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Alison Collop
Jan 5th, 2020 2:46:51pm
Wonderful resort. I went in October which is the green (rainy) season and it did rain off and on most days. Originally scheduled to teach on the beach but there were biting flies so we moved to the spa area. Attendance was between 4 and 10 with lots of repeats. Fitness team was low key but helpful.
Shannon, Santa Rosa Beach, FL
Dec 5th, 2019 3:16:52pm
One morning I only had one student who practices regularly so we had a more vigorous flow but all other days when attendees ranged from 2 - 14, I led a slow flow that was appropriate for all levels. Everyone at the resort was so nice and welcoming! They made me feel like part of the entertainment team and went out of their way to support me and make sure I had everything I needed. The resort is beautiful! Unbelievable views of Costa Rica, numerous pools, amazing landscaping and delicious food. Our family had a fantastic week and we plan to return!
Shirley from Alabama
Nov 8th, 2019 3:35:44pm
Hatha Yoga class. Yoga basic class with a little extra core stabilization poses. The week began with about eight participants. Each day the same guests came back and brought friends and family. We averaged 22 people per day. By Fri-Sat; 30 guests came each day!
Chaunette Hesperia, CA
Feb 8th, 2019 12:01:15pm
The Entertainment Team at Dreams Las Mareas went above and beyond to support me and make me and my family feel incredibly welcome. Looking forward to going back!
Steffany- Iowa
Sep 14th, 2018 12:24:52pm
It was a great experience! My family and I loved it so much we booked another teaching vacation already!
Kim - Austin, TX
Jul 27th, 2018 1:44:36pm
I just finished a wonderful week at Dreams Las Mareas with my family. I taught one class per day at 9am in the beach if it wasn’t raining or inside the Tandecous Lounge one day when it rained. There is a perfect place to teach just past the volley ball court. It’s flat and shaded with a great view of the ocean. I had 3-11 people in attendance. I taught slow flow yoga most days.My family of three absolutely loved our experience at Dreams Las Mareas. The room was wonderful with an ocean and pool view and was very spacious. The food was excellent. There was lots for my 11 year old daughter to do. The staff all around was fabulous. The Yoga mats for the beach class were a little dirty. I would recommend bringing some towels to lay on top when you teach. And I would not recommend going on the bike ride. The bikes are pretty beat up and it’s continuous hills with no gears for about 2 hours. The sunset kayaking was awesome. It was about an hour and 45 minutes round trip and a little more challenging than I thought. But worth it. My daughter went tandem with my husband otherwise she may have had a hard time. The Asian restaurant was our favorite. You can do Hinachi or just dinner. Their sushi was excellent. The Mexican restaurant was awesome too. I highly recommend this resort. We already rebookednfor two weeks!
Laura from Minnesota
Jun 22nd, 2018 12:15:36pm
I taught 2 yoga classes. One at 8:15 in the spa(still outside, in the hydrotherapy pool area) and one at 9:30 at the beach. Classes ranged from 1-12. Usually between 6 and 8. The beach was really difficult due to the wind. Our mats were blowing all over the place and sand was whipping us as well. We just tried to have fun with all of the small challenges. Most who did yoga on the beach decided to join us in the spa the following days due to the issues on the beach.
Joni Martin Rauen
Jun 3rd, 2018 2:45:14pm
This resort is stunning! Lush greenery surrounds you. Every path you take smells of tropical flowers. The pool is the biggest in Costa Rica. It goes on and on and on, clear out to the shore. The beach has plentiful lounge chairs as does the pool. So outdoor time felt relaxed. The food was fresh and delicious. You could tell that everything was local. My son mocked me more than once when I would go on and on about the “best carrots I ever had” or “unbelievable corn” or “freshest fish I ever tasted” or “corn tortillas to die for”. Lol. But honestly it’s not at all like home in Kansas! The room was so clean! I never saw one bug of any kind. Not even one tiny ant despite the snacks we had in our room. That’s quite a feat given the abundance of nature surrounding you. The car to the resort was a luxury car. The road was smooth with lovely scenery. The pick up went smoothly. I was greeted by Johanna at the resort who showed me all around the resort and answered all my questions about teaching. I taught one class per day at 9am on the beach. The resort was at low capacity this week so this could be why one class per day was suggested. And also why attendance was consistently at 3-6 students. Those who came loved it and kept coming back. Even some first time yogis joined in. The staff is friendly and polite. Emiliano— the entertainment director— is “pura vida” personified. I felt welcome and valued by everyone who worked there. A definite recommendation to choose this resort for your next teaching vacation. It’s paradise.
May 10th, 2018 11:02:12am
I was scheduled to teach two 45-minute yoga classes per day, one at the spa at 8:15 am and one on the beach at 9:30 am. Three times during the week no one showed up for the spa class, but I always had participants for the practice on the beach, between 3-13 people. The classes at the spa were between 3-8 participants. I think that the spa class was a bit early for many people, plus people tended to imagine that the class would take place inside and they wanted to practice outside. In reality, the spa has a beautiful outdoor area with the therapy pools. It was a lovely environment.Dreams Las Mareas is a lovely, secluded resort, surrounded by nature and animals. Depending on the time of year, it is always sunny with a gentle breeze to keep you cool during your classes. The resort is an hour and a half drive from the Liberia Airport. The road to the resort is unpaved and rough. The shuttle is expensive.
Dec 14th, 2017 12:46:11pm
I think I would stick to one time and location once you get a feel of the resort and who is looking to do what at what time! The beach was great for serenity and 10 am was a good time for people to come and join in! If the beach is a little much then near the spa is a great area as well. There are water fountains there, nice music and even some incense burning.. I would take this as an option over the terrace as it is an odd place. If you want lots of people to come walk around and let them know what is happening and where or try to get people before class starts! > I was with a large group so I almost always had a friend nearby taking class ! Be mindful of the heat and location just being under trees and not too exposed to the sun. It was good weather and not excessively hot but would be warming up a lot around 11 so I would even suggest 9 am class to keep from too much sun exposure. The entertainment team is great and everyone is helpful in bringing mats and towels at set up and taking them away after class!
Ann Evans
Nov 28th, 2017 10:05:53am
The resort was a little bit out of the way so you have to allow ample travel time. It was a VERY easy teaching experience as they only wanted one class a day. I can't think of any improvements at all that I would recommend.
Michele Nettesheim
Nov 28th, 2017 10:04:15am
This resort was BEAUTIFUL and everyone was so nice. They were fine with my swapping one morning class during the week for a Sunday class (since we were leaving in the late morning) -- so we got to do one all-day excursion which was fantastic. I highly recommend this resort!
Becky G
Jul 10th, 2017 9:46:17am
Taught a daily class at 8:15 am. There were 3 to 7 participants each day. Classes were taught outside on a terrace overlooking the pools. When it rained, we had class in the disco. This resort is absolutely gorgeous! Multiple pools, beautiful landscaping, abundant restaurant choices and friendly staff make it a luxurious and stress free choice for a teaching vacation. The entertainment coordinator was even kind enough to offer me a day off to go on an excursion! I had between three and seven students each day, and class was taught outside. The resort was less than half capacity, possibly due to the rainy season, but it rained only occasionally while we were there. I had an amazing experience and would recommend teaching here.
Barbara M.
May 2nd, 2017 11:17:41am
No improvement needed, seamless and easy to navigate through Fitbodies. This resort is massive, don't bring high heels, lots of walking. Because it is a family resort it is very casual, leave your dressy clothes home. Excellent resort, clean, friendly, excellent food, FANTASTIC. all evening entertainment is for kids, not much for adults at night. There are adult pools if you want quiet time. The only CON is this resort is 1-1/2 hours from the airport, expensive transfer fee to get to and from the resort. I personally didn't mind the drive but if you have kids, it's a long ride.
Christy D.
May 2nd, 2017 10:25:36am
Always such a great experience. I taught 1 yoga class a day from 8-845 on the beach and it was perfect! Started off Monday with 6 but by mid week had 20-25 participants!Overall experience was perfect. I truly loved instructing yoga on the beach and also really enjoyed my teaching vacation.
Brittanie D
Apr 20th, 2017 10:11:46am
This resort is stunning. The rooms are so nice and clean, the pools are immaculate and the staff is excellent. The food is amazing too! This is the nicest place I have ever stayed in the Carribbean area and I have traveled out of the country over 10 times. I would love to go back, but the entertainment crew is switching their pros over to Yoga for most of the year and I am certified in Zumba and Aqua Zumba. I'm so sad! Wish they would keep Zumba as their main focus because I had a lot more people attend my Aqua Zumba classes over my stretching, and I also had guests request me to teach regular Zumba classes.
Barbara M
Apr 3rd, 2017 2:24:52pm
Fantastic! Beautiful, great staff, great food, clean, amazing wonderful resort. 1-1/2 hrs from airport, lots of activities for kids, not much for adults.
Carrie M
Jan 9th, 2017 10:07:53am
I taught one class each day at 9 am. Due to variations in weather the classes were moved from a central area to under cover and ended at the beach later in the week. The staff were flexible in allowing me to choose the best location for those in attendance. Classes ranged from 4-12 people. I offered a mixed level class as those attending had varying levels of experience.
Deeana O
Dec 28th, 2016 12:15:21pm
Beautiful and massive resort. Very friendly staff. Well attended classes only once a day! Great food and good service.
Kelly S
Nov 3rd, 2016 4:57:06am
This is a wonderful resort! I taught one class at 8 am every day. The entertainment staff took my class some days as well and they made me feel like I was a part of their team. I had classes ranging from 1 person to 10. I would definitely go back! Yoga is underneath a large tree on the sidewalk each morning at 8 am. Julio, the entertainment manager said that if I wished to teach sunset yoga or if I wanted a day off to go on an excursion, that they would be flexible. This resort is about 90 minutes from the airport and most excursions leave very early and get back late, so I appreciated the offer to have a day to explore Costa Rica or Nicaragua. The property is beautiful and you will not be disappointed by this opportunity to be in Costa Rica! Pura Vida!
Erin J
Nov 3rd, 2016 4:33:37am
My only suggestion would be to encourage instructors to participate in activities with the resort activity team. It was a blast! Members of their team returned the favor by taking yoga with me. Every time I played volleyball with them or did aqua aerobics or Zumba, they made a big point of singling me out as their "professional". It encouraged participation from hotel guests!! And it really was a lot of fun for myself and my guest. Dreams' staff was outstanding!!!
Aug 23rd, 2016 6:54:45am
I taught two yoga classes each day. One class at 8:00 a.m. that had approximately 10 people each day. I taught a 5:00 p.m. Yoga class on the beach that had about 5-6 people each day.This is my second time to Dreams Las Mareas. The people were very friendly and the service was excellent. I would return to this resort again. It is important to check the schedule in the Sundial each day if traveling during the rainy season. The resort offers two Yoga classes each day, but depending on the weather, the Yoga classes could change time and/or location.
Amy R
Jul 18th, 2016 5:50:38am
Every day I taught stretching in the Adult Pool (participants in the water and I was out of the water) at 10:00a.m. and Water Aerobics in the Lower Pool at 11:00. The stretching class had fewer attendees, but the Water Aerobics typically had 30-40 guests. I used my ipod for energetic music for the Water Aerobics class, and the ambient resort music for the stretching class. I received great feedback from the guests regarding both classes, and had a mix of "regulars" and new attendees each day.It was my first teaching trip and I felt very excited to be a part of the Entertainment Team and representing Fit Bodies, Inc. while at the resort. Everyone I interacted with was extremely positive, professional, talented, and hardworking. I asked the E-team if there was anything additional that I could do to help out while at the resort, and they said to help promote the Entertainment activities, which I gladly did!!! (Promoting and attending the shows, the dance classes, bingo, etc...) I had a blast, and so did my family; we definitely hope to return to Dreams Las Mareas!
Adrian K
Jul 7th, 2016 7:12:00am
I taught a yoga class every day at 8 am. Class attendance varied from 3 to 20 people, and students were very enthusiastic and nice. I taught yoga each morning at 8 am under the shade of a huge tree. This is gorgeous, and there was so much to do with kayaking, boogie boarding, SUP and snorkeling. It's a fantastic family resort, and the Entertainment Team was nice and really helpful.
Ray H
May 6th, 2016 4:29:45am
I have been a Fit Bodies Instructor for more than 13 years and I can honestly say that joining the FBI Family is the best decision I could have made...

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