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Anne Marie Waterhouse
Feb 17th, 2020 11:28:00am
Fabulous resort. I taught 8:30 gentle yoga and 9:30 hatha. I structured the 2 classes to go together and had multiple guests stay for both classes. The staff was great every day. we averaged 12 for first class and 5 for second class. The teaching pavillion on the beach is beautiful. I usually teach with music but I followed Denise's direction that music wasn't necessary and wow she was right the waves crashing on the beach made for wonderful ambiance. The food is excellent at this resort. The coffee shop was a great place to grab a muffin, sandwich, and apple to take down to the beach to eat after class. Brazil is by far the best meal I have had in Jamaica. We are big fans of silent disco and also enjoyed the bubble party. We also took a JTL excursion to Rose hall great house and cinnamon hill great house that made for a lovely afternoon. An excellent trip, my husband and I can't wait to go back.
Jan 30th, 2020 4:55:31pm
Hyatt Zilara Jamaica Jan 12-19, 2020 If you are a group fitness style instructor, confirm the music setup for your classes, please. Met the class at the deck in front of Hyatt Ziva - stopped by the Activities Center first to make sure they would be bringing mats, water and towels down for us - they were great about that! The also gave me a sheet for each guest to sign indicating they had attended the class. Yoga 8:30-9:30; Pilates 9:30-10:30. Yoga regularly had 15-20+ participants and Pilates @8-12. All age ranges
Jan 8th, 2020 1:46:10pm
I taught "beginning yoga" at 8:30 and "power yoga" at 9:30. Both classes were very well received with 10-20 participants (folks from both resorts "Ziva and Zilara" in attendance) of all ages. The classes were held at the gazebo on the beach each day except for New Years eve as they had to set up for the party that evening therefore, we held class on the terrace.
Jenn Wisconsin
Dec 5th, 2019 2:53:08pm
I taught Spin daily at 8:30. Classes ranged from 5-12(full) and the average age was upper 30’s. At 10 I alternated bootcamp and trx. All classes were 45 minutes. The gym is breathtaking and the staff couldn’t be better! Travis was my direct contact and he was wonderful. Prepare to be evaluated at the end of your trip.
Suzie Richmond, Virginia
Sep 6th, 2019 2:18:39pm
I taught TRX in the gym. It was a very popular class and I usually had 6 people. I was willing to double people up on straps but some days the guests would say they would come back the following day. Zilara has an amazing gym set up with tons of equipment. Two of there straps were hung too high for floor core work. I had a second group fitness class that was not as well attended. I did a HIIT format when I taught it.
Denise Moulier
Jun 26th, 2019 2:14:53pm
Gym has its own music running in the background on the circuit side so no music is need.Very state of the art gym that is 24 hours. Returning back very soon!
Denise Moulier
Jun 26th, 2019 1:54:50pm
Music set up was with a 20 ft cord to accommodate for the spin bike, which they also had a cord available. Gym has its own music running in the background on the circuit side so no music is need.
Susan, PA
Apr 24th, 2019 10:43:53am
My trip to Jamaica was absolutely amazing. There is everything there and more than I could ever need in a gym to support my needs. The people listed below were extremely special and making this week an unbelievable vacation as well as a working event. I want to thank Maria for at hosting. I would highly recommend anyone looking to go to Jamaica to stay at the Hyatt Zilara & Ziva You will not be disappointed. Staff report Gym Hyatt Ziva Maria boss of Tyson Tyson runs gym Gym clearer Sameer Danielle bar supervisor Tashea beach server Vijay bar and beach Hayden sports bartender Pool side Shanique Samantha Life guard micardo Hostess urban eats Shanel
Maria Howard
Mar 11th, 2019 11:20:00am
I just got back from a teaching vacation at Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall. It was five-star, all the way! The staff, the food, the grounds - all amazing! I taught two classes, 8:30 a.m. spin in the gym and 10 a.m. boot camp at the outdoor gazebo on the water. They were both assigned to me when I got there, and they were held consistently all week. The hotel advertised the classes, along with others, in a daily flyer to all guests on the Zilara and Ziva sides of the property. I had plenty of spin participants - the studio is in a downstairs corner of a gorgeous, two-story gym on the Ziva side. The outdoor boot camp was more lightly attended, but we held class every day, and staff members joined in to make it more fun!
Rosalind Toronto Ontario
Feb 8th, 2019 11:43:22am
The class schedule was changed three times within the first two days, so found that difficult and staff were told different than the schedule I was given, it all got sorted out. Had a wonderful time, loved teaching the classes gave 300% all the time. Thank you Fit Bodies.
Colleen from Canada
Feb 8th, 2019 11:31:07am
Beautiful resort...great location for Yoga by the beach but on a gazebo platform...world class gym!
Michelle Douglass
Jan 8th, 2019 12:59:24pm
Probably one of my favorite resorts. Immaculate grounds. Great food choices. 20 mins from the airport. All at the hotel was lovely. The teaching schedule, however, didn't quite match that. I arrived and searched for the contact person. She was busy and couldn't meet with me. I was sent to find someone else. I found that person and was told I'd teach two classes a day (9:30 and noon) A few hours later I was told my original contact was available for a meeting. I met her and she changed the schedule to 11am and 4:30pm. I was to switch from Zilara to Ziva each day. The next day as I prepped for my class, I was told the schedule had changed again. This happened almost every single day. It was very unpredictable what the schedule would be, because it was always being adjusted. Including one day when I was told I needed to teach 3 classes. I enjoy teaching so this was not an issue for me, but if someone is traveling with friends or family please reconsider making firm plans or reservations, because things are likely to switch up. I know there was a convention coming in so perhaps that was the confusion. And on Saturday they cancelled all classes without notice. So I had the day off! All in all, it was a great experience. I highly recommend the Italian restaurant, the jerk hut and Choicez for the buffet options. Bring singles for tips. Everyone works really hard and are very friendly. Last tip, they have a smoothie bar right in the lobby. I was able to grab a green shake before I headed to the airport!
Manon, Montreal
Dec 2nd, 2018 11:55:49am
I thought on the deck next to the beach (Ziva side) in the morning (8:30) with 15 to 25 participants of varying levels. And at 5pm, on the Zilara beach (the area used for yoga classes has a hard base which works fine). I had between 2 and 9 participants in this class. I asked participants what they preferred between the sounds of the ocean and music and their unanimous answer was the ocean. Blocks available.
Mary Ellen Bowman
Jul 27th, 2018 1:45:48pm
This was an awesome experience, everything about this resort was fantastic, beautiful, the staff was the best! I want to go back to this resort again.
Jun 7th, 2018 10:19:38am
Great location, fabulous setting - professional eating and very mainstream entertainment choices - suitable for active folks who enjoy American hospitality
Lynn S
Feb 4th, 2018 7:40:19pm
Loved this resort. This is my 10th year with Fit Bodies, and one of my best experiences. This resort is the most organized resort I have worked at ..I taught yoga every morning at 8am. Eteam publicized it, brought mats down, took classes and had an alternative location for rain..which was also publicized..classes ranged from 15 - 25 people. Had the pleasure of working with another FitBodies instructor who followed my class with Pilates. The resort itself was beautiful, we loved the restaurants and the beach area. Took an afternoon excursion to Negril and Rick's Place for cliff jumping..would highly recommend that,even if you just want to watch the sunset. It was awesome. Thank you FitBodies for the opportunity!
Lynn S
Feb 4th, 2018 7:37:03pm
Loved this resort. This is my 10th year with Fit Bodies, and one of my best experiences. This resort is the most organized resort I have worked at ..I taught yoga every morning at 8am. Eteam publicized it, brought mats down, took classes and had an alternative location for rain..which was also publicized..classes ranged from 15 - 25 people. Had the pleasure of working with another FitBodies instructor who followed my class with Pilates. The resort itself was beautiful, we loved the restaurants and the beach area. Took an afternoon excursion to Negril and Rick's Place for cliff jumping..would highly recommend that,even if you just want to watch the sunset. It was awesome. Thank you FitBodies for the opportunity!
Sep 11th, 2017 1:13:16pm
Loved Hyatt Zilara! The census was pretty low this week which was awesome for us, as we were treated with kidd gloves. I taught two classes daily at 8:30 & 9:30 a.m. Most classes were held on the pier, but one day it rained so we held class on the terrace. I had between 7-15 students at 8:30 Yoga, and 2-5 at 9:30 Pilates and PIYO, and one day they put kickboxing on the schedule by (by accident) at 9:30 so fortunately, I had some kickboxing music and taught it, but, it was so hot that we only went for 30 min. The staff was always on hand, brought the mats to the location and usually took the yoga class. I gathered water bottles and towels. The food was excellent, with a variety of restaurants. One day at lunch the chef brought exotic fruits native to Jamaica to sample to our table and made us Jamaican specialty dishes! (I'll post a picture or two below) We met so many lovely people and ended up spending at least half of our vacation with a couple from Toronto. I could go on and on but I'll just include a few pictures instead. Thank you again Fit Bodies for allowing me to represent your organization at this lovely resort! We were there during the hurricane (it traveled over Cuba) we only got one evening of heavy rain and high waves the following day, the airport did close down on Saturday and part of Sunday due to thunder strikes but the island is completely intact.
Sep 4th, 2017 5:01:34pm
I truly loved this resort. This was my first time teaching at a resort. My husband and I have traveled quite a bit and we can say that this was one of the best. I taught Pilates and kickboxing. My Pilates class numbers really grew by the end of the week. I started out with 2 and by Saturday I had 9. Kickboxing did not do so well and maybe because we were on the sand which was a little rocky. The staff was awesome and very professional. I would highly recommend this resort. 5 Stars!!! Thanks Fit bodies!!!!!
Bernadette M.
Aug 2nd, 2017 12:16:08pm
Comfortable property to teach at. E team very supportive. Felt like part of the team.
Jana D
Jun 27th, 2017 10:23:02am
I signed up to teach yoga and pilates, but really, I can teach anything, so I gave Maria her choice. I taught yoga at 8:30 in the morning on the beach and did a Zumba class by the pool at 4:30. (There were two nights that I was scheduled to teach Zumba--usually Pilates--to the staff. There were about six participants and we started really late. The second night there was confusion as our meeting site was booked. Need a little better communication there.) We tried Zumba by the pool around noon and it was really hot, so we moved it to 4:30 when the pool area was shaded. I really appreciate that Maria took the staff and my comments and moved the class to a better time. The Z Crew was absolutely the best! I had someone escort me at just about every class, so there was always someone there if I needed anything. They participated in the classes which help increase interest. This resort absolutely took the best care of me! Hyatt Zilara is a beautiful resort! The Z Crew was very supportive. They really made me feel at home and helped classes run smoothly. (I have to say this was the best resort from a support standpoint!) We enjoyed seeing the Rose Hall Great House. If you plan to do any excursions, be sure to check the taxi rates; the company handling tours was very pricey. All of the food we had was excellent! Be sure to check out the Jamaican cuisine at Horizons and explore the smoked marlin at the seafood restaurant. The service was very good. (Be nice...tip your bartenders, waitstaff and housekeeping. A little goes a long way.) Enjoy!
May 30th, 2017 10:48:58am
This resort is amazing! We were at Ziva 6 months ago and this time they put us at Zilara. It's beautiful, the food is great, the people are amazing I'd love to go back every 6 months!
Jan 2nd, 2017 2:12:42pm
Just got back from my 15th teaching vacation and once again it was a 5 STAR experience. I had yet to venture outside the AM resort line (Secrets, NOW and Dreams) but the HYATT did not disappoint! You do not need transfers and they check you in right at the airport in their private lounge while you are sipping a red stripe ! It is a short 10 minute drive to the hotel on their private shuttle so no need to book a transfer! As far as the teaching schedule went I taught Yoga at 8:30-9:25, then a 40 minutes Pilates/Boot Camp class. They kept putting boot camp in the newsletter so I made due and everyone was happy! The yoga class was very busy with 25 students a few of the days. The mats are kept on the ZIVA side as that is where the entertainment desk is. They are super helpful and will assist you with carrying the mats/towels and blocks if you want to use them. MARIA the entertainment director is fantastic! Hands on, easy to find, kind and very supportive. Ok as for the resort!!! I've been to Secrets in Domincan, 4 in Mexico and 2 in Jamaica. This place has the BEST service, food and drink I've ever encountered. I love having a served sit-down breakfast and at Zilara you can have it at two different restaurants! One sits right on the beach! Most of the dinner restaurants and buffet are on the Ziva side. The French is adults only and it is AMAZING!!!!! We ate there twice! Italian was super yum but a bit noisy as lots of kids were there. The Brazilian Steakhouse was fun even though I do not eat red meat. The chicken and turkey delish! Great salad bar there as well. The Asian Restaurant was good. We ate a la carte but you could sit at the teppanyaki grill if you reserve. The buffet was GREAT! We had two breakfasts and two lunches there. Besides all these places on the Ziva side they also had a jerk hut, an outdoor restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner AND an outdoor PIZZA parlour! And if you are still hungry a deli in the shopping center with deserts and icecream and a 24 hour COFFEE bar called GRINDZ which I visited often! On the Zilara side you had two restaurants open for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Urban Heatz was my second favourite restaurant. The dinner menu was fantastic and service spectacular. The Jamaican restaurant on the beach was amazing. We did not eat dinner there but had many lunches. I highly recommend the blackened snapper. On the Zilara side they also had an outdoor grill you could sit at and order burgers, flatbreads, nachos etc....My hubby frequented that spot for an afternoon snack. They also have a juice/coffee/smoothie bar where they serve small snacks, fruit and sandwiches all day!!! Ok now the pool and beach. The pool on Zilara side has the BEST BEDS!!!!!!!! I know that sounds weird but they are so comfortable. Never a shortage of towels either. The Beach was my only disappointment as I love to walk the beach when I am away but I know the beaches in MO Bay are not long. The water was warm and swimmable. The breeze is lovely and sand is soft. NO SEAWEED!!!! Lots of beds and huts to sit under. They do not have a Preferred section here but they have butler service which I noticed many people used. The rooms was lovely and we were in the older section. It has been updated. Big bathroom with tub and separate shower. Double sink which I love! Balcony was ocean view and we had a huge sitting area in the room and brand new TV! My hubby loved that! The mini bar has everything in it and they leave snacks in your room (like you need more to eat!) The cleaning staff were fantastic! I leave a few dollars each day for them. The waiters and bartenders again were the best I have EVER encountered. They make the BEST cosmos and the house wine is very very good! I am not a big drinker by any stretch but my husband was so pleased to have great scotch in the evening. They had every imaginable liquor you could imagine. On to activities. If you want peace and quiet you will have it! If you like to participate in activities there are plenty. We went kayaking, played tennis, did water aerobics, took a catamaran ride and even tried water spinning. They also have beach volleyball daily, bocce ball, dance lessons and various fun contests. There was never any pressure to join but I had a blast at everything we tried. The hotel staff down were top notch. The security was fantastic and everyone was pleasant and helpful ALL THE TIME! The gym looked great but was busy in the mornings. I run outside the resort and there was a sidewalk so it was safe. It was a busy road so I was not worried. They took my room number each morning when I left. You can also run around both the resorts which would take about 8-10 minutes for one lap. If you are looking to take your family to the ZIVA side it was non-stop fun over there and great for children. All the entertainment is on the ZIVA side. It would be nice if they had a live band on the Zilara side some evenings for a quieter feel but we had fun! They have a pub on the ZIVA side that has a DJ from 11-2am. We did not stay as it was all very young people. We enjoyed the shows and live music. They had a great Michael Jackson show. We spent NEW YEARS EVE here and they did the most amazing job. Fantastic band, dancers and DJ. The fireworks at midnight lasted almost 10 minutes. It was spectacular. I met many amazing people from all over the world. I love teaching YOGA especially to those who have never experienced it. They are all appreciative and seem to really enjoy it. Despite enjoying many activities I had plenty of time to socialize and read a few books. I am truly grateful to Fitbodies for these fantastic teaching holidays. This resort is very exclusive and I would not be able to go otherwise. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at [email protected] A big thank you to Denise and Suzelle!
Maria L
Dec 12th, 2016 4:40:13am
I taught 8:30 am yoga and 9:30 am pilates. We alternated the formats each day. It seemed that more people wanted early yoga, that was more popular at 8:30 am Each day varied some days 8 some days 2. This resort was absolutely beautiful. The room was gorgeous, food was amazing and staff was incredible. You teach 2 classes in the morning on the beach, so gorgeous. Everyday one of the entertainment crew took my class, they were always so gracious and appreciative.
Susan R
Sep 15th, 2016 4:28:42am
I love teaching at the Hyatt. It is such a beautiful place with wonderful staff!

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