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Oct 31st, 2022 10:32:05am
Booking was clear and simple. I felt safe and supported throughout the booking process and travel time. It was nice to relax and rejuvenate while also teaching one class each morning.
Sep 19th, 2022 10:04:19am
It was a perfect booking experience with all my questions that I might have thought of answered with information provided before departing for the trip. The entertainment team was down right amazing. They went out of their way to make sure everyone was having a great time each and every day! The resort staff was truly amazing and super friendly. They made the entire teaching experience an enjoyable one. I would highly recommend all instructors to make Panama a must be destination. The resort staff was truly amazing and super friendly. They made the entire teaching experience an enjoyable one. I would highly recommend all instructors to make Panama a must be destination.
Aug 5th, 2022 11:45:12am
Alexander Cartas and Gabino from the ET were the best I have worked with as of yet. They are organized and care about the Fit Bodies instructors, they appreciate us and verbally said it. Spending my final moments at Dreams Playa Bonita before I head home from another great fitness vacay! Thanks Fit Bodies Inc. Teaching schedules yoga stretch 8am small classes, but I did teach every morning. Food, okay, it was good just always cold. The room service food was great! Room, pretty dated, but it was okay and we spent very little time there anyway. Balcony over looked the water and we could see the ships lined up for the Canal. Entertainment team was amazing! Gabino will have mats ready every morning at the pool island. Class overlooks the water. Alexander met me as soon as I arrived and gave me the instructions for the week. All went smooth. I got Friday off for jungle tour which was a great experience. Shows every night were good. A lot to do. We rented a car and ventured off almost everyday. Too much to share on that for this post, but if you can, rent a car and be adventurous. Not too bad driving conditions. Parking at hotel of free. Copa Airlines did not disappoint. Smooth ride and no delays or cancellations like I had read about. Use them, they’re very economical and good service. We even got food on the plane for free! Beautiful country, my favorite so far, people are the best and the resort employees will make sure your experience is memorable.
Feb 6th, 2022 7:30:01am
Teaching at Dreams Panama was wonderful way to begin 2022! I have a lot to say and could say more! I was very well taken care of, with plenty of sunshine. Morning class overlooks the ships lined up for the canal, just the one 8Am class for 35 minutes. Alex is easy to work with and his jungle tour is very popular. He met me at the front desk on Sunday of my check in which is so helpful! He speaks almost all Spanish, but I understood I could take a morning off teaching for the jungle tour. However, I chose to stay in the grove of my own morning yoga practice and then teach class. Personal practice is a casual way to see morning guests and mention who I am and when/where class will be. The food was really good! The revolving menu of lunch and dinner at Seaside Grille was my favorite. Resorts deal with staffing issues and supply challenges just like the rest of the world is right now and especially considering this, the chefs did a great job with menus. I was comfortable with lots of sunshine, great views. Beautiful and well manicured pools and gardens. The taxi ride into olde towne is about $25 each way and we did this two afternoons. We had fun doing museums and eating a couple meals there. I suggest the Museo de Mola. This is an older property, built well, and a feeling of seclusion exists with only the Westin down the beach. The resort is not-pretentious - we are bunch of laid back people who don't need to be fluffed with unnecessaries. The staff is wonderful! From front desk to especially Carolina. She set up mats, towels and waters for guests each morning before my class and does a wonderful job supporting this small entertainment team. I tipped her and told her how appreciative I am for her support. I would definitely return to this resort, and I just might. It's no Dreams Riviera Cancun in terms of luxury, but the staff is great and I enjoy being in Panama. Room is very nice, and daily maid service from very nice ladies. Laid back with easy scheduled of one quality, short, meet everyone where they are yoga class. I taught all levels with a focus on skills to take home like breathing exercises, light meditation practice and workshopping a few poses for the guests who showed to class every morning. I love meeting guests from all over who join my class. Usually they are brand new to yoga, but not always. It's an easy travel day for me because Delta has Atlanta to Tocumen PTY airport and the taxi to the resort is $50.
Oct 11th, 2021 1:15:40pm
The staff was great and very helpful! What a great opportunity to enjoy amazing food, time to relax and rejuvenate. The staff was very helpful! I love my teaching vacations! Yes No problems getting into Panama with a negative COVID test and the resort arranged tests so we could get back home. I'll book again within 6 months and will definitely consider returning.
Tabatha Harris
Jul 10th, 2021 10:13:03pm
This is my 2nd teaching vacation and my 2nd one at a Dreams resort. I was scheduled for 8am yoga only each day and no one came the whole week. They had flyers with the daily schedule (the sundial) and the Fitbodies flyer at the pool advertising my class. I would set everything up each morning, do yoga for 15-30 minutes alone to try and reel people in for the next day and I honestly was the only person awake and outside for the first 5 days besides the pool maintenance crew. I taught one Aqua Zumba class the first day at noon and had only my husband and one lady with her son. I don't think the entertainment team knew who I was or why I was there all week. I tried to introduce myself several times without much luck. The resort picked up the last two days but still no one came to class despite breakfast being served at the restaurant next to the yoga set up. I am slightly disappointed I didn't get to teach to anyone but I had a super relaxing vacation in such a neat location. Definitely do Jose's aqua cycle class T, Th-he's a blast. The canal and monkey island are awesome! The rainforest hike and free shuttle to the mall are shut down with COVID but you can grab an Uber (max 2 persons also due to COVID). My 12-yr old and I had fun exploring at night finding critters (tons of hermit crabs), an armadillo and stumbled upon a 4-foot crocodile off the beach! I will miss the view of the ships, the mist over the mountains, the stars at night, and the churro ice cream!
Apr 9th, 2021 11:48:39am
Class was held between the infinity pool and ocean. Spa music was playing poolside which was perfect for class. I love the resort, time to relax and rejuvenate. Easy booking experience. This is my third teaching vacation! Love them! I found the Entertainment Team by the pool on the first day to confirm my teaching schedule. It took a few days to build the class numbers, but guests who started taking class continued the rest of their stay. The resort is on the smaller side which I like and restaurants were all good. Great room - definitley no complaints. Gabino's aqua class is great so be sure to participate! Schedule was one yoga class at 8AM each day. The infinity pool was next to the ocean with a grassy area in between and that's where I taught. Wonderful setting and good timing as it was still pretty hot in the sun at 8AM. The resort was nice. On the smaller side, but that was fine with us. Restaurants were good. Food allergies are always difficult with buffets, but the a la carte options in the evenings were wonderful. Room was great, no complaints. The excursion desk staff was not helpful, but Elisaul at the Concierge desk was great. He arranged dinner reservations for us one night out in the city at a beautiful rooftop restaurant. Panama City is safe and fairly easy to communicate if you are not fluent in Spanish as at least someone speaks English well at each establishment. Gabino on the Entertainment Team was the best! We took his water aerobics class daily. The jungle hike with Alex was good and informative, but the sloths were high up in the trees and hard to see. No monkey sightings on this trip, but maybe if the hike was earlier in the day or more in the evening we would have seen more active wildlife. We did go to the old city and tour the canal too. Zip lining at Gamboa was fun! Unfortunately we weren't able to do the Monkey Island tour because the buses leave at 7AM. However, we found out too late that Gamboa does do evening activities. The excursion desk could have told us that when we inquired. We took the warnings about the bugs, but they were only bad at dusk and in the early mornings. Fine during the day. I would recommend Dreams Playa Bonita for a relaxing vacation with a light teaching schedule that still gives you time to enjoy your trip!"
Julie C
May 13th, 2019 12:15:22pm
I taught one class per day at 8 am by the pool island. The resort was really quiet and I had 1-3 people each morning. The beach is rocky and no one swam but it was neat to see the ships lining up for the canal. The bugs were really bad-you don't see them until the bumps and itchiness appear so wear repellent at all times. The resort, the staff and food was great but I wouldn't go back to this specific Dreams hotel again.
Mar 16th, 2019 11:00:47am
I visited this property in late November 2018 and was advised they were upgrading it to a full Dreams property. In light of that, I didn't review on some of the things I encountered that were different than some of these reviews, and I'm guessing they've been resolved. I've been to Panama many times and the city is wonderful, and this resort is a nice place to call home--particularly if you're looking for a place that's not isolated. Like everyone else, I also taught one class in the morning on the pool island and after that we were free to explore or to stay on property. In addition to bug repellant (at ALL times because you won't feel them biting you!)-- I'd recommend taking time to get into town or even down into Panama Riviera. Uber/Lyft are easy but I would recommend renting a car at the local airport at Albrook Mall for the week. Parking is free and right off of the lobby. Unless you get a SIM card, buy the mobile wifi and put WAZE on your phone and you're good to go. Driving is really easy but beware of traffic. We spent the mornings and early afternoons on property but then when it would get cloudy, go venturing into town, and it was nice to not have to wait for Lyft and be able to just walk out and go. In all, this is a safe and friendly city and the resort reflects that. I spent every morning with a freshly baked croissant and cappuccino at Coco Cafe before teaching. The traditional dancers at the end of the week are fantastic!
Feb 5th, 2019 3:32:03pm
We loved Panama! It was amazing. The *only* two things to consider are 1 - bugs that bite 2 - not a "pretty" sandy beach. However, overall this was an amazing place to visit and stay. We loved the jungle hike - got to see sloth and monkeys - it was beyond amazing. The beach is like rocky lava type beach, so people weren't really swimming in it - multiple pools were really nice. You can watch ships coming in and out of the Panama Canal. There are several restaurants and they provide drinks in room. I taught yoga outside, and make sure you wear LOTS of bug repellent otherwise you get bit on some days - the staff said after rain the bugs are worse. We loved getting a ride to the city and local museums. City nightlife was lovely. Also liked seeing the Panama Canal. The room we stayed in was luxurious with ocean view. Very cool activities. Very romantic and I would go here again for sure! I hope to visit here again soon.
Nov 5th, 2018 10:28:15am
I taught a class at the "pool island" which is a grassy area between all the pools. It is accessible by foot bridges and near the swim-up bar. The entertainment team was the best I have ever encountered! Their support made all the difference drawing people in. I usually had less than ten on land, but people in and around the pool were "rockin' out" with us. So much fun!!
Ken Yazge
Jun 1st, 2018 9:13:43am
My first time to Panama and loved it. This resort is very nice. Good location, close to the Canal and City. The staff is great! If you look on TripAdvisor you will see comments about the food. The food is good (can be hit or miss) but overall very good. Take bug repellent and use Uber. I highly recommend!
May 15th, 2018 12:43:30pm
Lovely and hard-working staff here. The grounds and the ocean scenery (with the distant boats lining up to get in the Canal) are beautiful. You are in the rain forest - you will need bug repellent! Don’t miss the Jungle Hiking with Alexander - quite an experience!
Feb 20th, 2017 3:34:03pm
Nice resort close to the City so you can do a few off the resort adventures. The teaching is at 8am in the morning and at 9am. I only had to teach at 8 no one showed up for the other class. I taught I hour class and they ranged from 10 people to 1 I was there for 2 weeks and taught everyday. I waited by the activity sign for people to come otherwise they would not have found the spot for the class. They take the mats for you every morning.
Carlen Bowie
Aug 23rd, 2016 7:58:16am
The staff was wonderful. It is under new management so they do run low on some items but they try their hardest to make up for it in one way or another. I would definitely go again.

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Dreams Playa Bonita Panama