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Mar 4th, 2023 4:44:34pm
E Team was great as was the staff in general. Service was top notch! Ricky met me at check in and gave us the grand tour, introducing me to the other team members. Classes were promoted and well attended. E Team brought towels and picked them up after both classes were done. The resort was beautiful and the service was great.
Jan 17th, 2023 2:21:21pm
Andrea the leader of the E-team didn’t seem like she wanted to meet with me upon arrival and I didn’t see her the whole week. I didn’t have contact with any of the E-team during the week. They did not come to classes or ask me about classes. I felt on my own. The resort was decent and I liked teaching my classes. I had good attendance because I recruited participants.
Dec 28th, 2022 3:10:38pm
E team was great. Good attendance at both classes. Resort was charming. Everything was perfect at Dreams Tulum. Beautiful spot on the beach for yoga. Nice breeze every morning. No music needed.
Dec 11th, 2022 8:47:51am
The hotel staff and E-Team were amazing. It was very easy to communicate with Andrea via whatsapp. Angel, Ricky, Victor, and the rest of the E-Team are very passionate about their jobs and it shows. It was the perfect blend of rest, relaxation, and revelry! Flying to Mexico was easy. The Cancun airport is a little overwhelming in terms of how to get to the transportation area; I had recently traveled there so I knew how to navigate it but I could see it being scary for someone who is unaware. After you exit baggage claim there are a bunch of people wearing "badges" offering transportation but they're all timeshare people trying to sell you stuff.
Dec 9th, 2022 7:02:56am
The hotel staff was amazing all along. I love the entertainment team at the resort. A few of them I knew from last time I was there, 3 years ago. Ricky, Viktor, Angel and Andrea made me feel so welcome and appreciated during the whole stay. They organised a thank you sunset breakfast on the beach for myself and my family, which was wonderful. They took some pictures on that morning and gave me a lovely framed picture as a thank you and goodbye present - they are so, very lovely!!! Absolutely amazing experience and holiday like any others I have taken with you. I love teaching in paradise and cannot wait to book my next holiday. For this, I and my family are so grateful to everyone at FitnessProTravel. Thank you, thank you, thank you :o)
Sep 14th, 2022 9:46:11am
Excellent staff from housekeeping to table service. Excellent trip; great value and lots of fun! Flying was uneventful and easy. Cancun customs is very inefficient compared to, say, Cabo, so travelers should be prepared for that.
Jun 4th, 2022 10:48:25pm
The entertainment, activities, and food were wonderful. Loved teaching on the beach. Would return to this resort in a heartbeat.
May 16th, 2022 1:45:42pm
I wasn’t exactly certain where I should set up the class, I just looked at pictures from previous teacher’s classes. It was super hot on Monday. A couple ppl left bc it was too hot. For the second class I moved in near a couple palm trees which blocked some of the sun and the students were able to be a little more shaded. I taught the rest of the classes in that area and it was really nice! Andrea my contact person had mentioned there was a Palapa that we could use if we wanted. I went to look at it to see and it was very spacious and beautiful overlooking the water. But they didn’t have any mats. It was a wood plank floor, so I didn’t feel it would be the best idea without mats. Although, teaching on the beach is so beautiful and fun and I really enjoyed it, I think more people might have joined if it wasn’t in the direct sun and it was under cover. Just an idea to consider ,) " I am so grateful to have this opportunity to do what I love, teaching yoga and meeting new people from all over in a beautiful paradise vacation setting. This allowed me to bring my daughter and my son on the last trip and spend some quality time together. It really is a great design ! Also, I posted pictures on FB and IG and a few ppl reached out with interest ! Thanks again Fit bodies!!
May 6th, 2022 12:38:01pm
I taught Pilates on the beach. What a perfect Pilates studio. Teaching here was a pleasure in general. The other resort guests were wonderful and seemed to really enjoy my classes.
Apr 16th, 2022 8:07:36am
This was a great experience, all around!
Apr 5th, 2022 7:39:28pm
Perfect. Lovely. Fit Bodies staff are quick to respond and solve any issues that arise. Great job. Students, teaching, beach - all great! No music needed because the natural sounds from the beach teaching spot are fantastico!
Feb 25th, 2022 2:58:31pm
It was Super Bowl Sunday and I was told to find my Entertainment contact on the beach. I eventually found her - Andrea - and she was very easy to understand and very friendly. Monday was Valentine's Day and they did a special V-Day class that their person taught. All went well for that but I didn't know I wouldn't be teaching but I was happy to just attend - so all good. Teaching on the beach with limited shade at 9 & 10 a.m. got a little warm. I tried to move earlier but Andrea said 8 a.m. doesn't bring anyone. And I was like - that makes sense. So, a lot of my participants would aim for the limited shaded spots but fortunately, when they didn't get one, they still stayed. I had 2 9:00 a.m. classes with 3 people. The rest were 6-12! It was a great turnout and such a nice crowd all week. I truly enjoyed the classes and the people. I just moved around the sand so they could see me when needed. Had to remember to lotion my back cause I got too much sun while teaching on the 1st 2 days. But, the location was officially ideal because everyone could see/watch and it looked great. You'll see pics soon when I get a chance to post. There was a small cement platform to put my speaker and it had a plug, but I didn't test it since my speaker was wireless.
Nov 7th, 2021 1:26:04pm
I taught yoga and Pilates on the beach and think the resort did a good job of promoting on the activities schedule, Resort IPad, The Entertainment team announced my classes, I walked around and invited guests to join. I enjoyed The activities/entertainment at the resort, Spending quality time with my companion/family, Teaching while also on vacation! Overall the staff was remarkable and so lovely to work with throughout the week.
Aug 18th, 2021 6:51:08pm
I taught Yoga on Beach towels on the beach. It was perfect. The entertainment team at Dreams Tulum is AMAZING. So kind, so helpful, and so much energy. I don't know how they do it.
May 25th, 2021 5:42:26pm
Hi I taught yoga on the beach. One day it rained and a sheltered area was the class location. Plenty of towels for mats. The experience was the best yet this time. Can't wait to book again within 3-6 months. Staff was great, as usual. We had a hurricane while I was there, so that took a lot of the staff's attention early in our stay. I thoroughly enjoyed it and was thankful my first hurricane was only a Level 1! :)
Jacalyn Broze
May 15th, 2021 7:17:01pm
I taught 9 and 10 a.m. yoga on the beach. Averaged 5 people per class. Most people came multiple times. The resort was less than 50% full during Covid. Classes were listed on the in room Ipad and on the community board. I told people about the classes. The E team was fanatastic. They brought clean towels for the classes in a holder that said yoga. There were a a few palm trees for those wanting shade. There were first time yogis in the class along with guests who were teachers. I already made reservations for my next vacations ~ in Mexico and Jamaica. I love being able to teach while on vacation. Thank you Fit Bodies
May 14th, 2021 3:44:22pm
I taught yoga on the beach, using towels. Classes were promoted well on printed activities schedule, Resort iPad, The Entertainment team announced my classes, I walked around and invited guests to join, Activity Board, Smart TV. I loved: The resort, The whole luxury vacation!, Teaching while also on vacation! Everything was perfect, thank you! I'm going to book again within 3-6 months Everyone was amazing! I taught yoga at Dreams Tulum in May, and stayed at the resort with my mom and my 2 children. Everything was absolutely amazing! The yoga schedule was as follows: 9am and 10am classes every day on the beach. I had about 3-10 participants in each class. I did a stretch class first, and the second class was beginner yoga. The guests gave me positive feedback, and everything went very smoothly. The resort is gorgeous, and we enjoyed it a lot. The entertainment staff (and all other staff) was great, and we had a lot of fun. My kids enjoyed the small waterpark at the kid's club, and were able to check themselves in and out as they pleased (ages 8 and 12). The room was awesome, and the hotel grounds were beautiful. Great food, and great live music every night! The resort is on a private beach, and the staff worked hard to keep the seaweed at bay. I highly recommend this resort!
May 12th, 2021 12:48:08pm
Taught Yoga on the beach. We just used towels on the beach. So glad my classes were promoted well and guests were sure to know about my classes: Printed activities schedule, Resort iPad, The Entertainment team announced my classes, I walked around and invited guests to join, Activity Board, towels and a sign on the beach. I love the time to relax and rejuvenate, The beach, The pool. Can't wait to book again, within 3-6 months! Booking is easy - thanks! Ricky and Gigi were very sweet and proactive and very available to assist with anything I needed and to promote the classes. I loved Dreams Tulum. Every morning I taught two back to back yoga classes on the beautiful beach. The guests were diverse and SO appreciative of the opportunity to have an experienced yoga teacher. Many guests were repeat customers all week, which gave me the chance to connect and build on the classes, creating a retreat like experience! Did I mention the beautiful beach? Secluded and surrounded by jungle but plenty of space for long walks. Snorkeling right out in front if you bring your equipment. The rooms are large and they accommodated my family of four. Such a fun week! Travel during covid was easy and positive through Cancun. Drivers are careful and require masks and sanitizer. bags are cleaned before getting in the vehicle. the resort staff was very careful.
Apr 15th, 2021 2:41:13pm
The resort did a nice job of announcing my classes, and on the Resort Ipad. Plenty of beach towels to help with class as mats. The E-Team is amazing - so sweet, helpful and inclusive. Make sure to see their shows and events! My favorite parts are the students, the resort itself and the teaching on vacation part! I will be booking again in the next few months. Amazing experience! Can't wait for the next one.
Laurie, Boston MA
Mar 2nd, 2020 1:46:57pm
Class averaged 3-12 people. Most resort folks had ever done yoga so class was slow vinyasa but tailored to the years of experience assessed each morning. Started with a seated guy used meditation, moved through sun A and simple Sun B with stretching and svasana at end. 45-50 min class to give turnaround time. Students use beach towels and we folded a second towel for under the knee because sand still hard for some people. Everyone grateful with minimal expectations.
Pam from Canada
Dec 5th, 2019 2:44:37pm
I taught 2 morning yoga classes at 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. each day. I ran a moderate class offering several options for the more beginner or advanced participant to modify as necessary. Class sizes ranged from 2-9 participants. Both classes ran each day. Ages ranged from 25-50. The participants enjoyed the classes and I received great feedback. Teaching yoga on the beach with the ocean sounds and tropical breeze was lovely. This was my first teaching experience with Fit Bodies. The staff at this organization is incredibly helpful and knowledgable, and they returned my emails and text messages with impressive speed. I am already planning for my next teaching vacation for April of 2020. Thank you Fit Bodies for this beautiful and rewarding experience!
Jules - Cincinnati, OH
Nov 8th, 2019 3:20:06pm
My husband & I traveled to Dreams Tulum 10/27. The entire Tulum area is stunning and feels much more remote than what it actually is. It is also the furthest resort from the airport so the beach is super dreamy as there are not folks from other resorts walking down the resort-front beach. The water was so warm! The resort is large, yet very charming. The entertainment team was amazing & Andrea, the director was such a sweetheart. During my stay I taught 2 yoga classes (45 minutes each) on the beach at 9 and 10am. There are no mats, you just use beach towels. The classes varied day to day with an average of 2 -10 participants (one class would have great turnout, the other just a couple & the larger class varied day to day). It is a great resort whether you are traveling as a couple or as a family. Have fun!
Allison Lee Aslaksen
Aug 9th, 2019 3:13:08pm
My family and I spent the week of July 28 at Dreams Tulum. The schedule is a set 9AM and 10AM Yoga/Pilates classes. I must say that this was the smoothest check-in process with the Entertainment team I’ve ever experienced compared to many of the other resorts I have taught at. Immediately following check-in, Andrea from the Entertainment Team met me in the lobby and gave us a tour of the entire resort. The class schedule was established along with instructions for setting up on the beach and I began teaching on Monday morning! Classes started out a little smaller beginning of the week averaging two to four people. By Thursday, the classes grew to 8-12 people! So far, I had the best teaching experience here and really enjoyed all of the Entertainment Team. Thank you, Fitbodies, for another wonderful teaching vacation! Looking forward to the next Fitcation!
Bre R.
Apr 26th, 2019 8:54:22pm
My husband and two kids (ages 3 and 6) traveled to Dreams Tulum 04/14. The Tulum area is stunning and feels much more remote than what it is. The beach at Dreams and water are perfect. The resort is not modern, but has a wonderful authentic charm. The entertainment team was an absolute pleasure to work with and they provided great entertainment options for the kids. During my stay I taught 2 yoga classes (30-45 minutes each) on the beach at 9 and 10am. There are no mats so it's you, beach towels, and palm trees. The classes were well attended with an average of 12-15 participants. We look forward to returning to Dreams Tulum!
Jessica Young
Mar 29th, 2019 6:23:19pm
Lovely teaching location...Dreams Tulum has so much charm & character. We took taxis into the city, ruins , cenotes & monkey sanctuary. So much to do and see in this area of Mexico. My teaching schedule was 9 & 10 on the beach...both always attended with 5-20 participants. Be prepared for limited shade on the beach, many days the 10am class was in full sun & hot! ☀️

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