled with 6 teenagers and they loved it just as much and had plenty to do. They asked to go back!
Dania Jamileh
Mar 28th, 2016 4:12:10am
I took my family on a Pilates teaching vacation in March 2016 and we thoroughly enjoyed this resort. The staff at this resort was all top notch! We were treated so well, never had an issue, the food and entertainment were great and the location was amazing. We took in the spa and had a wonderful experience. We truly feel like we have friends in Huatulco. I would highly recommend this resort. Our 7 year old loved it too!!!!
Valerie B
Mar 11th, 2016 4:34:10am
taught 2 classes daily 9:15 and 5:00pm. My classes were varied in size from as many as 12 and as little as 6 participants. I teach vinyasa flow, but because they asked me to teach the class at 9:15 am and 5:00pm, the temperature is quite hot. There is a Spanish lady who works at the SPA and teaches a class at 8:30 am, so I found having our classes overlap was perhaps not the best idea. When I go back to this resort I would request an earlier time such as 7:30am. That way the temperature is not too hot yet. However, I did receive very positive feedback from the participants, even getting clapping at the end of my classes. I had a group of ladies mention that my class became a big highlight of their whole week. I took my usual style of teaching and took it down a few notches and I think that was really well appreciated. There were several people who had the fear of trying yoga and after they finished my class, they were very happy to have had experienced yoga. All of them returned the next day. I think its important for yoga instructors to remember that we are not teaching in our usual studio setting, especially when teaching on a resort. People are there to relax and you want to capture the very beginner if possible. I think I achieved that and feel very satisfied about my week there. Next year I plan to return for 2 weeks.Take your teaching abilities down to a level that reaches everyone. This is not the time to start teaching a power yoga or a really deep practice. Begin with a small meditation so they can really "notice" their surroundings and connect to the beauty around themselves. Ask for feedback at the end of your class and make adjustments if necessary
Phoebe K.
Mar 2nd, 2016 8:17:48am
Dreams Huatulco is a truly beautiful resort with dramatic views of the Pacific framed by the edges of the bay and large rocks some distance out in the water. I taught Zumba poolside at 9:15 am and 5:00 pm daily, except only at 9:15 am on Saturday. The classes ranged from 5 to 25 participants. I had whole families from grandma to grandson and everyone in between shaking their hips. What fun!! And a good number of people just watched. After awhile, I had regulars - dancers and people who drank their Margaritas and cheered on the dancers.
Laura Arpiainen
Apr 13th, 2015 3:41:05pm
We spent a lovely week at Dreams Huatulco in November 2014. Upon arrival we met Tony - whom we knew from Dreams PVR - and this started the week with big happy bear hugs for all of us! This resort has several nice pools and great restaurants - we particularly enjoyed dressing up and going for a fancy dinner at the Japanese sushi bar - they welcome children as well. My yoga classes were well attended and I had several repeat students over the week. Most guests were from the greater Chicago area and Saskatchewan, with several Mexican guests as well. I am a yoga specialist, and they asked that my second class of the day be given to staff. I was really honored to teach it, and even had a staff member who was pregnant - she was so grateful for the opportunity. This resort does not post the Fit Bodies teacher flier which affected my class numbers (I normally get over 20 students) but the staff was extremely supportive and we all had a great time. The Bungee trampoline was a huge hit with my daughter and we also enjoyed the kayaking. Tennis is only available in the morning as the courts are on top of the spa and they prefer the spa guests to be able to have treatments in relative quiet in the afternoons. One thing to know is that this resort can be noisy, and during our stay there were lots of little outdoor bugs (jejen / chaquistas) - my legs were so bitten that we decided to forgo some planned photos in the sun. We also moved the yoga class to the concrete deck from the grass for the same reason - the bugs were really disturbing. That all being said, Huatulco offered us another wonderful Fit Bodies experience. If you go, flying to HUX is easy from Chicago and the Southern Mexican sun is full of caresses....
Jan 30th, 2015 8:28:15am
Just got back from teaching yoga at this Resort. Lovely, small place with fantastic weather, service, and atmosphere. Highly recommended if you are looking to avoid the "Bussle" of a large resort town. Yoga had about 8-11 people per day. There were only 10 mats (no blocks/straps) so make sure to bring a few extra towels. I taught in the gazebo as it seemed to have the longest lasting shade in the morning. AVOID teaching on the grass. Full of biting bugs. There seemed to be a little confusion over schedules. They told me 9AM yoga and their schedule kept saying 9:30. As well, I was told I would have to teach a 2nd class but they never scheduled it. Make sure to bring some music. They do have a large speaker system but I found my little bluetooth speaker worked perfectly.
Feb 24th, 2014 10:37:15am
Second time to Huatulco and this resort was awesone. Food, staff , and entertainment staff were great. The week before I got there they cancelled the spin as too few showed up in the afternoon. If i needed a bike fixed or they forgot the speaker one call and service was there ASAP. This is a great place to take kids. It is safe with great food and lot's of activities. Service was so good they you would tip 99% of the time All taxis prices are on a board so you know exactly what you are paying to go to the small town Lacruisita or the airport. Securtity at the hotel also deserves mention. I left my camera at the beach and it was returned by security. They also noticed i left one of the hotel towels on the tour boat. I was 100% wrong and they caught me and they were totally professional. Outside to the left of the hotel there is a insta bank so you can get pesos right from your account. If i was ever going to take my grandkids to a beautiful picturest resort with lots of activities and to see the natural beauty of Mexico. This is the place. If you have any specific questions my email is [email protected]
Oct 24th, 2013 2:58:03pm
I just came back from a great trip at Dreams Huatulco! The resort was amazing, the staff was extremely helpful, and Huatulco was beautiful. I taught 2 Spinning classes a day, and was able to choose my schedule (8am and 5pm). On the days that I had reserved excursions, I simply had to tell the entertainment staff the day before to adjust the schedule as needed. I usually had 1-3 participants in the classes. Because I came during the off-season, most of the guests were Spanish-speaking so I had to give more visual cues to communicate, but we had a great time and a fun workout. As mentioned in previous posts, the bikes were a little rusty and hard to change settings. In one class, the whole pedal fell off of one guest's bike. It was repaired the next day. We had a wonderful time on the resort, food was great, pools were clean and well serviced (beverages), the evening shows put on by the entertainment team were first class. This was my first time to take a Fit Bodies teaching vacation and it was a great experience!!!
Susan Wasser
Apr 22nd, 2013 4:39:43am
See review below. forgot to give it the 5 stars!
Susan Wasser
Apr 22nd, 2013 4:37:48am
I just returned from 2 magical weeks at Dreams Huatulco. Everything was fantastico! My husband, 11 year old son and myself could not have asked for a more beautiful place to vacation (and work). I taught two classes a day. 9:30 AM Stretch and 12:00 pm Aqua aerobics. The stretch was a smaller but dedicated group including some entertainment team members(all wonderful). The pool aerobics was busy and fun! The beach was gorgeous although a little rough for swimming. Many vendors on the beach but you can bargain a great deal, especially on silver. My son did not want to go to the camp but the whole staff treated him well and he made some friends. The town is safe and we tried a couple of off site restaurants and shopped. Great time. Will book again or perhaps go to Secrets with my husband.
Nancy Martin
Mar 14th, 2013 9:49:57am
After a shaky start (no room reservation!) we made out great! I traveled with my husband to this Dreams location because of the great time we had at a Dreams last year. We were given a room on the ground floor over looking one of the kid's pools - I don't feel secure on the ground floor (anywhere, not just here) and we were able to pay extra to be upgraded to a 3rd floor partial ocean view room. I really loved all the staff - especially the recreation staff! They all go above their job "description" and do any thing that they see needs doing - like one of the fitness girls picking up empty drink glasses as she is walking by and taking them to the bar. All the staff do all they can to please the guests! The spot chosen for yoga wasn't ideal! We were in the shade under a big tree with a choice of grass or concrete, and we could hear the ocean, but the air conditioner, loud speakers and people in the pool were all competing for our concentration. And it turned into HOT yoga! Class was from 9:30 until I couldn't compete anymore with the outside noises - around 45 minutes. AND, I only did 1 class a day even though I was expecting to do 2. I asked if I could do a class on my last day because my flight wasn't until late afternoon - no problem! I had from 1 to 5 guests with the rec-staff filling in the spaces everyday. We enjoyed the food and the separate restaurants. We love Mexican, but you could get anything! We found the hot food hot and the cold food cold - despite what some Trip Advisor reviews said.....well, maybe the ice cream was sometimes too soft - lol. This was our 4th trip to Mexico, so we didn't feel the need to go off and do the touristy trips. We did take the $4 taxi ride into the closest town and look around for a couple of hours. We took the scheduled bike tour from the resort and also walked off in all directions down the sidewalks from the resort. The area is well maintained. There are little shops and restaurants just out the gate. A short walk out is a non-profit place that has young men making and painting animals out of seeds and gourds and things for sale that helps support children in the poor mountain area above Huatulco. It was very interesting to see and I bought all my souvenirs there to take home. The ocean and beach are wonderful, however, it's not the great walking beach I was hoping for.... it is long and sandy, but there is a slant to the water's edge and the sand is course (ground up shells!). The area has perfect weather - although it is hot - mid to high 30's C (high 90'sF) during the day. It is desert area, but we never wore sweaters at night. The mountains are brown because it is not the rainy season - I'd like to come sometime in the fall to see the mountains green. I would go back here - but also I heard - there is a new Secrets a few kms up the rode that is for adults only. Maybe that's my next spot!
Jun 2nd, 2012 10:28:15am
The area is wonderful...safe, cleans, all good things. The resort was great...the help, the service, the language was no problem. The bikes were okay but should be better maintained as far as the seats being able to be moved forward as well as the handlebars. I really have nothing unfavorable to say. We even went up to Secrets Huatulco and got a tour with Mario. Another great place. One disappointng thing was the entertainment team at Dreams does a show at 8:30 pm then Secrets at 10:30pm so we missed most shows because of dinner. Understandably, it is a family resort but it is a nice way to pass the evening That is the only negative, if you will, comment I can make.
Betty Petteno
Apr 17th, 2012 9:01:05am
Hi Fitness Pros! I´m right back from Huatulco, a nice place which I would recomend anyway to Families, as differently to the Dreams Punta Cana where kids spend all their time in the Kids places here they love to share their vacations in all pools of the resort. There´s only one small "only for adult" guest in case of couples looking for relax. Also both whirlpools are located in the non adult pool, so kids enjoyed to play with bubbles all the time.. Place is really good, on a great spot on the Pacific Ocean. Food good and very comfortable rooms with very nice personel. Just one thing: if you wish to take one day to taka a tour in the beautiful national park of Huatulco or bays nearby.. forget it. As spinning instructor I have been asked to work from Monday through Saturday (included afternoon) and on the Friday evening I was even asked to work on Sunday morning (!!!!) day of my departure.. So.. experience as all I had in these past 10 years at FIt Bodies has been positive.. but just a little regret to not have had the time (like in ALL other resorts I´ve visited ..Jamaica, Brazil, Bahamas, Domnican Republic..) to have seen that amazing place which is Mexico Sureste (South East).. Also the responsible asked me to have spinning class at 09.00 am on the cement in the main pool area.. so after having realized the many not conditioned guest could faint under that sun, I decided and agreed with some the enternainment guys that for a safe class I would have moved the spinning sessions inthe gym.. SO take lots of sunscreen but be prepared to work all the week long !! But you could always lay under the sun between the 2 spinning classes.. and enjoy an amazin pacific ocean..
Sep 28th, 2011 8:00:00pm
Just got back form an amazing week at Dreams. The staff was so much fun and so very nice. I taught a Pilates class at 9am and a Spinning class at 5pm. Not one drop of rain, so beautiful to teach outside they even brought the spin bikes out by the pool! Great place to explore outside the hotel also. Locals are nice. Go if you get the chance!

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