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Patti New Jersey
Dec 11th, 2019 3:03:27pm
I led a Vinyasa Flow each morning. First class on Monday there were six Yogis and then averaged between 17-21 Yogis each day. They only had 7 actual mats available so we just used towels. It was fine & everyone was very happy. Ages varied widely, I had participants in their 20s and participants in their 70s from all over the world! It was wonderful!
Eileen Crone, Lititz, PA
Dec 11th, 2019 2:26:47pm
I teach a light vinyasa style yoga, very user-friendly. Class size varied from 3-9 individuals. Ages were 25-70, mostly women, but a few men. I walked around 15 min before class each day inviting amigos and amigas to class! Must say that the Entertainment Team was awesome! This is my fourth teaching vacation, other three were in Mexico, and this, by far was the friendliest entertainment group!
Tiffany from Ontario, Canada
Dec 5th, 2019 2:50:14pm
I taught a very gentle class (mostly stretching) to a small group of 4-6 guests at 9:30 each morning. I was asked to only teach 30 mins but did a 45 min class most days. It was the first time ever having participated in a yoga class for most. I would say the average age was mid-forties. Everyone was happy and keen to try anything. The entertainment team was really on their game here - a great experience.
Melissa Illinois
Sep 18th, 2019 11:09:58am
On average there was 7 people daily. The average age was 30's. I taught a very relaxing deep stretch yoga class. Those who had a more advanced practice took it to where they wanted it to go. I had a lot of people that had never done yoga and kept it pretty basic with the option to get into further expressions.
Aug 15th, 2019 2:49:58pm
Just returned from two weeks at this wonderful gem of a resort. This is one that has the best of all worlds: Great location. Great E-Team. Great food. Great room. Great schedule. Great service. Great options for everything as you have access to both the Secrets and its sister Now resort. I taught one class daily under the palm trees on the beach. The mats were stored in the towel hut mere steps away. Great entertainment nightly with your choice of 14 restaurants. Lots of fun activities by the pool including hula hoop fitness and drumming led by the E-team Book this resort ASAP. It is a dream vacation come true
Darcie from St. Louis Mo
Jun 26th, 2019 2:10:50pm
The yoga class was held on the beach under a group of palm trees for shade. The sound of the sea was enough music for class!!!I had everything from yoga instructors, long time yoga students to never tried yoga before participants. The class was only 45 minutes so I taught a variety of styles each day. It was very easygoing and relaxed with the staff, everything just seemed to flow.
Darcie from St. Louis Mo
May 31st, 2019 1:02:35pm
The yoga class was held on the beach under a group of palm trees for shade. The sound of the sea was enough music for class!!! Sometimes people nearby were doing shots of mama juana and loudly doing the domican shot cries, one day they were deconstructing the outdoor movie screen right next to us. If you can take it all in stride, its not a big deal. Classes were small (5-8 participants) because the resort was not very full.....it's the rainy season so there are fewer travelers. We used towels on the sand (they had a couple yoga mats but they were so heavy and dirty, the towels were better). The sand added unique challenges.I had everything from yoga instructors, long time yoga students to never tried yoga before participants. The class was only 45 minutes so I taught a variety of styles each day... somtimes vinyasa flow, restorative, or traditional hatha. I added a few challenges for the advanced yogis and gave lots of options. This resort is adults only, so all participants were 21-55 years old. It was very easygoing and relaxed with the staff, everything just seemed to flow.
Daniella, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
May 23rd, 2019 1:02:11pm
I inquired at the front desk when I arrived who the Entertainment Team liason was and they sent me to the towel hut near the pool/beach - I met El Gupy there and he gave me instructions on where to hold the class. I taught a 45-60min. Yoga class every morning at 9:30am. I either taught it near the beach bar or closer to the ocean depending on how cloudy it was. There were more palm trees by the bar and therefore, a little cooler if there were no clouds. On average, I had 15-20 people each day.experience? Overall, it was a great experience and I will definitely do it again!
Louise Williamson California
Dec 11th, 2018 10:33:45am
I taught once a day at 9:30 am for 1 hour (they only requested 30 minutes). they advertised the class on their internal communication and posted my flyer that I created. the first day I had 6 by the end of the week 20 - 25 regulars,front desk staff and employees were amazing with great attitudes. rooms were clean and in nice locations at the resort.
Sarah Darr . Stow, Ohio
Aug 21st, 2018 11:55:54am
Everything was wonderful at this resort. Staff was great. Very short amount of teaching required from us so I joined in the other classes they offered and they were great too. The only downfall would be the seaweed on the beach- tractors running all day to pick it up. We hung out on the beach till about noon and then enjoyed the awesome pools. They have a neat lazy river too.
Jul 2nd, 2018 4:05:44pm
This was my first experience teaching through FitBodies and it was amazing! This was a big "step out of my box" opportunity...I have always had an uncomfortable feeling teaching yoga outside in public spaces but I wanted to move past that fear :) A good friend of mine has been teaching through FitBodies for years and had been encouraging me to join so I finally did! After my first morning teaching on the warm sand I said "why did I wait so long!!!" I brought my 20 year old daughter and she loved it too. I taught one 30 min yoga class, 9:30am, Monday-Saturday. I had between 6-10 guests everyday & the people who came to class were wonderful! So nice and grateful for the class. I really enjoyed teaching on the beach with the sound of the ocean instead of music (I brought my own speaker but the guests requested the nature sounds & I agreed!) One day was exceptionally windy and we moved to a more sheltered & shaded spot, but still on the beach. It was quite warm in the sun but at 9:30am it wasn't too strong. The E team was fabulous & very helpful. I did not bring my flier but that was not a problem - class was still advertised in the daily flyer. Teaching on the beach in a visible spot made it easy for guests to find the class (I chose to be next to the volleyball court, near where the other daily beach activities were held starting at 10:00am). Our room was great - we got upgraded to a VIP section with extra amenities - maybe spoiled for my first time! The food was wonderful too! The staff were all so friendly and helpful. I suggest bringing plenty of singles for tipping (in US $)...I forgot to bring singles & only brought 20's and it was hard to find someone to break them down for me. We also loved doing an excursion of swimming with sharks, snorkeling, and a floating beach party...so much fun!!! I'm looking forward to going back with my husband in December! Thank you FitBodies!!!
Heather - Seattle, WA
Jun 22nd, 2018 11:50:20am
I taught one 30 min yoga class at 9:30 on the beach. There were just a few participants that came each day and the first and last day, no one came but I kept the mats and towels set up and stayed for the time just in case. Lovely location with a little shade from the palm trees!
Angela Hill
May 10th, 2018 9:16:20am
I met with Fidel the Entertainment Manager immediately upon arrival and received instructions that El Gupy would be looking for me and I could look for him around the beach (our resting haven). We met with El Gupy in the afternoon as agreed and all arranged immediately.One class a day at 9:30 on the beach....whatever you want to teach yoga, pilates, combo, whatever...30 -45 minutes whatever...very casual and laid back. My hubby and I brought our own 2 yoga mats and glad we did. Stats include him and myself...Day 1- 7 people, Day 2 - 9 people , Day 3 - 9 people (+), Day 4 - 11 (so one person had no mat and did yoga on beach towel), Day 5 - 8 people, Day 6 - 4 people (which was the Saturday so with that being a very typical travel day for folks not surprised numbers less..Awesome all in all...The team at FitBodies Travel are so helpful and friendly. This was my first teaching experience with them and all of them from, Suzette, Missy, Lisa, Eric and Kevin are all so engaged in what they do = one dynamic, fantastic team! I know this destination really focuses on having yoga/pilates presence every week of the year. I feel it would be an advantage for them to have a few more mats as some of the participants that attended earlier in the week saw me around the resort and said they would be back at class but some did not reappear. As the numbers grew over the week, I question when they saw the mats full that they did not come over to attend. So a few more mats and maybe a wooden platform that could allow for a flat surface and especially sand free as the sand seems to mysteriously attach itself to the mats...Having a designated surface by the beach would also facilitate "the" area for yoga on the beach as it was wide open as to where the instructor wanted to set up class. The gal the week before was in a totally different area of the beach so one gal Mya was looking for us on the Monday and we were in a different spot than the gal the week before. It was only through walking on the beach later she saw us where I set up. I feel having this designated area is essential for staff and guests to know where the yoga/pilates is. Thanks again to all of you at FitBodies for your help with all the arrangements to enjoy this teaching opportunity....Namaste
Barbara - New Jersey
May 3rd, 2018 12:05:54pm
1 class a day - 30 min yoga. I did 40-45 minutes and the members loved it. 10-14 people per day, every day.
Mar 12th, 2018 9:16:14pm
Just back from my 2nd teaching vacation. But, this was the first time at Secrets Royal Beach. I brought my husband and a couple (thanks to the fabulous discount). We had a fantastic time. Upon check in I asked to speak to the entertainment director and they said just to pop in the lobby in the evening. I met Fidel that night and he said I could teach yoga daily on the beach 30 to 45 minutes at 9:30. I chose to do 45 minutes. I had 3 people the first day and then 8 or more from then on. It was a perfect location in between palm trees for shade, with the waves providing a perfect view and sound. I had music. But, the TSA took my speaker out of my carry on without telling me. It was actually really nice with just the sound of the waves. Keep in mind...you are on your own to get the towels everyday and find the location. They only have 4 mats and it was better just to use towels. As we got more people, I got my husband to help me with the towels. Then the last 2 days I asked the towel shack staff to help me. In the morning the entertainment staff is nowhere to be found. That was fine...just so you're aware. I loved the schedule. Not too early, but early enough that you still have your day. The resort is in a nice location with beach shops in both directions about a 20 minute walk. I love FitBodies, Inc. It's a great way to travel and help people stay fit on vacay. Thanks Suzelle and Staff!!
Feb 6th, 2018 3:40:26pm
I only had to teach one 30-minute yoga class each day at 9:30 am. I had between 6 and 12 participants each time.
Melissa VanPortfleet
Dec 14th, 2017 12:10:37pm
I taught one thirty minute Gentle Yoga/stretching class every morning Monday though Saturday at 9:30am. Participants ranged from 4 to 20. It was slow at the beginning of the week then picked up every day I was there. I had a blast through the whole experience. I loved teaching on the beach and meeting tons of people from other countries. It really took me back to my basics of cueing and coaching since most participants spoke very little English. Secrets Royal Beach Punta Cama is a beautiful, clean resort. I thought Firbodies prepared me well for what to expect and the Entertainment team did a great job making feel welcome.
Amazing First Experience!
Oct 30th, 2017 8:52:16pm
This was my first trip with Fit Bodies and it was INCREDIBLE! Everyone at the resort was amazingly friendly! I taught two 30 minute yoga classes (gentle stretching & power/core yoga) back to back in the morning, which left a lot of room for activities off of the resort! My other half and I had an amazing time -- we can't wait to go on another trip soon! I highly recommend this location!
Jun 27th, 2017 11:37:49am
I taught a 30 minute Yoga class each morning from 9:30-10 am, as well as a 30 minute cardio class Wednesday-Saturday morning from 10-10:30 am. My smallest class was 4 participants during the cardio class, and my largest class was 12 during one of the yoga classes. Teaching Yoga and cardio classes on the beach was an amazing experience. I taught participants from 7 different countries!
May 2nd, 2017 10:50:35am
The classes were on a lovely shaded part of the beach and at a wonderful time of the morning (not too early!!), the staff brought yoga mats and towels and set things up and after the class they also cleaned up. The number of students was 8 to 10 guests, and we always had clean mats to start. The entertainment team was super good, upbeat and very friendly, always wanting to help more, very helpful to work with and easy to find them if needed.Hard to see how you could improve on the experience, it was very well organized and everything was taken care of by a really caring and giving staff at the resort.
Lynn S.
Apr 1st, 2017 5:07:16pm
We just came back from 2 weeks in the DR - my first week was at Breathless, and my second week here at Secrets. I taught a 45 minute yoga class each morning at 9:30am. I had a lot of international people as well as an older population... geared my class each day depending on who arrived. We brought towels and mats to the beach every morning. Mats are in tough shape, I have gotten into the habit of bringing a new mat every trip, and leaving it behind. E team was very fun to work with, Scooby Doo and Tequila boom boom, and of course Will Smith. The resort itself was great, alot of open air restaurants which we love and appreciate coming from Boston! Favorite restaurants were himitsu and the Seaside Grille . A great teaching opportunity..people are so appreciative and the staff loves having FitBodies come in.
Suzanne S
Mar 27th, 2017 2:02:59pm
My classes were advertised in the Sun Dial as 9:30 am Gentle Stretching / Yoga and 10 am Beach Fitness. I taught a 30 min Gentle Yoga then a 30 min Power Yoga / Pilates class. All but one day we were on the beach, close to the water, near the volley ball setup. One day, due to rain, we went under a wooden cover by the pool. I got the mats from the hut where you get the towels. My first day I had 4 people, and each day the class size grew. Last 3 days I had 12. 2-3 left after the first 30 minutes each day. All participants were lovely and a great pleasure to meet. The staff were incredible and very accommodating. Mr. Fidel is in charge of the Entertainment Team. He is great at his job - very aware of all activities going on, very organized, and was always available when needed. I never had music, but the ocean sound more than made up for that. There was a consistent breeze every day, but the sand is heavy and compact, so it worked great to hold down the corners and sides of the mats and towels. I would not have changed a single thing about my experience!
Steve C
Mar 14th, 2017 10:59:46am
45 yoga / stretch class and only one class per day in the AM about 9:30 (depending on who you ask) - E team has a specific spot on beach they prefer you to teach in. Brought a little blue tooth speaker and Ipod with us as I had concerns we may not have any Hotel provided equipment. 6 or 7 Yoga mats available - I brought a combo of towels and mats out since it is right on beach - people seemed to prefer towels. Had between 6 and 12 people every day and most had not done any yoga classes in the past. E-team requested we do Yoga stretch so as not to turn away beginners. Also expect that maybe as many as half of your participants will not speak English. My wife and I have done this about 90 times so we just go with the flow. Liked the resort and a world class beach as well.Food here was at the very high end Secrets level we have come to expect. Resort is older but still quite nice. This property is on the Atlantic not Caribbean so expect great wide beaches but not much for snorkeling or SCUBA diving. This ranks as the easiest fitness teaching experience of all time. Just one class per day is unheard of in our twenty plus years with fitbodies.
Amber Huttner
Feb 12th, 2017 10:24:15am
My husband and I were there Jan 29 - Feb 5 2017 and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I taught two 30 minute classes at 9:30am on the beach. I had 6 - 10 people each day. The second 30 minute class was supposed to be "Beach Fitness", but the students who came for the first gentle yoga session wanted more yoga. No one additional showed up for the 'Beach fitness", so I taught a more vigorous yoga class. All the employees were wonderfully helpful. The weather was great. Lots of good food and we really enjoyed some of the shows. Don't miss the Fire Show during the Beach Party on one of the evenings. Oh, and the 'Foam Party' in the pool was a blast. My contacts were Eddie Murphy and Tequila.
Lyla F
Dec 28th, 2016 12:31:02pm
The first couple of days it was rainy which was unusual for us. The first day I had class on the beach I had 6 people and we got soaked. I asked them if they wanted to move under shelter and they said no. By the time we had finished class we were almost completely dry. Now I can say I did yoga in the rain. I had such a lovely time on my first teaching vacation My husband came with me he was my media guy taking and posting pictures for me. The entertainment staff are wonderful, hard working, talented, respectful people. The resort was paradise delicious food, clean, the lay out was so well thought out. We really enjoyed the shows and would give the 5 stars for that.

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