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Kristen Herlihy
Jan 21st, 2020 2:22:05pm
I enjoyed a wonderful week in January 2020 with Dreams Playa Mujeres. The staff were wonderful and always responded with, "my pleasure," with anything that I asked. I went with my husband and two children (5 & 8) and they had a blast. This resort has a waterpark for children (about ages 3+) and two water slides which we really enjoyed using. There is also an Explorer's Club that has its own water park, but my older one did not really prefer it as it was "for babies," in his opinion and he'd rather have gone on the main resort water park. I was scheduled to teach two classes each day (8am stretching and 9am bootcamp) and only taught four classes over the entire week! Please note that this is not normal. I think that there was a convention there, and those people would exercise at 6am and then head off to their meetings, so I never had a class larger than 4 people. You will teach indoors and have access to equipment (weights, balls, barbells, a TRX, mats) so that was nice. The resort was very quiet Tues-Wed-Thurs, and even the Entertainment Team could not get any interest in their daily classes (11am Zumba & 12noon Water Aerobics). The schedule is posted on large TV screens around the resort, on an app that you can download and on an iPad in your room. Please note that these schedules never coincided, so you would need to ask the staff what was going on. I was on some of the schedules, some of the time, but it was confusing for some guests who said that they had not even known that I was there. It was also confusing since I was not as visible if I had been teaching in a more central location, such as the beach or central green area. No one could see me teaching unless they were in the class. Due to the teaching schedule, you will only be available for afternoon excursions, of which there are few. If you want to head to Tulum or other ruins, these are full day trips that leave ~6:45am. We enjoyed the dolphinarium which was on resort and got to swim with the dolphins with our whole family - very fun! We lost out on snorkeling & glass bottom boats tour due to the high winds there at the time. The sun was warm, but the winds were high, cancelling most water events. We also journeyed into downtown Cancun for a laundromat. We went to Tintorería Alborada, Av. Nader 5, and paid $7 USD for a large bag of combined laundry for my family. They washed, dried & folded everything in about 2 hours. During that time, we went to Mercado 28, which was an outdoor shopping area for souvenirs, ice cream, etc and was located about a 5 minute drive away. We got a cab arranged from the hotel, and since it was not busy, he just waited around for us! We paid $55 USD for that cab - again, this was not a normal thing, but the cab driver said that he was not busy so he was fine to wait. Wow! The restaurants are great! The best were L'Etoile (French @ Dreams) and Mezes (Mediterranean @ Dreams), along with the Mexican restaurant @ Secrets, which is a 5 minute walk away. There were few lunch choices, which limited our ability to try all of the restaurants on both resorts. Surprisingly, the Mexican restaurant at Dreams was the worst of all of them, flavorless and bland. Breakfast is easy, a buffet filled with lots of variety and fresh fruit. The serving staff were all wonderful. The housekeeping is excellent, even doing a turndown service at night with chocolates on your pillows! The Explorer's Club staff were very friendly with our kids and gave them little gifts when we left. The Entertainment Team was very helpful and did not seem to mind that my classes were mostly empty. Enjoy your teaching vacation here - we did!
Stacey Morris, Il
Dec 11th, 2019 1:51:14pm
They prefer an 8am Stretching or yoga and 9am cardio or boot camp each day. I taught stretching at 8 and hip hop fitness at 9. Classes usually had 1-4 people. Mid week I got 12 for my hip hop class, it was so fun! I was thankful to teach in the gym because of how hot it can get outside I the sun. I did have a few kids join in through the week. Great trip!
Beth, North Carolina
Dec 11th, 2019 1:48:05pm
Every morning I taught in the studio above the spa. I taught a yoga inspired stretch class at 8am which had anywhere from 0-5 participants a day and a bootcamp at 9am which had 5-15 participants a day. Some days the schedule was not listed as I had confirmed with the entertainment manager, but people still came to class. All of my teaching experiences have been amazing, but this one tops them all!!!! Best staff hands down!
Jason Pinson
Aug 29th, 2019 1:10:20pm
Me and my family traveled to Dreams Playa Mujeres the first week of August. We could not have had a better vacation. My twin 8 year olds loved the resort and especially the entertainment staff that had them going from 11 am until bedtime. They loved the pool activities and nightly shows. Everyone there was tremendously nice and polite. I taught an 8AM stretching/abs class which was attended 3 days and a 9AM bootcamp class that was attended (5-9) each morning. The rest of the day is yours to enjoy.
Jennifer Distasio
Jun 17th, 2019 5:25:54pm
June 2-9 I was there with my husband and son. It was a fabulous week! The resort is gorgeous the staff was amazing! We loved it all! I was supposed to teach either pilates or stretching at 8:00 and only one person showed up one day and at 9:00 bootcamp. Guests liked the 9:00 boot camp:) Go, teach, enjoy!
Lauren Weingard from Baltimore Maryland
May 10th, 2019 12:37:55pm
I taught 8 AM and 9 AM classes in their studio which was a separate room near the gym. It had mats and some weights. They requested one strength-based class and the other one more stretching based. The staff was helpful and it was a great resort teach at. I usually gone about 3 to 5 participants in most Classes.
Cindy Colorado
Feb 8th, 2019 11:03:56am
This is a beautiful, new resort, and having access to the Secrets next door was amazing! We loved both resorts.... from the food to the activities to the room, we loved it all. I would probably stay at the Secrets next time just due to the fact that I do not have little kids. The Dreams is awesome if you have little kids. The teaching schedule is ideal. I wish they had the schedule posted on the sundial correctly. I would also suggest moving the classes outside, away from the gym, so they could be seen by other guests to promote the program. It would also be beautiful to do yoga outside with the view of the ocean.
Anke Bracey
Jun 24th, 2018 6:02:26pm
We had an amazing stay at this beautiful resort. I taught Yoga at 8:00am and Boot Camp and 9:00 both in the studio above the Spa. Nelson, the fitness trainer on staff was very nice and helped recruit participants for my classes. Many participants came throughout the week and were appreciative that classes were available. The entertainment staff was great fun and organized activities all day as well as every evening. My 16 year old daughter didn’t want to leave at the end of the week and is begging to come back again next summer. If you have the chance to visit this resort, be sure to try out the Temazcal ceremony in the Spa. It was an amazing experience and went back each afternoon. Thank you, FitBodies for the opportunity to come here.
Jean Ann, Marietta, GA
Jun 7th, 2018 10:01:22am
I taught 2 classes at 8 am and 9 am, both in the gym. They asked me to teach yoga and then alternate my other formats including Bootcamp, Barre, Sculpt and Cardio. At the beginning of the week, the resort was only at 30% capacity. I only got one person a day. However, at the end of the week, the resort went to 90% capacity, and I got 5-6 for each class. However, the Sundial on the ipads in the room was different from the printed version they were handing out at the front desk. Therefore, people came expecting different things....it was a challenge when half the group wanted yoga and half wanted Bootcamp. But, we made things work. :)The gym was VERY nice. They had some kettlebells, medicine balls and 10 pound plates we could use (which was more than any other Dreams where I have taught). They also got new yoga mats halfway through my week there. I brought my own portable Bose speaker and used it with Bluetooth. I didn't see anywhere to play music, but I also didn't ask since I brought my own. Nelson, the guy who runs the gym was SUPER helpful and even attended Bootcamp when we only had one other person so they wouldn't feel singled out.This is a great resort choice if you have kids! They have all the great attributes of the other Dreams resorts....plus a water park! It is a beautiful property, and we felt very safe. The entertainment staff was very helpful not only with my classes, but they worked really hard to bring a fun vibe to the pool and beach area.
Mar 31st, 2018 11:23:14pm
Beautiful beach, pools, and guest room. On site dive operators go to Isla Mujeres daily late morning which made scuba and snorkeling after class convenient. Taught 1 yoga class daily at 9am. Classes were not well publicized and were not consistently included in the Sundial. Most of my guests showed up after talking to me in the gym or pool. The resort is very large and seems to still be working out some kinks in service. Our food was consistently good but not as great and as even as other Dreams resorts we have enjoyed. Very nice workout center and a relaxing week, especially with the light class schedule.
H. Kix
Mar 12th, 2018 4:40:48pm
This place is MASSIVE! As a FitPro with no kids, I felt somewhat out of place here but with Secrets next door, I loved every second of staying at Dreams. My room was huge and the coffee shop was close by so I grabbed tea each morning on my way to my classes. Unfortunately upon arrival I was told I would teach 8:00am stretch classes everyday and then swap one day Bootcamp and the next day Yoga at 9:00am. Unfortunately I only had attendees to three classes the entire week. On Monday no one came as the in room tablet and Sundial were not updated yet to Monday and then Tuesday my classes weren't posted anywhere and then Wednesday my classes were posted by for 8:30am yoga and 9:00 stretch. Then Thursday 8:00am yoga and 9:00 bootcamp. On Friday my one attendee for the day told me that they were told the yoga classes were being held at the beach at 9:00am at Secrets and that there was no yoga instructor at Dreams. I was a bit surprised but the E team was aware I was there as of Sunday so maybe the communication with the concierge is bad. The upside is I taught my classes in an beautiful, AC'ed studio with a beautiful view above the Spa with water, towels, private bathroom and mats so THAT WAS AWESOME! Regardless of the issues with the Sundial and in room tablet with activities, I loved this place and I'd return back!
Oct 5th, 2017 8:44:41pm
This was my first, but definitely not last teaching vacation. I loved reading the reviews prior to my trip and to make sure the resort was a good fit for me. So here goes... I chose Dreams because of the newness and size of the resort. I also I liked the fact the classes were back to back in the morning. Most of the reviews said you taught yoga/stretching by the pool outside which I thought was a great way to be visual and get people involved. After checking in I asked the concierge to contact the entertainment team and they said to meet at 9pm by the theater. That was perfect. My husband and I had dinner and got settled. I met with Alberto and he said I would be teaching in an air conditioned room at the fitness center. Although I think I would have had more participants if people could have seen us stretching or working out in the morning on their way to breakfastn outside ...the room was really nice with air, mirrors and good sound. I still brought my own speaker and bluetooth mp3 player so I could access my music easier. After talking with the team about my specialties, they thought an 8am stretch/yoga and 9am Piyo would be good. I also teach bootcamp and tabata. The resort was only at 37% so on Tuesday they switched my first class to 8:30am. I only had people- 3 out of 6 days. But, those who stayed for Piyo after yoga really enjoyed it. The yoga mats definitely need replaced. We all had rubber pieces on our clothes by the time we finished. Asaid, the trainer on site, was great. He tried to get people to go to class and reminded me about the low capacity. As far as the resort....this was my first time to a Dreams/Secrets and we were impressed. The room is really large and modern. My husband and I (no kids) have been to Rius, Sandals, Iberostars, and Club Med. We spent most of our time at Secrets mainly because it's adults only and because of the low capacity Dreams felt empty. We met a great group of people and even met the visiting FitBodies instructor from Secrets-Joann. I loved that we could hop back and forth at both resorts. The Guacho at Dreams was the best restaurant and the breakfast buffet is worth getting up for. The only drawback to this resort is that you can't walk to anything off property and if you're beach people...there aren't a lot of palms. It's in a new, secluded area North of the strip. But, we still took a cab into town and the ferry over to Isla Mujeres. I am now a Secrets/Dreams fan and am already planning my next teaching vacation in a new location. Thanks FitBodies!
Cori Price
Aug 25th, 2017 2:07:02pm
Dreams Playa Mujeres is a very nice property. As a couple without kids, my husband and I ended up spending most of our time next door at Secrets Playa Mujeres. The entertainment staff was very nice and accommodating at Dreams--we ended up doing an 8 a.m. stretching class and a 9 a.m. Pilates class most days. A couple of the days, the gentleman who runs the gym (Isaid) preferred to offer his boot camp class at 9 a.m., so we ended up doing only the 8 a.m. stretching class on those days. It was very nice teaching in the air conditioning for all of the classes, as Playa Mujeres is very hot at this time of the year. We had friends staying at Isla Mujeres and decided to take the ferry over there one day--it was very pretty with a nice beach area. Dreams had lots of things for families, but Secrets next door is more of a party environment--between the two, there's a little something there for everybody!
Kristin G.
May 2nd, 2017 10:57:41am
The entertainment team was very nice.Dreams Playa Mujeres is a large, beautiful resort. The beach is white powder sand and the ocean is beautiful, minus the seaweed which has been heavy in this region for a while. We loved the access to Secrets resort next door for more restaurant options. The entertainment team did a great job throughout the day keeping people involved in beach volleyball, salsa, zumba, water aerobics, etc... There was little attention given to my 8 am and 9 am pilates and yoga classes - mainly because E team doesn't arrive until 9am. I had an average of 3-9 people in classes. Usually, I like the food at AM Resorts and this resort I'd give a 3. It was nice to have the ice cream/coffee shop open early and late hours and the World Cafe had a great buffet with made-to-order omelets and street tacos which we loved. The kids loved the water slides and Corezone for tween/teens. Overall, its a beautiful resort, but just needs maturing in landscape and I didn't mind teaching smaller classes.
Apr 20th, 2017 10:04:36am
I was at this wonderful resort January 29-February 5, 2017. I met with Marco, from the entertainment team, on Sunday and gave him my classes - 8:00 a.m. Yoga and 9:00 a.m. Boot Camp - for the Sundial. He was very enthusiastic and friendly. He mentioned that he'd prefer I not use the gym for teaching but the platform next to the Mermaids pool. Wonderful location - open platform for all to see in the center of the resort. I came prepared with a wireless speaker as suggested in a previous comment on your site. I also brought my own yoga mat, as did my friend. We left them behind as they only had about 8 mats for use. Most days, my classes weren't in the Sundial (which I did make contact with someone from Entertainment daily attempting to correct), however, people walking by would ask about classes and times. I had participants 3 of the 5 days (2-4 participants) for Yoga but zero interest in Boot Camp. I suggested to Marco maybe 2 Yogas daily or a Yoga followed by Pilates. They did put Family Yoga in the schedule one day but no one came for that. I also met with Sayed (not sure on spelling) who works in the gym and one day he brought me some yoga participants that were looking in the gym. So, that helped too.
Feb 14th, 2017 1:15:38pm
I taught the week starting Feb 5th at the Dreams Playa Mujeres. I have been doing these trips several times a year for 5 years, and I think this was my least favorite. The resort is very nice and brand new, with easy access for adults to the Secrets. The front desk staff was helpful on the first day to meet with the entertainment manager in charge that day (Marco) who was very nice. We discussed options and he chose for me to teach a 8am stretching and 9am cardio class both on the Palapa, which is above the grotto pool bar. Since my first teaching day was the morning after the Super Bowl, I didn't anticipate having any students and naturally no one showed up. While getting my own work out in, I did notice that they had a very nice size group fitness class room inside next to the gym. I asked the ES about it, but they preferred classes outside. I ended up only having students show up on 3 of the days, and I think this happened for a number of reasons that I think are growing pains for a new resort.....The SunDial is the daily schedule of events from restaurants to volleyball games to your classes. Each room has a iPad which is supposed to have the schedule updated at all times---but this did not happen. Usually ran 48+ hours behind. SO, there was also an option to pick up a paper copy from a number of spots around the resort. On my 2nd day, I noticed that the SunDial schedule electronically was COMPLETELY different than the paper one!! So, I think all of the resort guests didn't show up to any activities because they couldn't trust the schedule. After that, I had my husband stand in the group fitness inside classroom (which was listed as my class location on the electronic one), while I stood where the managers asked me (outside), and then my husband escorted anyone who showed up to the wrong location down to where I was teaching. That worked so I had students on W/Th/Fri. I let the entertainment staff know how I was handling things. Just a bit frustrating as a guest too as my husband and I tried participating in many of the activities on the SunDial, only to be sent to numerous different locations by different staff members. I think with time they will hopefully be able to improve communication. Please bring your own music and iPod speakers, as in the teaching locations there are no options. You have to dig yoga mats out from the equipment closet next to the main pool (all the way in the back to the left). They aren't in great shape, so after the first few times I had students use clean beach towels which are easily located next to the Palapa.
Jan 30th, 2017 10:32:57pm
Beautiful new resort! they are still trying to figure out what works best for classes schedules. We went the week of January 22nd, 2017. They scheduled me for 2 morning back to back classes at 8am and 9am. Only one day I had to teach both classes. Most days there was no show for the 8am class. I had max of 4 participants. Most days it was 1-2 ppl. The resort is very pretty, clean and the staff is super friendly and very helpful. The pools are great! My 3 yr old girl had a blast. The food was very good, the ceviches are amazing. If you love seafood you are gonna love it. They still need to work on the desserts, that wasn't the best. Our fav restaurant was Maris. But in general all the restaurants were great, except the gaucho one. The beach is nice, the water a little cold so I mostly went in the pool which has heated water :) The rooms are very nice, the bed mattress are super hard, not the best for me. In the next few months the resort is gonna have a dolphinarium! If you go I highly recommend you book the Xcaret excursion, what a gorgeous place for nature & animals lovers!! This was my first fitness vacation and I will recommend this place to other instructors and can't wait to book my next fitness vacation!
Molly L
Jan 5th, 2017 9:10:57pm
I had the privilege to teach at this resort 12/25-1/1/17. Being open less than one month, it had a few kinks, but those were eclipsed by all that the resort does right. Aside from the spacious rooms, ample restaurant options and gorgeous grounds, the E-Team made teaching here a pleasure. My family (husband and two young sons) and I grew fond of the team, which includes Alberto, Marco, Guillermo (Memo), Felipe, Hector, Luis and Julio. They are some of the hardest working people I've ever met, and always with a smile. I taught an 8:30a Yoga and a 9:30a Bootcamp at the outdoor palapa in a central area and convenient to all rooms. It was a beautiful location. Both classes were 45 minutes. Participation was from 4-14 people for each. The E-Team's shift didn't start until 9, so I set up my space by myself. There were only 9 yoga mats, which wasn't sufficient. Marco told me they've ordered more, so hopefully future instructors will have enough. Before arriving, I was told that I would teach in the new Fitness Center studio, but that wasn't offered to me once I arrived, nor was it fully completed. That's just as well since the outdoor space has much greater visibility, thereby increasing attendance from passersby. A few pointers for those planning to teach here: - Bring a bluetooth speaker as there is not a sound system available to us on the palapa. I brought the Cambridge SoundWorks OontZ Angle 3 Next Generation Ultra Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker that I bought from Amazon, and it was perfect. - Check in nightly with the Concierge to make sure your classes are listed correctly on the Sundial. Mine were frequently listed incorrectly or not at all, so take that upon yourself to ensure accuracy. - All rooms are supposed to be equipped with a smart pad that provides the Sundial program of daily activities, among other things, but many rooms lacked this feature. Furthermore, the resort was having technology issues, so the touch pads weren't up-to-date with activities anyway. And printed copies of the Sundial had to be requested from the Concierge, so realize that many guests may not be aware of the classes. This is one of the kinks that will undoubtedly be worked out in time, but until then, promote your classes with fellow guests as that may be the only way they know about them. - Be prepared for class attendees of all ages. I had kids, seniors, and everything in between for both class formats. Finally, enjoy this gorgeous resort and its gracious people! It will only improve as it irons out opening issues over the next few months. We would definitely return! Thank you for the opportunity, Suzelle and Fit Bodies, Inc.! (PS - The transfers to/from the airport were simple and less than 45 mins.)
Wendy G.
Dec 28th, 2016 12:53:00pm
My students said that tennis was their highlight of their trip and I am so pleased!!! My job as a uspta pro is to promote our great sport of tennis. We met a couple at 7 am to play doubles with them every morning they were there and they loved it!!! Then 2 other players would come and we would play doubles with them. That is how the week progressed. The last day I had a single student from St. Louis come for an hour lesson and she said this was the best lesson ever!!This program is how I get to see the world and share my tennis passion. Guests are so happy to have pros with whom to play and wish they could take us home with them!!
Debbie W
Dec 28th, 2016 12:41:38pm
We arranged for my classes to take place at 8 am and 9 am by the activity pool. No one came to 8 am classes with exception to one day. The resort was extremely quiet at 8 am. I had anywhere from 3-8 people everyday at 9 am. I requested to have my final class on the beach which they agreed and the class loved it!!I am so happy I found Fit Bodies, I can't imagine travelling any other way. I have met so many wonderful people along the way and am so excited for many many more adventures.
Dec 4th, 2016 4:47:28am
Amazing resort. Pools on all levels create fun and beauty. Beach is awesome as well. Food is exemplary at all the restaurants. Every here this first week really like the Gaucho (Brazil steakhouse) I love E'toile the French. As an adult guest here you freely walk between Dreams and Secrets and enjoy all restaurants, activities etc. Same goes for the Secrets guests. There are lots of Secrets guests here this week enjoying the new property. The ETeam are at your service. Yoga at 9am the mats are already there and they have rounded up participants. Fitness classes are TBD for now but plan on late morning. This is a very upscale property. Expect to be pampered and fall in love with it.

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Dreams Playa Mujeres Golf and Spa Resort