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Oct 13th, 2019 8:28:50am
Came to teach yoga and there were two classes at 9am/5pm. Pros- amazing students, excellent food (fantastic, authentic Oaxacan food), sunscreen provided in the room; great service and helpful staff. Lots of activities and plenty of pool chairs as it was the off season. Everything is super clean, private beach, warm water, surfing opportunity. afternoon at the gym is not crowded. My husband wants me to mention the food again specifically the Brownies Several of the students spoke zero English, but luckily I could teach in Spanish. Cons-Mosquitoes at the Palapa are pretty bad, and they said I could not teach at the spa. They are no yoga props but they do have mats, and I started using beach towels for bolsters and a blanket, and also bought bug spray to use during the class. There's some confusion about what time class starts because none of the tvs, app, or posters are the same. There was a torrential downpour and the hut was flooded. I called the concierge to find out the indoor alternative which was the theater. Would prefer to have both classes in the morning because by the afternoon most of the guests are drinking or playing volleyball and it’s not a great time for yoga. During one of the afternoon classes I went to the beach which was nice because the music at the pool was really loud and there was a nice breeze by the water. Rooms are amazing with one odd thing that the bathroom door is see through!
Anna G.
Nov 23rd, 2018 4:29:08pm
Resort was nice and the staff was very friendly. I traveled during the off season, so not much going on. I was scheduled to teach twice a day, a morning cycle class and an afternoon (5pm) class. The entertainment team hosted water aerobics, which was a hit. During the week, I only had one small group show up for class. The drinks were delicious and the food was alright. The Italian restaurant was so yummy, but only open one night. Buffet was kinda of gross. Lots of flies and not much variety. Not much to do in the surrounding area. The photos on this page do not look much like the actual resort.
Ted, Aliso Viejo
Jul 17th, 2018 1:58:45pm
The tennis courts are in excellent conditions (Omni surface) The program was very well organized, no hiccups.great location, great resort, would go back anytime.
Myrna from Langley BC
May 3rd, 2018 11:59:48am
7 and 8 am yoga. First day slow, after that 7 am 6 to 10 people, 8 am full - had to turn a couple people away!An amazing experience! So good I booked my next trip while I was on this one! Thanks so much!
Annette Wertman
Mar 29th, 2018 4:59:08pm
Taught at 7am and 8 am. Good schedule. Too hot later. I taught all classes in the palappa (Grass roof hut) by the pool (activities centre). I introduced Chair Yoga to the hotel guests - they LOVED it. Many wonderful comments. Classes ranged from 1 - 11 participants. Some return guests from last year....how great is that!! BEST RESORT EVER- Beach, ocean, pools, restaurants, gym, sailing, etc. Staff are absolutely FANTASTIC. I will certainly return - soon!! Thank you Fitbodies!
Annette Wertman
Mar 19th, 2018 12:03:33am
Back again this year and still FABULOUS!
Jenny Fehrenbacher
Dec 19th, 2017 1:24:27pm
Hi all, I highly recommend this resort. My tips, if you are teaching aqua aerobics, bring a waterproof watch and water shoes. Yoga at the palapa was fantastic with flavored water provided. There are extra yoga mats available, just ask. Might also want to ask for a cleaning of the palapa as there were some bugs, sand, etc. Overall, fantastic, easy going atmosphere. Had a little trouble figuring out where to find the contact person but it all worked out! I taught yoga/pilates every morning at 9 and aqua aerobics at 11. Travel was 11/27/17-12/3/17
Nancy M
Nov 27th, 2017 7:40:37pm
I forgot the stars!
Nancy M
Nov 27th, 2017 7:35:37pm
Wow! I just returned from an awesome teaching vacation at this place! My very first Fit Bodies trip was to Dreams Huatulco and this, for my 10th, was even better! I couldn't find Pepe - who I was suppose to contract - on the Sunday Night, but I talked to Otto, who was busy setting up various events. I met him again Monday morning at 9 am in the Palapa by the activity pool for the first yoga class. About 10 vacationers came out. The next class was for 5 pm, same place...and 3 people showed up. I talked to Otto again and we tried various different times and different classes but the TV schedule never matched up to the plans! The guests asked if we could do BEACH YOGA! Otto said, yes, what ever I wanted!! For 3 days, I moved loungers so we could do yoga in the shade, on towels...and close to 20 participants came each day! (then he tells me "it's also nice way up outside the spa" Too Late! maybe next time) All the E Team are awesome! The resort is fantastic! We were given a 2 double bed room (not King) on the second floor right near the activity pool. Pools, restaurants, bars, staff, water activities - all fantastic!
Lisa Herrmann
Nov 15th, 2017 3:25:43pm
Delivered a Monday-Saturday mini-band workout at 9AM and bootcamp workout at 5PM at the palapa by the pool. There were 2-4 participants at each workout. It wasn't until mid-week that I was up on the digital activities board showing the times and formats. Entertainment team was happy to join me when they could to help drum up interest.Another great teaching vacation experience!
Terry M
Jun 27th, 2017 11:45:14am
Morning times changed mid week. Started at 10 am and moved to 9 am. First 2 classes had 1 participant each. Afternoon class at 5 pm had no guests, but I did train the entertainment team 4 of the 6 days. We had at least 3 of them per class. We were in the gym everyday except for Saturday when we were outside. That morning we had 3 guests. : Secrets Huatulco is a great resort and the entertainment staff was really nice and energetic. I taught 2 classes per day, 9 am and 5 pm. The classes were not well attended because it is off season. I trained the entertainment staff at the 5 pm and we had a couple of guests for the morning classes. The staff said that during the season, (Nov.-Mar.), there is a lot more participation. Although there was a flyer in the elevator that people recognized me from, I think it would be helpful to advertise the classes and promote them better for a increased response. My wife and I had a great time and it was great working out twice a day so we could enjoy the food offerings. Our room was central and we were treated very well.
Jessica B
May 2nd, 2017 11:19:10am
I taught at 9am and 5pm. Both classes were Pilates. The beginning of the week started off slow but as I met people and participated in water aerobics my classes grew. I usually had from 4-10 people in a class. The mornings were a little more intense since everyone was fresh. Afternoon classes were more flow and stretching. I never played music because the beach and sounds of the resort were enough.The whole teaching experience was wonderful. I would only say if communication about travel could have been sent out earlier in the week to me it would have been helpful. I received my communications on Saturday and Sunday which were both travel days for me. I had already left home & then received my information. It was just a little frustrating and nerve wrecking. I'm a bit of a planner and I have 3 kids so this put me on edge. I had reached out well in advance but never heard a response of any sort. Other then that it was all wonderful!
Annette Wertman
Mar 21st, 2017 12:57:13am
So pleased I booked 2 weeks at this Spectacular Resort. Everything GREAT. I have already booked for 2 weeks next March 2018. That says it all.
Annette Wertman
Mar 12th, 2017 12:37:46am
So pleased I am staying for another week. This resort is simply spectacular - great food, fantastic swimming, wonderful beach and fun Hobie cat sailing. I taught at 9:00 and 5:00 in an open hut near the beach - just perfect. The entertainment staff are simply terrific!!! I am already planning when to return...and I haven't left yet!
Luis A
Dec 12th, 2016 4:47:49am
Teaching at resorts for Fit Bodies has been one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life, and it is how I met my wife and ultimately led to me becoming a Canadian citizen. I have met wonderful people from all over the world, and have me so many amazing people, with great life stories.
May 17th, 2016 5:50:14am
Had a great week teaching at Secrets Huatulco. This resort is gorgeous with beautiful pools, amazing swimmable beach, delicious food and superior service. This is an untouched, unspoiled, safe and clean part of Mexico! The clientele is mostly Mexican and Canadian--all ages. It's a fun atmosphere but definitely not a party atmosphere if that's what you're looking for. Perfect for me!You really need to be able to go with the flow and be prepared to tailor your classes to all levels. You can hook up your music to the system but really I enjoyed teaching with the sound of the birds and the breeze. They can play some mellow spa type music for you too, which is great.
Michelle M
Apr 21st, 2016 7:32:33am
This place is so incredible! There are many things to do, outdoor adventure outside of the resort, but the resort is so incredible itself that you probably won't want to leave. Unlimited options of fresh and healthy food. Amazing beaches and pools.
Vicki C
Apr 12th, 2016 5:59:47am
I taught 2 classes/day - Kickboxing at 9 am (45 min) and Aqua at 11 am (45 min). The kickboxing class was held outside in the "Activities Center" which was a small hut by the pool. Attendance varied from 2 up to 7 during the week. Aqua was much better attended, as it usually is at resorts - at least 10 and up to 20 people every day.This is my 3rd trip with Fit Bodies, and the best so far! I cannot stress enough how FANTASTIC the E-team is at Secrets Huatulco. Ricky is the E-team supervisor and other members of the team are Vladimir, Ciria, Dulce, and Francisco. They were 100% engaged with me during my week there - they promoted my classes frequently and participated in them as well. They seemed genuinely interested in learning from me and made me feel like a part of their team during my week there. Anytime I participated in other activities, e.g. pool bingo, the team always made it a point to introduce me and promote my classes. In fact, on one of my last evenings there - the karaoke night- Ricky called me to the stage and introduced me as a member of the Entertainment team. It was pretty awesome. Huatulco is not as widely-known as other all-inclusive resort areas and depending where you are coming from, the travel there is a little trickier than getting to Cancun. But it is worth it! First trip to the Pacific side of Mexico and I loved it - not a cloud in the sky for 7 straight days.
Jenni M
Apr 12th, 2016 5:50:58am
This resort was absolutely amazing! From the rooms (all rooms have ocean view) to the delicious food to the friendly and hard working staff...everything was over the top wonderful! When I was not teaching, my husband and I had a blast participating in all the fun the E-team had to offer. We would definitely return to this location!
Angie S
Mar 22nd, 2016 5:18:30am
I loved the resort and the entertainment team. They were very enthusiastic and helpful the entire time I was there. The team was happy, energetic and fun-loving. I felt welcomed and included in activities as though I were part of their team. The food was very good, my room was clean and everyone was extremely helpful. As with any organization, there were a few times communication could have been better. When there was a lack of communication, the team immediately made sure whatever needed changed or fixed, was changed or fixed. The only reason I would not go back to this resort would be that I would like to try different places, otherwise, I'd go back in a heartbeat. :)
Lina S
Mar 22nd, 2016 5:17:21am
My experience with fitbodies has been fantastic. Very easy to plan and the communication with Lisa Snowden was great. She helped me through my first teaching vacation and it turned out amazing. I'm very excited to continue my teaching vacations with Fitbodies. Thank you again!!
Mar 22nd, 2016 5:14:35am
Just got home and can't wait to plan the next trip! Our AmStar airport transfer didn't get booked properly which we found out right before arriving. I panicked at first, not sure how we were going to safely get to the hotel, but we were able to secure a cab from the airport for around $20 and arrived ahead of the amstar folks anyway so all was good. I would definitely go back to this resort again - it's on the smaller side so I saw the same folks each day and really got to build a following for my classes. Watch out - it gets HOT and late afternoon classes can be difficult because folks prefer to be in the pool. The E-team was fantastic and everyone was incredibly sweet. My husband thought it was hilarious because wherever we went on the resort, if one of them saw me they would shout and wave to us. They really drummed up participation for my classes, helped me with music, etc. The resort is amazing and all rooms are fantastic. There's not a lot of privacy (glass bathrooms, glass showers, glass doors out to the pool) so keep that in mind when choosing travel companions. We spent a day at the spa and almost went back a second time - definitely visit it if you have a chance! Also took sailing lessons, snorkling, explored nearby beaches, and visited a few of the close towns. The hotel is gated and has a fleet of secure cabs who can take you around. We felt very safe and never had to spend more than a few dollars to go anywhere. Make friends with the resort staff who will give you suggestions for local places to eat and shop - MUCH better than the onsite food (for me as a vegetarian, anyway). Loved Secrets and can't wait to return!
Marcey R.
Feb 16th, 2016 9:45:42am
The vacation was amazing and I'm going back for three weeks next February. The staff was incredible to work with.
Tamara T
Jan 5th, 2016 4:52:53am
This resort is truly beautiful. One should NOT miss an opportunity to do something at the spa, be it the hydrotherapy circuit or other. The view from there is truly breathtaking. Teaching under the Palapa is a nice treat. If you can get enough shade, the Sugar Reef Bar may be a good place for mind/body classes as well.
Dec 21st, 2015 1:40:46pm
While we have taken many of these trips, this was our first time to the Pacific side of Mexico. Huatulco is WONDERFUL! Every single room has a great view of the ocean. I taught Pilates at 9:15 and Zumba at 1pm. Each class was very well received. Averaged around 8 for Zumba and around 6/7 for Pilates. I've taught under full sun on the beach before so having the covered Palapa for class is very nice. The Sugar Reef Bar would also be a nice place for Pilates. The entertainment team is very supportive here. Effren asked me about my strong formats and let me have some input into what I offered that visitors would like. The staff really talks up the classes wonderfully and because they are quite friendly, visitors respond. The pool area here is very comfortable. There is a lot of saving of pool/beach seats, but around 2 or 3 people start leaving the beach area and you can find a seat. You MUST do something at the spa, even if it it is just the hydrotherapy circuit. The circuit and the Spa treatment rooms overlook the bay and it's is truly a peaceful and surreal experience. The food here is good. Not a ton of activity after dark so this may not be the spot for you if you want to party into the night. Do make a point to get to Castaways for lunch. I'll upload some pictures soon. I would definitely go back here again if I can find another short flight itinerary. The private car transfer booked through AmStar on this site was prompt, safe, and friendly.

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